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  • Unit of the Week: Lunaris - 11/16/2014

    Unit of the Week

    Overview: Lunaris, one of the 12 Guardians betrayed by Sodis (go figure; a Light unit being the rogue while the Dark one is a hero). She possesses quite a lot of power based on her lore. Is the power in her lore translated in practice in game? She has been a popular Dark unit for a long while, and even now, she's still used for her utility. What kind of utility does she bring that makes her so popular? Let's dig deeper, shall we?

    Leader Skill: [Dark Unity] 65% boost to ATK of Dark types.

    Her Leader skill is very straightforward. It boosts the ATK of all Dark units in the squad by 65%, which is currently the strongest buff for a mono-element team so far. It's obviously great for mono-Dark squads looking to go pure DPS, but that's just about it. However, it does lose out in damage potential to the likes of even Zebra led squads (of any element), and while her ATK buff is great, she offers no additional support, which is a bit of a letdown as far as 6-star Leader Skills go. Despite this, she's not popular because of her Leader Skill. No, she's popular for a different reason which we'll go over in a little bit.

    Normal Attack: 10 hits.

    Nothing special about her Normal Attack. She has a BC drop potential of 20, which is about average, if not a little higher than that, and her attack animation is pretty good for Sparking. Other than that, there's naught more that can be said.

    Brave Burst: [Hypnos] 11 combo powerful Dark attack on all enemies & probable Weak effect.

    Her Brave Burst is alright, though like her normal attack, there isn't anything worth noting. It has a 240% damage modifier, which is good for Arenas, so she has that under her belt. The Weak effect is wholly useless though, as for starters, it only has a below average 45% proc rate, and Weak is one of those statuses that nearly all late game bosses resist or are downright immune to.

    Super Brave Burst: [Tartaros] 15 combo powerful Dark attack on all enemies & all status ailments healed and nullified for 3 turns.

    And this is why she's popular even today. Her SBB is one of those attacks that not only prevents status, but also purges them, which is something Melchio badly wish he had. Her status ailment cure doesn't actuually kick in until after she's done with launching her attack, so you need to be aware of that. Having a 430% damage modifier does help to make up for it somewhat.

    However, she's not without competition, as her popularity has begun to wane quite heavily with Exhvel around, who can pretty much do what she can, but far better, and unlike Lunaris, its ailment purge kicks in immediately upon activating its SBB, which further trumps over Lunaris' support. What Lunaris does have over Exhvel is her Dark element, meaning her attacks go unresisted, but with elemental buffers being a common thing, that's hardly a handicap for Exvhel. Still, for those who lack the weird emaciated equine being, Lunaris makes a fantastic substitute.

    Stats (Lord):

    HP: 5905 + 750 = 6655
    ATK: 2163 + 240 = 2403
    DEF: 1949 + 240 = 2189
    REC: 1475 + 420 = 1895

    Lunaris' stat spread, with the exception of REC, is quite good, and for her batch, it's definitely good on an offensive end. 2163 ATK was considered high for the time, and even today, it's still considered rather good. Her offense is somewhat labored due to having below average Imp bonuses, but her HP and REC bonuses make up for it somewhat. She's by no means a statistical powerhouse, even with Imps, but it's still just high enough to make her useful in later content.


    - Good stat spread (minus REC).
    - Good mono-Dark Leader Skill.
    - Fantastic status purging/preventing SBB support.
    - Dark element makes her attacks unresisted.
    - BB makes her a good Arena unit.


    - Below average REC.
    - Below average ATK and DEF Imp bonuses.

    - BB offers little in the way of support.
    - Has a pretty obnoxious BC fill requirement (52 BCs for SBB)
    - Her status purging support is only through her SBB.


    It might seem like a bad idea for Anima to be her typing, and had Imps not exist, you'd be right. However, with Imps, her REC becomes a more usable 1697, which nicely patches up her otherwise low REC.

    Lord/Guardian: I'm ranking these equally. Her stat spread isn't bad as a Lord, while Guardian helps her take hits better. Though Guardian does drop her ATK to below 2000, Imps can bring it up to over 2200, which is still usable. Plus, you're more likely to use her for support purposes, so a defensive typing works over an offensive one.

    Breaker/Oracle: I'm ranking Breaker and Oracle equally. Breaker, if nothing else, makes her more usable in Arena. Oracle brings her HP down further, which is something she doesn't appreciate, and her HP with Imps will only reach average levels. However, the extra REC isn't exactly a waste either, since she lacked REC to begin with, even if Imps make Oracle a redundant typing anyway.

    Final Thoughts: Lunaris has always been one of my personal favorite Dark units because of her support. Sadly, she's been made wholly obsolete by Exhvel, who clearly surpasses Lunaris both statistically and support-wise convincingly. Still, for those who lack an Exhvel, Lunaris will still do nicely. If anything, she's a fantastic support unit for mono-Darks, whether you're using her status purging SBB, or her Leader Skill, Lunaris should not be underestimated, and she is the only Dark unit to offer such support, so she does have that under her belt.

    Last Week's Unit: Elza

    Next Week's Unit: Fiora and Ardin
    Last edited by Claire Diviner; 12-06-2014, 07:26 PM.

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    I have Lunaris maxed out but I still prefer Melchio because his brave burst fills up pretty fast. Why do I need a purger when I can constantly prevent it.


    • Claire Diviner
      Claire Diviner commented
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      There are some bosses (Maxwell is a good example) that removes buffs (like status prevention) who will then attempt to inflict a status(s) afterward, which is where Lunaris and Exvhel come into play, since Melchio can't prevent already inflicted statuses.

    • MistressWaiKiki
      MistressWaiKiki commented
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      Watch through... When 7*s come out, most likely Melchio will be a purger too. That is my hunch...

    • Claire Diviner
      Claire Diviner commented
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      You're probably right.

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    Kudos Claire another excellent review on units.

    Keep it going


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      Beast God Exvehl has got her beat in terms of stats even after imps Lunaris has a slightly higher atk and "Spark End" Exvehl's SBB does do more hits and some might even find his leader skill more versatile, but Lunaris is A. LOT. SEXIER


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        I'm working on my Lunaris just because she's sexy.


        • #6
          Claire, Lunaris cures de buffs after her SBB.


          • Claire Diviner
            Claire Diviner commented
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            Huh, you're right. Thanks for the heads up. lol

          • Claire Diviner
            Claire Diviner commented
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            Alright, her SBB section has been edited to reflect this fact.

          • xxRonnir55013xx
            xxRonnir55013xx commented
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            no problem! great review

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          I love Lunaris!


          • #8
            Got one myself, Lord Type, and she's been an amazing addition to the team.


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              Vivian, you got that right, Lunaris is on my wish list because she is sexy! LOL, but other than, I lack a dark leader, and I want her status removal.

              Oh, I have Exhvel in its 4* form, 3 of them, getting them in succession every week since that batch came out. All 3 are Oracles, so I wait, and wait from the 4th week until now for a better Exhvel, but it never dropped again. I gave up, I just started to raise an Exhvel.


              • Vivian
                Vivian commented
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                I had an Ahvel rate-up at one point too. I summoned a 4* Anima Ahvel. I was so happy about him. Then shortly after I summoned a 5* Lord Esna! I don't care if the typing is worse, I'm investing in the Esna! XD

                My Exvehl is maxed level and SBB. My Lunaris is level 8. I guess I don't really need her since I have Exvehl... I'll level her when I have the energy. No urgency.

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              She never came to me


              • yunne84
                yunne84 commented
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                You need to do the Lunar Dance to summon her.

              • cheachan15
                cheachan15 commented
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                T^T I don't even know how to dance =((((((

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              Sorry but this guide deserves a bump up cant let it get forgotten


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                It's weird it's not been updated to Sticky while last week's still there.


                • Claire Diviner
                  Claire Diviner commented
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                  Yeah, it seems the mods are surprisingly inactive on these forums compared to some other forums I frequent. It could be argued that these boards are new, and so finding volunteers for mods (if volunteering is even an option) is still ongoing.

                • CDTAR
                  CDTAR commented
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                  Yup, you can also tell by the presence of spam posts that usually disappear within minutes... Guess they're having connection issues... *See what I did there?*

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                Ulkina now trumps ;3
                You get a choice of heal + status under BB (18 bb fill)
                damage + 3 turn immunity + removal (42 bb fill 420% damage modifier)


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                  Speaking of anti-debuff units...Can you make Ulkina's review?


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                    Hi Claire.. VM06 Allena would like to apologize as she is having issues with her forum account. She asked me to look for your topic and have it sticky.
                    Official gumi website:
                    Official Support Channel:


                    • Claire Diviner
                      Claire Diviner commented
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                      I had a hunch that was the case. It seems the issues with viewing notifications has reappeared. Thanks for the sticky.

                      Expect a new analysis in about 6 hours or so from the time of this response
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