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  • Unit Awards 2014

    The 2nd title up for grabs!

    << Best Caped Unit >>

    Who is the best Caped Crusader? Who do you think is the noblest and most powerful of them all? Oh you can always wipe your face with a cape after eating chicken. — Not4rent

    Hello everyone,
    2014 is almost over, and we have around 800 units already (that's a whole lot lol)
    This thread was created with one purpose: To be judgmental buffoons, lo,l jk To share which units are the most _____.

    The rules are fairly easy:

    Every 2-3 days, there will be a certain title for units that will be up for grabs, (i.e., Most Amazing Unit)

    You can share up to 3 units which best suits the said title, along with their own reasons why.
    You can also vote as many as you can, provided that the post above yours doesn't belong to you,
    and it includes the names of the same units you voted for in the first place.

    The units which has the most number of votes after 2-3 days wins. And you get absolutely nothing, jk.

    That's not all, those who voted for the unit who won will be judged based on their reasons why they voted that unit,
    and if they happen to have the most accurate/justifiable reason, they will get to create the next award title, no matter how weird/awkward it sounds (You could name the award, 'I thought it was a great unit but I guess I was wrong award')

    In case of a tie between two units, two persons will get to create the next award title, of course, their reasons will be judged.

    So get your thinking caps on, and remember, your opinions matter!
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      Ray Sibyl Sola
      Most gorgeous wings ever


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        Yujeh, because who wouldn't love wings and rainbows?
        Blaze, because of it's half machine, half flames kind of design, so awesome

        I don't have both though lol


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            Do I really need to go over why Elza is the best winged unit?


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              Elza, Semira, Lucina

              Reason: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
              Reason: Trick or Teats? (pun intended)
              Reason: Her stats distribution is 36-24-34, pretty good for a guess.
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              • Claire Diviner
                Claire Diviner commented
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                I forgot Semira has wings. I mean, look at her 6-star! Them things be hiding in that spirit!

              • Not4rent
                Not4rent commented
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                True, I remembered her wings too well in her 5* form but it vanished probably because of the huge pumpkin.

              • Strife89
                Strife89 commented
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                Her stats distribution is 36-24-34

                Sounds lyk body proportion ratio

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              I agree with Elza being the best.

              The first unit with infinite SBB, Lilith served me very well during my Maxwell trial among others.

              Don't forget the unit with the highest defense in game. You know it brings a smile to your face when you cap him.


              • Unwritten
                Unwritten commented
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                That metal mimic has gotten everybody through some tough times. For better or for worse
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              Grove Fairy Tinpall


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                To me, It's Deemo, so beautiful and one of the few with a completely unique LS only to them <3 (also introduced me to a fun music game xD)


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                  1) ELZA!!! Why? It's pretty self explanatory. Also because of Ushi's 54 rare summon video for this unit, I say "ELZA!" when rare summoning.

                  2) Mechio!!! Why? He still has the highest normal hit BC drop rate and he has help me in the FH so many times!

                  3) 6* Zazabis!!! Why? The king of troll of course! Not only being a horrible rare summon in his early days, now he can actually do something with his SBB.


                  • Not4rent
                    Not4rent commented
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                    Highest Normal hit bc generation is now Len. 25 hits with 2 drop check.

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                  Elza was already picked by everyone so I'll put Yujeh because her wings just look so beautiful and colorful, and shout out to all the totems out there if those count as wings..

                  Also her pet:

                  Miracle Totem:
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                    Elza is indeed the most useful winged unit in the game, while the most elegant wing goes to Deemo. To complete my 3 nomination, the troll that makes our lives more difficult, Metal Mimic.


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                      These two gals


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                        Gumi needs to fix Lodin's wings. Dunno how he could fly with those.


                        CLICK HERE!