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  • When Survey Office Opens What do I do

    I have heard a lot about the survey office and the rewards that are given. I am semi new and have never done Frontier Hunter and am very curious how it works. Do i have to be playing in the beginning or when the event comes out. Im utterly confused and very desperate for some gems/frogs. I need an answer on how to enter the survey event

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    If you mean frontier hunter then you have to wait for next season cause the season over as for reward you can check Randall on this forum I believe it should be there or wikia for which type of enemies you be facing when its that time again. Don't know which unit you have but it quite hard as you progress up in FH. You just have to participate which requires 3 orbs the replenish back not sure how long or use gems to do so and rank up point to get reward. Also there a hunter rank which is determine by,the amount of point you have and it will rank it with other player and at the end of each season it show how much you gain a rank like +1 or +2 and then wait a couple days for the hunter rank reward. I don't bother with mvp or the other stuff cause I know I'll never get a high score. So basically it a win win situation you don't lose anything except it quite hard without good unit or a squad to rank for point. Most beneficial squad is recommended is a spark team such as high count units( the more the better) to get high point. There have been use of other squad like crtitical team and an element changer team very good for the last stage but I don't have those unit. I think in Randall there some good tips there as to how and what works for FH and some advice on squad builds. So basically you just need a team that work for you I seen some squad with healer and mitigation as long you get high points and good luck.


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      Thanks Greatly appreciate it