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  • Unit of the Week: Orna - 12/7/2014

    Unit of the Week

    Overview: Orna comes from a new batch of units for Global (as of writing this review), including Fiora, Ardin, and Lucca to name several. So what's Orna's story? She's the one who defeated Skra... Scar... Skree... Skarmory. Okay, it's Skramya. But yes, she defeated Skramya by sealing it using traps. How she managed this is beyond me, but she did it. Lore aside, how does she fair? Does she have any tricks up her sleeve as useful as the implied tricks used to seal away Skramya? Let's see.

    Leader Skill: [Ares' Aurora] Boost in the BB gauge when attacked & boosts the BB gauge fill rate.

    This is a very interesting Leader Skill. You probably might get a bit of a feeling of déja vu, and rightfully so; Her Leader Skill is very similar to that of a previous "Unit of the Week", Lilly Matah. So how does Orna fair compared to Lilly? Not bad actually. While Lilly's Leader Skill is more potent at 3-6 BCs when attacked vs. Orna's 2-4 BCs, Orna does help to make up for that with her secondary effect by boosting the BB gauge fill rate by 30%, which is by no means an Ares' Excelsior, but it's still not bad at all. Orna makes for a great Leader in mono-Thunder squads (though Uda is still overall better as far as BB spam goes).

    She has this thing where she's a Jack of many trades, but a master of neither of them. Still, if you lack any other good BB spam Leader and/or a Lilly Matah, Orna makes for a fine substitute, but Lilly Matah still has her beaten convincingly in the role of a squad battery.

    Normal Attack: 12 hits.

    Her attack animation is actually very excellent barring the slight start-up frames, which is hardly a handicap at all. 12 hits with 2 drop checks per hit (maximum of 24 BCs) makes her a great BC generator for BB spam squads as well as just about any squad really. She's especially appreciated in mono-Thunder squads.

    Brave Burst: [Luminous Whip] 14 combo Thunder powerful attack on all enemies & adds Thunder and Fire elements to attack for all allies for 3 turns.

    Am I the only one who notices the weird change in wording? Y'know, switching the element word and the damage multiplier word around? Y'know, instead of "powerful Thunder", it says "Thunder powerful"? No? Y'know what? Forget it.

    Her Brave Burst is quite good, having a 240% damage multiplier, and being an AOE attack as well. Better still, she adds two elements to the squad's attacks, those being Thunder and Fire, combining the buffs of Lodin and Bran. What's also great is that her Fire buff makes it so that mono-Thunder squads will not be walled completely by Earth enemies.

    Super Brave Burst: [Infinity Tail] 17 combo Thunder powerful attack on all enemies, adds Thunder and Fire elements to attack for 3 turns & boosts critical hit rate.

    Here's where things get a bit more interesting, and why she's a good unit. Yes, she hits 17 times, which is great. Yes, she adds her two elemental attribute buffs, which is also great. What she also offers, however, is a crit rate buff of a very potent 50%. Now combine that with the base 10% all units have, and that equates to a 60% crit rate for the squad, which is plenty potent. Her buff isn't quite as potent as Duel-SGX, who buffs the crit rate by 60%, but a mere 10% difference isn't going to hurt, and you can easily close the gap with crit rate buffing Spheres. Given that the crit rate has a hard cap of 70%, it's not going to be hard to form a good crit team with Orna as your crit rate buffer.

    The thing she definitely has over Duel-SGX are her stats, being easily superior, and this is where the power creep truly shows between recent units and older units. Her dual elemental buffs guarantee at least neutral damage to the enemy, which while not necessarily nails in Duel-SGX's coffin, it certainly does place the lid in the corner ready to close the casket.

    Stats (Lord):

    HP: 6162 + 750 = 6912
    ATK: 2035 + 300 = 2335
    DEF: 1882 + 300 = 2182
    REC: 2029 + 300 = 2329

    A fairly good stat spread, though she could have used a bit more DEF. Otherwise, the spread is fairly even, and all around average at this point in the metagame. She has average Imp bonuses as well, bringing her stat totals to pretty nice caps, but she is by no means a statistical marvel.


    - Decent Leader Skill for BB spam.
    - Great attack animation.
    - Has two elemental attribute buffs on her BB/SBB (Thunder and Fire).
    - Has a very good crit rate buff of 50%.
    - Fairly good stat spread.


    - Just about everything she does are performed by other units in a more potent, and more focused role; Lilly Matah is a better battery, Uda is a better BB spam Leader, Duel-SGX has a more potent crit rate buff (though this is practically negligible), and Fiora (a more universally useful unit) offers the same elemental attribute buffs Orna gives.


    She has more than enough REC to spare, so this would be her optimal typing.

    Guardian/Lord/Breaker: I had a hard time figuring out where to rank these three, since they're all viable in their own way. Guardian is viable to help give some survivability. Sure, it sacrifices ATK, but she's going to do a lot of damage with crits anyway, especially if on a crit team, and you can keep her alive longer for her to apply her supporting buffs. Lord is viable because her stat spread is already good enough as is, and it keeps her ATK and DEF intact. Breaker is viable because as a crit spam squad unit, she's quite valuable and could benefit from dealing as much damage as humanly possible.

    Oracle: Her HP is only average, so there's no need to reduce her HP for more REC, especially when her REC stat is already really high.

    Final Thoughts: Orna is actually a really good unit. She may not be focused on any one thing she offers, and as such, there are units who can perform one of her roles more effectively than she can, but she makes up for it by actually performing all of those roles, albeit with less potency. A Jack of many trades, but a master of neither of them as stated before. Still, also as mentioned, she makes for a good substitute if you're missing a specific unit that performs one of Orna's jobs. Orna can fit on just about any team, really, which is very fortunate, but the unfortunate part is that if you already have a unit(s) that can perform better than she can, you may end up not finding much use for the whip-wielding girl outside of specific niches. For what it's worth, she's still great, so do not underestimate what she brings to the table.

    Last Week's Unit: Ultor

    Next Week's Unit: Ciara and Semira
    Last edited by Claire Diviner; 12-14-2014, 11:40 AM.

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    Sadly i will never get her she looks good


    • #3
      Haha that pokemon reference though, great job on the review as always sadly I don't have her but I would definitely not mind having her she is a very versatile unit to have in most squads


      • #4
        I don't have her, but she is interesting. Thank you Claire!

        That BC fills makes her LS better sometimes, like when the units that you want their BB gauge filled don't get attacked. While her crit rate makes her a realistic substitute for SGX, especially against water and earth units.


        • MPM1
          MPM1 commented
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          no, wait, DUH, I have her... like 2 days ago.

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        I'm considering using her in FH... depends on who the opponents are for the next Terminus. Her double element might help rack up lot of points!


        • Unwritten
          Unwritten commented
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          Yeah this batch was basically like the Michele squad but with more versatility, it's a pain trying to get them to SBB though

        • Panda
          Panda commented
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          yeah, exactly the dual buffs their batch brings seems too good to pass on specially for FH XD and that crit buff SBB

        • reizotian
          reizotian commented
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          Yup, their batch would be useful in FH. Planning to use anyone from their batch too. How about in the Thunder Vortex, you think she'll be useful too?

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        Thanks Claire for another great review.

        I have her and she is definitely strong as Leader in a team for long fight like Karl or GGC Selena's fight.


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          Updated the OP by adding tags. I've added tags for "Unit of the Week" as well as tags for the respective featured unit. I also did the same for all previous "Unit of the Week" units.


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            sticky~ just got her from RS.. is she good in the arena?
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            • Claire Diviner
              Claire Diviner commented
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              As a matter of fact, yes. Her hit count, BC generation, and multi-target Brave Burst and elemental attribute buffs makes her a great team player as a sub unit, as well as a good candidate for the yet-to-be-released Thunder Vortex Arena.

              Also, thanks for the sticky.

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            For me the best of them is Lucca, an upgraded michele with a lot of more stuff


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              Originally posted by LeoBauberger View Post
              For me the best of them is Lucca, an upgraded michele with a lot of more stuff
              Yeah, Lucca may as well be a Michele killer. lol


              • reizotian
                reizotian commented
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                Ohhh.. will try to level up my Lucca.

            • #11
              I have her, and I didn't know she was very useful! Thanks for the heads up!


              • #12
                Have her too and didnt know she's that awesome.


                • #13
                  I wish I got her ;_;


                  • Claire Diviner
                    Claire Diviner commented
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                    Don't feel too bad, I don't have her either.

                  • cheachan15
                    cheachan15 commented
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                    Oh ._. our must be somewhere else

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                  Feel so happy. I got her to SBB10. Too bad I got a Lord type. But anything is better than nothing.


                  • Panda
                    Panda commented
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                    Congrats! Yeah as long as you have one

                • #15
                  Great write up Claire and I do hope you get Orna soon! XD


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