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  • Unit of the Week [Editorial]: Ciara and Semira - 12/9/2014

    Unit of the Week

    Overview: Originally, I was going to do a "Unit of the Week" review of both Ciara and Semira simultaneously in the same way I did both Fiora and Ardin, and was going to wait until this Sunday. However, some things have surfaced that forced my hand into doing something a bit differently. Apparently, more and more players are complaining and crying foul at the recently showcased and anticipated 6-star evolutions of the Halloween units in question; namely, their supposed uselessness for Rare Summon units.

    For this reason, I have decided to do a "Unit of the Week" editorial, which is a sub series of "Unit of the Week" that can happen at any given moment to address any issue, and in some cases, an editorial will also occur on a Sunday and encompass that day's "Unit of the Week" review as well despite the "Editorial" label. Being that this is an editorial, I will also give my 2 cents on how I view the units from a personal perspective and whether these units deserve the ire of what seems to be an increasing number of players or not and why.

    For the sake of this article, treat this as any other "Unit of the Week", just with some personal opinions as to whether they are really good, disregarding numbers. Without further ado, let us take a look at the newly released 6-star units, Ciara and Semira.

    Leader Skill: 65% boost to ATK for Fire, Water, Earth, and Thunder units, boost to damage dealt to weak elements.

    Her Leader Skill is actually not too bad. 65% is rather potent, matching the likes of Farlon and company, except buffing four elements simultaneously. Her weak damage buff sits at 75%, matching Ultor. While she won't win any contests in terms of most wanted Leader, it can still be useful when the situation arises. Sadly, such a situation is rarely surfaced, and her 75% weak damage increase is matched by Ultor as mentioned already, who has a wholly superior Leader Skill, and don't get me started on Maxwell.

    Normal Attack: 10 hits.

    A fairly common attack hit count with a just as common drop check of 2 per hit, so nothing special. Her attack animation is good at the very least.

    Brave Burst: 14 hits strong Fire elemental attack on all enemies and large boost to ATK of allies for 2 turns.

    I will get this out of the way right now: The main reason Ciara and Semira are gaining hate is because of their Brave Bursts and Super Brave Bursts. Not necessarily for the effects more than it's the damage multipliers that we will indeed go over.

    Ciara's Brave Burst has a very weird damage modifier of 193% and an ATK buff of 90%. The ATK buff is nothing to write home about, but it is a good buff in percentage. The only catch is that it lasts 2 turns as opposed to the standard 3 turns that almost all other ATK support buffs last.

    Super Brave Burst: 16 hits Fire elemental attack on all enemies, great boost to ATK of allies & DEF ignore for 2 turns.

    This is the one that people hate. Is the hate warranted? In Ciara's case, sort of. The 16 hits is nothing new, and the ATK boost that lasts only two turns merely buffs ATK by 101% (really, what's with the weird numbers?). She also adds DEF ignore to the squad for 2 turns as well, though it is the weakest of damage buffs. She does have a niche in offering both an ATK boost and DEF ignore for Fire squads at the very least, but there are units who can do one or the other of what she can do better. In the case of ATK buffs, Michele's got her beat in both hit count, damage modifier, and the fact that it lasts 3 turns. In the case of DEF ignore, you have the undisputed king in Dilma, followed by Zephyr. Had she been the only DEF ignore Fire unit, it'd be okay, but she even faces competition from Lava (though Ciara is superior statistically) and even Orwen, whose SBB does exactly what Ciara's can (including DEF ignore), though with a slightly less potent ATK buff, but a superior damage modifier.

    As for the damage modifier, it clocks in at 190%, which is weirdly 3% weaker than her BB. While weaker SBBs compared to BBs isn't anything new, the fact remains that at 190%, her SBB hits about as hard as Hatsune Miku's (not including the ATK buff and DEF ignore or her ATK stat in general). She isn't going to be a star player in crit or pure DPS teams, and anything she offers is already available by units who are more specialized.

    Her truly useful niche, sadly, is in the Arena, which is fine seeing as other 6-star Rare Summon units, like Farlon and Ophelia are relegated to that environment exclusively as well, so Ciara's status isn't anything unique. However, there are units who still offer ATK buffing AOE Brave Bursts. In Ciara's case, she only really sees use as a team player as a Fire Arena squad unit, or perhaps as a Leader specializing in a squad containing heavy hitting units of other elements, like Grybe.

    Stats (Lord):

    HP: 5985 + 750 = 6735
    ATK: 2475 + 400 = 2875
    DEF: 1850 + 200 = 2050
    REC: 1500 + 300 = 1800

    Immediately, you'll notice that she isn't a statistical marvel. Her only real valuable stat is her ATK, and given the emphasis in ATK bonuses from Imps, it really shows. It hardly does anything to make up for the lack of damage of her Super Brave Burst, however, even with said SBB's ATK buff and DEF ignore.


    - Really good damage buff on her Leader Skill.
    - Damage buff covers four elements simultaneously.
    - Good ATK buff on her BB and SBB.
    - Good attack animation.
    - Really good ATK stat.
    - A good Arena unit.


    - Shaky REC.
    - Very low damage for both BB and SBB.
    - Her support from her BB and SBB is better performed by other more specialized units.


    Her HP is already on the average end, so it's good to boost her survivability for Quests/Vortexes. Her REC goes for a skydive, but Imps can act as a bungee cord to bring it back up to adequate levels. Breaker, on the other hand, makes her more suited to her Arena duties. If nothing else, it does make her BB and SBB hurt a tad more.

    Lord/Guardian: There's nothing special about them. Lord preserves her ATK without sacrificing DEF, while Guardian ensures she takes hits a bit better while still having good ATK.

    Oracle: Oracle.
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    Unit of the Week

    Leader Skill: 50% boost to ATK for Light and Dark & negates all status ailments.

    Semira is one of a small handful of units that offer status immunity as a Leader Skill option. The added flavor to hers, however, is the 50% ATK boost to Light and Dark units, which isn't bad at all if you're running a mono-Dark or twilight squad, need the immunity Leader Skill to open a unit slot for other Brave Burst support effects not named "status purge", but still need a boost in ATK power. Not a universally useful Leader Skill by any means compared to others of its kind, especially since it benefits Dark and Light units more than anything, but it's still an immunity option that offers an ATK buff, which is something only Semira can claim.

    Normal Attack: 6 hits.

    Okay, 6 hits is very low. Lower than most 5-star units and matching the likes of 3 and 4-stars. With a drop check of 2, her BC generation is also rather poor (12 BCs). Thankfully, her normal attack was never her main focus, and she does make up for it in her SBB as we'll later see.

    Brave Burst: 12 hits strong Dark elemental attack on all enemies and great chance of Poison, Paralyze, Curse & Weaken.

    An upgrade from her BB in her 5-star form with an increased chance of inflicting statuses (75%). There's nothing much else beyond this, and for the sake of redundancy, I will delve deeper into this topic in her Super Brave Burst section instead of here

    Super Brave Burst: 14 hits strong Dark elemental attack on all enemies and superb chance of Poison, Paralyze, Curse & Weaken. Boost BC drop rate.

    This is a much better upgrade for a couple of reasons. Sure, she has 2 more hits, which isn't anything significant at all, but the chances of her inflicting statuses sit at a high 80%, which is only 5% higher than her Brave Burst. The thing to take away from this, however, is that she still has a very high chance to proc these statuses regardless of whether it's her BB or SBB. Her BC requirement for her SBB is 45 BCs, which is average, but it isn't necessarily bad. The biggest upside, however, is her innate BC generation buff of 30%, meaning that her SBB has a Felneus BC generation SBB buff attached to it. It does nothing for the squad, mind you, as it affects only herself, but it does ensure that her BC generation on her SBB is as optimal as possible.

    Now that wasn't really the best part of Semira's SBB. No, the best part lies in her statuses themselves. Other famous status inducers (be it Leader Skill, BB/SBB, or both), like Nalmika or Lemia, has a chance to inflict a random status that the opponent is vulnerable to, which is more than fine. However, their flaw (if you can call it that) is that they can only inflict a status one at a time. You can always make them Leaders to increase the proc chance among your squad, but even then, RNG may not be too kind with the low proc rate offered by said Leader Skills. In Semira's case, she will inflict all four statuses simultaneously. Even if the enemy is immune to one of the statuses, they'll end up taking the other three to the mouth, and given the high proc rate of 75% and 80% on her BB and SBB respectively, this makes her a wonderful team player in Trial 004 against Cardes, as well as Raids and any other bosses who are susceptible to any of the four statuses. The only ones missing are Injury and Weaken, which would have made her perfect.

    Now the bad news: Her SBB has a damage modifier of 220%, which is perfectly okay had it been a Brave Burst. Because of that, it really does put a damper on any damage potential she would have had otherwise. To be fair, however, her role was never a beatstick to begin with, as she's more of a plague-inducer, and the fact that her SBB has the BC generation buff attached means she can have an easier time maintaining her ability to status. So while her lack of damage on her SBB is a letdown, it does not take away any of the useful utilities she offers.

    Something to Note: Though her BB and SBB say she also inflicts Weaken, in-game data shows she actually inflicts Sick instead, which is a wholly useless status. At least Poison, Paralysis, and Curse are useful.

    Stats (Lord):

    HP: 6050 + 750 = 6800
    ATK: 1900 + 400 = 2300
    DEF: 1765 + 200 = 1965
    REC: 2220 + 300 = 2520

    This is an interesting spread. Her stats, save for REC, are average across, though her DEF is a bit on the low end. Weirdly, her Imp bonuses match Ciara's, meaning her stats in the long run will have more of an offensive focus. While it's fine and all, someone, like Semira, would have appreciated a more defensive focus to better her role as a plague supporter. Maybe +200 for ATK, +200 for REC, +750 for HP, and +500 for DEF? Regardless, she isn't an absolute disappointment statistically, since there are worse, but she will not impress. At least her REC ensures she'll have no problem healing.


    - Leader Skill offers both status immunity and a 50% ATK buff for Light and Dark units.
    - Amazing proc rate for four different statuses.
    - Inflicts said statuses simultaneously as opposed to one at a time.
    - SBB has an innate 30% BC generation buff, allowing her to produce BCs more frequently.
    - Dark element means her attacks are unresisted.


    - Leader Skill may not be the most useful.
    - Pitiful hit count on normal attack.
    - An equally pitiful BC drop check on said normal attack.
    - Very low damage on her SBB.
    - A bit on the frail side defensively.
    - Sick is useless. They should have kept Weaken.


    Definitely Anima. She has so much REC, that even as an Anima, her REC will still break 2000. Try and aim for Anima if you can.

    Guardian: Her DEF is on the low end, so there's nothing wrong with boosting it to help her survive hits better. Sure, it lowers her ATK, but she was never going to hurt much with her low damaging SBB anyway. Plus, the 400 ATK Imp bonus patches the ATK drop well enough.

    Lord: Her stat spread is naturally okay. She wishes she had more DEF if not more HP, but for what it is, it's decent, and it doesn't compromise her HP, or her shaky DEF.

    Breaker/Oracle: Breaker and Oracle are equal. For Breaker, it lowers her DEF to paper thin levels, and that's something she will not appreciate. Oracle... What can't I say about Oracle? Lowering her HP, a stat that scales better than DEF, for even more REC than she already has? I wouldn't recommend it, especially given her biggest uses will be in Trial 004 and Raids. Still, if Breaker and/or Oracle are the only Semira types you have, feel free to use her, since she's still an asset for her utility more than her stats. Plus, you have Spheres to help anyway.

    Final Thoughts: Normally, my final thoughts closes on facts about the unit that makes them good and bad, but for the sake of the editorial, I'll give my own personal opinion on these two.

    Ciara is definitely a missed opportunity, and she definitely is a prime example that something as simple as a BB/SBB's damage modifier can really make or break a unit. In her case, it does break her quite significantly, and the blow wouldn't have been as severe if she didn't face steep competition against units that can already do what she can from a supporting end. It appears the developers attempted to balance them and were a bit too overzealous. Whether it was due to failure to consider comparing their damage and balance to other already existing units, or as a desperate attempt to prevent a Global-exclusive unit from being too overpowered in a somewhat similar way to Ultor is anyone's guess. She does have a niche in Arena, but I really would've loved to have seen her as a more viable Quest/Vortex/Raid unit. The comforting news is that she's a fine substitute for those lacking any other ATK buffing and/or DEF ignore buffing unit, and she does have a decently potent Leader Skill for those who just so happen to specialize in usage of Fire, Water, Earth, and/or Thunder units.

    Semira... I really don't see the reason to hate on her. Yes, even though her SBB's damage, although higher than Ciara's, is really disappointing on paper, one really has to consider that damage was never really her main goal. Sure, many would rather soon flock to Nalmika, who offers bigger damage, and while that reason has tons of merit, Semira's strong point and main role is her support. One would think that with a very average hit count on her SBB, she wouldn't do much supporting due to lack of BC generation, but the innate BC rate bonus ensures otherwise. Her Leader Skill is too niche to be of significant use, but she does boast a 50% ATK buff for two different elements should a status immunity Leader Skill be in order. She's not a technical powerhouse either with her frail DEF stat, but given what she brings to Raids more than anything else, it's a somewhat decent balance (even if the same can't be said for her low SBB damage).

    While outright hatred shouldn't be a thing for these units, I can understand why some would find Ciara underwhelming and a disappointing misfire. Semira, on the other hand, is a fantastic unit when used to her strengths and shows that when someone knows how to utilize the unit, it is only then when the unit's true power can truly shine through. Yes, Nalmika may still be favored, but Semira still has that one advantage of multiple statuses, which is something Nalmika would love to have. On that same topic, you can go the extra mile and run both Nalmika and Semira in the same squad to really shut down enemies, provided you have the right units that offer support since you are sacrificing a squad slot, but it can still be done. If you must choose one over the other, Nalmika is the better choice overall.

    It is in my opinion that these units have their uses, though Ciara is clearly obsolete compared to other units. In Semira's case, she is a great unit and should not be overlooked due to her lack of damage. As a comparison, Deemo, a 5-star unit with a damage modifier matching Semira's SBB, was considered an OP unit, and though not a staple in everyone's team, was still highly sought and used for her supporting BB and especially her Leader Skill. So what makes Semira any different other than an extra star? Sure, she's below standard in SBB damage, but so was Deemo in terms of damage output, even during Deemo's popularity peak. I'm guessing people's expectations were extremely high (as was mine admittedly), and when they didn't get what they expected, it felt like a sucker punch. It's fair to feel that way, but after everything is said and done, it's just something we have to accept, and in the case of Semira, appreciate what she can do and not what she can't do, whether she should have been able to do it (deal more damage) or not.

    Maybe Gumi will release an update or patch that buffs their damage to appease the masses, and they very well could, but until they do (if they ever do), we'll just have to use them as best we can. Goodness knows Semira will be the more useful of the two if nothing else. At least they both look hella sexy.
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      Love this part "Oracle: Oracle" lol, (I still love Ciara, Semira means nothing to me


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        Dafuq did they do with the SBB modifiers (so mediocre, even by starter units' standards) and BC/cost (increased cost per BB level?!)

        They had so much potential on their 5* forms. Gumi outright trolled us with their 6* forms. At least Semira will have a niche she can thrive in. Ciara? Poor Ciara.

        They both look nice though.. At least they "thought" in that aspect.

        BTW, spot on once again, Claire.
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          Bravo once again.

          IMO they are just collector units for me with very rare occurrence to appear in my team setup.


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            I love my Semira, sadly Oracle, but who gives a ****. Even pre-6 form, she was so beastly in arena, where her AI wasn't as...bad as some others and she'd use her BB 90% of the time it was up and it was pretty much a guaranteed win because of the sheer amount of ailments on the enemies really shut them down.

            I won't lie, I was slightly disappointed with Semira's LS as it didn't change or get altered at all from 5 to 6 form, but I still love my Pumpkin Empress for what she excels in and that's causing everyone to be crippled, poisoned and shut down for my other units to completely steamroll <3


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              I love my Ciara and I will use her (even as a leader) even though she's a bit underwhelming. I'll make it work.


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                Do any of you know if this following bit of text from Crimson Hood Ciara's wiki page is accurate? "Ciara's BB and SBB BC costs will go higher when BB/SBB levels are increased." It's rather disappointing the developers did this..


                • Claire Diviner
                  Claire Diviner commented
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                  That is true. At max level, Their BC cost reach average levels, so it's not debilitating or anything.

                • Rune
                  Rune commented
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                  Well, now that I know all of this information, both from this post, reddit, and the Wiki. I feel a bit stupid trying a couple of rare summons today.. Got a second Farlon, another Lord even.. At least I drew a Lunaris (Anima), and although she isn't as top tier as she use to be, she does give me another alternative to Melchio for status ailment nullification and a alternative for Arena teams since I don't have a very diverse selection of Light and Dark attributes..

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                /Shameless copy/paste of my previous reply

                Semira and Ciara break the record of having the weakest SBB in the history of Brave Frontier. The lowest SBB before them were Michelle's batch--and this was only because their original BB's didn't attack, so to compensate the addition of adding attack, they made their SBB damage significantly weaker for balance. This is not the case for Semira and Ciara--their orginal BB's DID in fact have attacks. Damage wise, nothing improved for these two, actually Ciara's SBB is actually weaker!

                Now we move on to specifically Semira and her main competition, Nalmika. Nalmika dominates Semira despite Semira having slightly higher status infliction. Semira doesn't have injury status effect in her BB/SBB, Semira uses up more BC (45 compared to Nalmika's 36), Nalmika produces more BC, and the most obvious part--she does double the damage of Semira. Semira's LS isn't even worth talking about.

                Then we have Ciara who has a leader skill that is only overshadowed by Maxwell. No niche other than being the pre-maxwell leader. AKA she's useless in the meta. Her defense ignore buff lasts 1 turn and doesn't activate until the end of her skill, which means she doesn't get to utilize defense ignore herself. Not that defense ignore was a great buff to begin with, but it's astounding how they manage to make defense ignore worse than it already is. And her attack buff?. She only rivals Orwen. Which is sad because Orwen is a horrible unit and I would actually use Orwen over Ciara. By the way just for further comparison. Ciara's SBB is 190%, while Lance's 5 star is 160%. How embarrassing.

                These units look like they were created without any thought of the current meta, of current units, or really anything at all.


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                  ok, low BB/SBB multiplier, but I feel that their LSs are interesting. Especially Ciara, because now I can pack 50% attack and status negating in 1 leader. As for it only for light/dark units, lets say that too many of better units are light/dark anyway.
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                    and i thought they said sbb lvl 1 are suppose to be stronger than bb lvl 10....the one that decided on the unit skill is seriously ........ they are like telling us not to use them or don't try to use gem for global exclusive units ever again or prepared to be trolled by them


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                      Ciara's getting the most useless 6 star unit of the year


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                        Waste of gems T_T. But loving the character design though.


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                          Originally posted by rhas0dy View Post
                          Waste of gems T_T. But loving the character design though.
                          Me too. 50 gems to get Ciara in my gift box just to have her end up this bad. I feel like they're only in the RS gate for their looks. :/ Well, the GMs on fb said the please submit a ticket to voice your concerns about these units. I just might do it, lol.


                          • rhas0dy
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                            do it. submitting mine right now.

                          • Claire Diviner
                            Claire Diviner commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Really? I haven't seen such a post by the GM. Still, I wouldn't mind voicing my opinion on at least their SBB damage since that is the reason for the ire they receive.

                            On that same note, I'll also voice my concern over wording, since Ultor's BB description is completely false, the 200% ATK buff of his SBB is also false, and the fact that Semira inflicts Sick as opposed to Weakness (the description says she inflicts Weakness) makes her disappointing as well. Semira's still usable, but having that Weakness chance would have made her amazing, even with a low SBB damage modifier, especially since Sick is a useless status to inflict..

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                          Honestly really disappointed with how these two turned out. As if these units aren't bad enough, but they were released AFTER the monster that is Ultor. I was hoping for Ciara to Outclass Michele in terms of Atk buff, Damage output, and Hit count, while I expected Semira to inflict ALL 6 status effects with a decent rate. Something to change up the Meta here in Global so that we don't have to follow in the same footsteps as JP.


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