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  • Unit of the Week: Elza - 11/9/2014

    Unit of the Week

    Overview: I had initially planned on reviewing a different unit, but given the circumstances, as well as how overly popular Elza has become quite literally overnight, I had no choice but to do an analysis on her. Elza is a unit from a batch of interesting characters, all of which have one thing in common: They are all relatives to other units. In Elza's case, she is the older sister of Alice. How Elza is older, given her appearance is beyond me, but the point is she is the older sister of Alice that no one knew about. The ever watchful guardian who would do anything to protect her sister, even going so far as to use her scythe's power to resurrect an already dead Alice, Elza is to Alice what Elsa is to Anna (I had to think of a reason to throw in a "Frozen" reference somehow, so take it for what it's worth). So just how good is Elza? Does she merit all of the hype? Let's take a look.

    Leader Skill: [Ares' Excelsior] Huge boost in BB gauge fill rate.

    Anyone who has played Brave Frontier long enough, especially during the introduction of Felneus' 6-star evolution, should be well aware of this now legendary ability. Though needing no introduction, I'll briefly go over it for those who happen to be new to the game.

    Ares' Excelsior, held by several units, including Felneus, Uda, Bordebegia, and of course, Elza, is a Leader Skill that, as its description dictates, boosts the rate of which the Brave Burst gauge of units are filled. By how much? A whopping 50%. This means that the BB gauges of units in your squad will fill 50% faster than normal. So what makes her any different and/or better than the likes of Felneus or Uda? We'll get to that in the next few sections. I would also like to add that Elza is currently the only Dark unit with Ares' Excelsior, making mono-Dark BB spam not only an easily accomplished feat, but also a rather powerful squad type.

    Normal Attack: 10 hits.

    Some of you might think that 10 hits isn't all that much, and for the most part, you'd be right. Not that it's exactly low, but at this point in the game, it's considered a bit on the average side. Of course, she makes up for this in a very massive way by having a ridiculously large drop check count of 30. Though not the highest as, say, Lucina, 30 is still a very massive number. Combine all of the BC drop potential with her Ares' Excelsior Leader Skill, and things will start to fall into place as to how beastly of a BB spam machine Elza truly is.

    Of course, this is great for Questing, Vortexes, and even Frontier Hunter, but this also works wonders in the Arena, where her Leader Skill, combined with her drop checks really start to fill the BB gauges of your squad, making it more than possible for your squad to have all of their Brave Bursts (and depending on some setups, Super Brave Bursts) ready for turn two. To really crank up the BC generation dial to 11, you can also equip Elza with the special Halloween Spheres, the Hallowed Skull, and the Sinister Orb (and when Selena's Vortex is released, the Lexida Sphere), to double Elza's hit count. Double the hit count means double the BC drop potential from 30 to 60, and as if that wasn't enough, assuming you Sphere Frogged her, you can equip Sol Creators, or any other BC generation boosting Sphere to really get the most mileage out of her BB spam. Mind you, this also works well outside of Arena, being able to BB spam against some single targets, but more on that later.

    Brave Burst: [Grim Cleaver] 13 combo powerful Dark attack on all enemies & probable Curse effect.

    This may not seem like anything special, and for the most part, that's correct. Brave Bursts nowadays are often overshadowed by the units' Super Brave Bursts with a few exceptions. In Elza's case, her Brave Burst offers nothing special. 13 hits with a 45% chance to inflict Curse. While Curse is an okay status, many bosses are immune to it, so think of the Curse effect as somewhat of a bonus. What does make this Brave Burst worthwhile is its fill cost of 25 BCs, which for Elza, it may as well be as low as 10 with her Leader Skill and her normal attack's drop check. What also makes this good is the damage multiplier of 260%, which is not bad at all for a Brave Burst, and is perfect for Arena, especially since her Dark element means it goes unresisted.

    Super Brave Burst: [Extermination] 30 combo powerful Dark attack, probable Curse effect & boost to Spark damage for 3 turns.

    Holy hot dang! This is what really makes her such a powerful unit. 30 hits is absolutely no joke. Mind you, you have units, like Douglas, Zellha, and Luther who can boast such high numbers (or very close to it in Luther's case). The difference between them compared to Elza is that...

    A: Zellha only offers Injury and Weak as an added effect, which is fine, but nothing too special as far as squad support goes.

    B: Douglas and Luther are Earth and Fire respectively, which is great when attacking Thunder and Earth units, but unlike Elza, they're not unresisted unless you have elemental attribute support.

    C: The damage modifiers on their SBBs are actually significantly weaker than Elza's.

    Yes, Elza has a 450% damage modifier, which is already crazy enough as is. It also has a 60% Curse effect which, like her Brave Burst, is more of a bonus. What makes this one of the best SBBs, and by extension, makes Elza one of the best units currently, is her Spark buff of 70%, matching the likes of Raydn, and 70% is currently the highest buff for Spark offered by any unit right now. Combined with her 30 hits, Sparking should not be an issue at all, especially when combined with other high hit count units, like Maxwell. This also bolsters the damage low hit count units, such as Rowgen, Dilma, and Hogar can pump out via Sparking, and my goodness, watch that damage soar. This does not mean units, like Douglas and Luther, are useless now with their weaker 50% Spark buff, but Elza is most certainly a far better version of the two.

    With so many hits, she can produce 30 BCs, just like her normal attack, per enemy. So when you combine this with her Ares' Excelsior, and combine that with another Ares' Leader (probably another Elza), and add a BC generation buffer (Felneus, Uda, Dia, etc.), it is possible, provided you have other high hit count/BC generating units, to launch a BB barrage against a single target, and get reimbursed an entire SBB gauge for your whole squad. That is very significant.

    Stats (Lord):

    HP: 5901 + 750 = 6651
    ATK: 2083 + 400 = 2483
    DEF: 1885 + 200 = 2085
    REC: 1964 + 300 = 2264

    Elza doesn't necessarily excel in any one stat. Her HP is just about on average levels while her ATK, while good, isn't anything to write home about in today's content. Her DEF is also lacking a bit, but at 1885, it's "just enough". Her REC is also good as well. Her Imp bonuses seem catered to her offensive game, which shows. Overall, her Imp bonuses bring her stats to good levels all around. Perhaps this was A-Lim's way of balancing the fact that her Super Brave Burst is stupid, and I mean that in a positive light.


    It really doesn't matter. I could say that an Oracle Elza is better than an Anima Luther, and you know what? I'd be right. Take your Elza and be happy with her, because she really is such a great unit, that any type is as viable as another, and no type can't do what others can. Still, for the sake of this analysis, I may as well go over them, and because they're all viable, I will not list them from best to least desirable like I usually do, but will list them arbitrarily, because seriously, you're not even using her for her stats more than her stupidly awesome support functions.

    Guardian: Boosts DEF at the cost of some ATK. Normally, she may not appreciate the ATK drop, but her Imp bonuses patches her sacrifice very nicely, making Guardian a good way to bolster her "okay" DEF while still being able to hit hard.

    Lord: Her stat spread as is has no real faults. Yeah, there's her shaky DEF, but Imp bonuses and Spheres makes her average DEF a non-issue, especially since her HP, while average, is still good enough, especially with Imps and Spheres as mentioned before.

    Oracle: An unnecessary hit to her HP for REC she doesn't need. Still, with Imps, she'll sit at a comfortable 6300+ HP as an Oracle, and the added REC only means needing even fewer Cures to heal her good HP at that point.

    Anima: More survivability while her REC takes a dip. Of course, with the way HP recovery scales with REC, this is not an issue, all the while, her ATK and DEF remain intact.

    Breaker: Her DEF takes a hit, and Imp bonuses can only do so much to patch some of the loss, but on the plus, she gains more ATK power, letting her kill things more easily, especially with the Spark buff she provides.


    - Stats are good across the board.
    - Ares' Excelsior Leader Skill.
    - Massive drop check on her normal attack.
    - Attack animation is just so sexy.
    - A godly Super Brave Burst with good damage and a Spark buff.
    - Spark buff is at the current highest percentage at 70%.
    - Unresisted attacks.
    - Can function on any team.
    - God tier Arena unit.
    - God tier anything unit.
    - God tier.
    - God.


    - (There really are none)

    Final Thoughts: Elza is a god tier unit, and will remain god tier for a long time. No one can touch her as a Spark buffer. While Bordebegia, Omega Behemoth, Garnan, Sodis, and Raydn offer the same Spark buff at 70%, Elza's SBB hit counts takes the most advantage of that buff by allowing other units to really abuse Sparks. The fact that she has the Ares' Excelsior ability while having so much BC generation potential means that she can manage BB spam without even a BC drop rate buff unit, like Uda or Dia, and that alone is impressive. If you have more than one Elza, be ecstatic. If you have three or more, you're pretty much golden. They really outdid themselves when they created this beastly unit; not even a remote attempt at balance with her average-ish stats can tame the monster she truly is as a top tier unit in Brave Frontier.

    Last Week's Unit: Lilly Matah

    Next Week's Unit: Lunaris
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    Lol Claire, never before you listed so many pros and only 1 miserable attempt at cons. Good job as always.

    I did RS summon today, just because I read that you guys are hoarding Elzas, some have 3, some have 2, while I only have 1 (breaker, and I'm very happy about that). Lately I limit myself to 3 summons, so that my gem won't be unnecessary depleted. 1st summon, 3* Dean, 2nd, my second Rowgen... haven't even bothered to raised my 1st. then on the last one I got my 2nd Elza, a 5* Lord!

    My 1st Elza is just sitting pretty. I have a decent number of crystals and gods, waiting impatiently for Super Fusion Rate Up. Tuesday couldn't come sooner, beside that Elza, I'm planning to raise Altri, Zelnite, Melchio, Lily Matah (all are high 5* or low 6*)


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      I had never gave a thought about a double Ares' Excelsior leader until this question hits me, does double Elza leader work? assuming it does, what could the multiplier be?
      Having one Elza as leader, BC fill rate increase by 50%(1.5), so having a friend Elza, i wonder would it be 100% LOL
      Or [1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25] which means it's about 125% faster than normal (considering a base of 1).
      Last edited by lionelle; 11-08-2014, 11:54 PM.


      • Claire Diviner
        Claire Diviner commented
        Editing a comment
        I'm not sure what the total multiplier will be, but two Elza Leaders will greatly increase the BB gauge fill rate even more. Mind you, just one Elza is enough for BB spam, and that's without BC generation buffers, like Felneus, Dia, Ronel, etc. Imagine two Elzas.

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      I've updated the OP and removed her "con". Skittles has informed me that even as a Breaker, a single Legwand Gem will get Elza to a little over 2100 DEF (not including Imp bonuses). It's for that reason, her DEF is hardly a handicap at that point.

      So yeah, Elza is perfect. lol


      • reizotian
        reizotian commented
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        That's I kept my Elza even if she's a Guardain. Coz any type for me will do.

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      You forgot to mention that she's top-tier waifu material (Much like Hogar) but okay.


      • #6
        You put a lot of work into these and they are amazing : D! This guide makes me love my elzas even more.
        Could I submit a request? Could you do one on lunaris?


        • Claire Diviner
          Claire Diviner commented
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          I was going to do Lunaris for this week, but opted for Elza due to relevance. I'm thinking of Lunaris for next week, but we'll have to wait and see when we cross that bridge.

        • xxRonnir55013xx
          xxRonnir55013xx commented
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          :O Thanks Claire your awsome

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        I was so glad I got one of her! When I first saw her in JP BF I knew she was going to be ridiculous. So glad I pulled her.


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          Nice job Claire. and I think her 6 star form is good!


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            Another great review, nice job. I got my Elza to 6 star she is now lvl 100 and I am currently working on her BB right now she's at BBlvl 5. Even with just a Medulla Gem her stats are godly.


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              Twin-tail / siscon / red eyes / loli
              hmmmm no regrets


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                Initially I was a bit iffy about my Breaker Elza. After a few rounds with her in Arenas, BREAKER IS BEAST! Her attack is massive - 2,288 unbuffed. And for the first time in forever, my arena team's SBBs are filling on the first turn. Total gamebreaker unit!


                • Claire Diviner
                  Claire Diviner commented
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                  With both a Sol Creator and Hallowed Skull, it's very easy to see why. lol

                • Unwritten
                  Unwritten commented
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                  Now with the Lexida sphere she can have a good amount of HP and she is amazing in arena

                • Vivian
                  Vivian commented
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                  Sadly Lexida is the only GGC sphere I have no use for. I use 4 Amanohabakens, 2 Sol Creators, and 1 Hallowed Skull in arenas. That's enough to kill on average 2 enemy units and even some SBBs filled on the first turn. Using Lexida would just lower my BC drops and attack.

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                Hey Clarie can you help me decide a team for the arena form what I read from your post, I currently have 3 duelmex max out lv, a felinus max out sbb, elza max out sbb,3 Aisha max out sbb, lily matah max out sbb, Karl maxed out, Themis and grybe. Any other advice would be glady appricieated


                • Claire Diviner
                  Claire Diviner commented
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                  - Elza (Leader)
                  - Aisha
                  - Aisha
                  - Karl
                  - Grybe

                  If possible, equip them with Sol Creators, a Sinister Orb, a Hallowed Skull, and Lexida. If dual Sphered, equip the ones with the special Spheres with Sol Creators, and those with Sol Creators (without Hallowed Skull, etc.) with Amanohabakens.

                  It's not often I help individuals with team setups (usually, I leave it to them to figure out what they want, or to look up FAQs via Google).

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                Lucky people with Elzas...and I'm just sitting here, with my newly-summoned Oracle Elimo..


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                  Added another paragraph to Elza's Super Brave Burst section detailing Brave Burst spam against a single enemy target.


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                    sticky topic...

                    Elza will be more OP if imps will be added for her.. <3 <3 <3
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