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  • Unit of the Week: Lilly Matah - 11/2/2014

    Unit of the Week
    Lilly Matah

    Overview: Tyrant Lilly Matah has gained a lot of fame and for good reason. She has been labeled as one of the must-haves (though not necessarily required) as a squad Leader for taking down the Maxwell Trial. From her super big hair (seriously though, how much shampoo and conditioner does she use on all of that?), to her posing like a boss as she sits on... thin air, is she really all that and a bag of Pringles... if they came in bags instead of cans? Is her fame and popularity warranted? Let's find out.

    Leader Skill: [Ares' Echo] Large boost in the BB gauge when attacked.

    One of the things that really make her a sought after unit, this Leader Skill is currently unique to only her. As the description states, whenever a member of the squad is attacked, their BB gauge fills. The amount ranges from 3 BCs to a meaty 6 BCs. That's actually very significant, especially considering this is coming from just her Leader Skill alone, meaning it is always in effect. And yes, this means your entire squad will gain BCs when a boss with a fetish for AOE attacks decides to abuse it (a notable example being Maxwell's Genesis). This Leader Skill alone makes her valuable, but this is barely scratching the surface of just how well a battery Lilly truly is.

    Normal Attack: 9 Hits.

    Her normal attack is... very normal. There's nothing notable or special. 9 hits with an average 18 BCs is nothing to sing songs about. Though one does suppose this is easily made up for with her other tricks, since the bulk of her BC generation is in her other abilities.

    Brave Burst: [Tyrant's Distraction] Slightly increases BB gauge for all allies for 3 turns & increases BB gauge when damage is taken.

    So, this is where her usefulness starts to really show. It says "slightly", but 4 BCs per turn to the whole squad is anything but. Though not quite as much as Lodin, it's only a 1 BC difference, so it doesn't hurt Lilly at all. Add the fact that she further boosts BC gained from being attacked by an additional 3-5 BCs, that means a unit can gain up to 11 BCs just for taking a hit, which is insane, since for some units, that's well more than half of what they need to fill their BB gauge, and because some later content bosses have a habit of attacking more than once, you have a very realistic chance of having an entire squad with BBs at the ready during their next turn, which is invaluable to healers, like Altri and Elimo, as well as mitigators, like Oulu and Darvanshel. The fact that Lilly's BB itself only needs a modest 23 BCs to fill really makes it all the more better.

    Super Brave Burst: [Grand Matah] Slightly increases BB gauge for all allies for 3 turns, increases BB gauge when damage is taken & boost to BC drop rate.

    What the heck is a Matah exactly? Whatever it is, it's what makes Lilly arguably the best BC generator in the game. The first part of the effect is no different than her Brave Burst, increasing the BB gauge by 4 BCs per turn. The second part, however, is more potent at 3-6 BCs when attacked, which may not seem like much, but 1 more BC (assuming RNG is in your favor) does go a ways to add up quite a bit, especially considering this effect stacks with her already great Leader Skill. To top it off, she boosts BC generation by 20%. It's not pushing Felneus or Uda numbers by any means, who boosts BC generation by 30% and 25% respectively, but given how much she's generating BCs passively, it really does help significantly enough.

    Stats (Lord):

    HP: 5971 + 750 = 6721
    ATK: 1920 + 300 = 2220
    DEF: 1932 + 300 = 2232
    REC: 1982 + 300 = 2282

    Her stats are actually very nicely balanced, and her Imp bonuses are also pretty good, though a bit average. In fact, assuming you max out her Imp bonuses, her stats - every last one of them - surpasses even Maxwell, if only by double digit margins, so Lilly has that to be proud of. She can take hits, and can also dish out damage when necessary, and her high REC means HP sustainability is also good. There's really nothing to complain about, as even her average HP stat is nicely patched up with Imps.


    As if that was a surprise. High REC means she can afford to spare a little bit of it for better survivability, and given that she needs to survive to keep her buffs going, Anima is her optimal typing.

    Lord/Guardian: They both have their merits. On one hand, Lord's stat distribution is really good, and she can perform wonderfully, while Guardian ups her DEF, allowing her to take hits a little better. In the case of Guardian, she does sacrifice ATK power, but lets face it, without an offensive BB or SBB to speak of, she's not going to be much of a team player when it comes to dishing out damage, so she can care less about an ATK drop.

    Breaker/Oracle: I'm ranking these two equally for different reasons. Breaker allows her to hit harder, yes, but it sacrifices her DEF, meaning less survivability. Because her BB and SBB does no damage, the majority of the ATK gained from Breaker is wasted, making the DEF drop more redundant than anything. Oracle lowers her HP, which as we know, is not a good thing for a majority of units. However, it's not all bad, since the HP drop isn't exactly severe, and Imps can make her sit comfortably at around 6400 HP, which is not too shabby, all things considered. The REC gain, though wholly unnecessary, makes even a single Cure go a hell of a way to heal her.


    - Fantastic Leader Skill catered for sustaining BBs.
    - Great stats across the board.
    - Good Imp bonuses.
    - Her BB and SBB works very well with her Leader Skill, making her a powerful battery.


    - Her BB and SBB does no damage.
    - Relatively low hit count.
    - Borderline average BC generation on her normal attack.

    Final Thoughts: Lilly Matah has been lauded as a great unit, and one of the best supporters in Brave Frontier. Oftentimes, many people highly recommend using at least one Lilly Leader during certain hard Vortexes and Trials (Maxwell comes to mind), and for very good reason, as the bosses' attacks, especially of the AOE variety, can be used against them, allowing your team to ready their BBs by the next turn. While Lilly may not be needed in every situation - in fact, her role seems more niche than anything - when she is needed, there really is no other unit in the game that offers BB spam support quite like Lilly Matah. Even if you don't have one, you can still use a friend's Lilly and perform just as well (provided they fully leveled her and her SBB). As it currently stands, it seems no other BB support unit will even hold a candle to her abilities for quite a long while when it comes to long boss fights and the like, though the same cannot necessarily be said about BB spamming mobs in Quests, Vortexes, and even Frontier Hunter.

    Last Week's Unit: Maxwell

    Next Week's Unit: Elza
    Last edited by Claire Diviner; 12-06-2014, 09:31 PM.

  • #2
    Great guide as usual. I have a level 100 SBB10 BREAKER Lilly Matah. I know, worse typing ever. I still love her, though! I'm happy to even summon her... ^_^


    • #3
      Honestly, any Lilly is a good Lilly, because any Lilly is better than no Lilly. I'd gladly accept a Breaker myself if it meant owning a Lilly Matah. lol


      • #4
        Nice guide, hopefully dark light totem vortex comes out so i can ge her to 6*


        • #5
          ERMAGERD, no wonder a lot of my friends use her in Trial 003 D: I must get her now!


          • #6
            The desirable Sphere for her is Lexida.
            1 week from now Selena Dungeon will be up.


            • #7
              Really nice review, I love reading all of them. I'm wondering if I should get mine 6 star (Lord btw) because so far I just use my friends haha


              • Claire Diviner
                Claire Diviner commented
                Editing a comment
                If you have one, use it, regardless of her type.

            • #8
              Great guide, Claire. Lily Matah is probably my favorite unit right, maybe not since I just got Maxwell, but she's a VERY close second!


              • #9
                OMG, my friend just pulled this on me: "When it comes to Lilly Matah's typing, it doesn't Lilly Matah." Get it??? XD


                • Xegil
                  Xegil commented
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                  Oh god. And here I was thinking my puns were bad. XD

                • cheachan15
                  cheachan15 commented
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                  Dang it! Badumppss~ I lol'd XD

                • Rune
                  Rune commented
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                  If you think that was bad, try this one; "It was so Lilly, I took an arrow to the knee!".. xD

              • #10
                Thank you for writing these guides! It really helps me learn how to look at units as I go.


                • #11
                  Top notch unit guides as always. They should really use these guides to open up the Unit Section of the forum.


                  • #12
                    Originally posted by JinHideki View Post
                    Top notch unit guides as always. They should really use these guides to open up the Unit Section of the forum.
                    I honestly wouldn't mind that. Plus, the Unit Boards in the forums have yet to be used. What they plan to do with said boards is beyond me, but I figured my analyses could fit in there.

                    I originally wanted to post my analyses in there, but was unable to, hence my posting them here in the Brave Frontier Lounge.


                    • JinHideki
                      JinHideki commented
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                      From the looks of the section now, it has a picture for it. Maybe its postable now? But I guess it doesn't matter, but if the forums ever want to make things more organized, they would use it.

                    • Claire Diviner
                      Claire Diviner commented
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                      Last I checked, the picture is purely aesthetic, as posting in the board is still not possible.

                  • #13
                    Good job Claire keep up the good work.


                    • #14
                      Wow! Thanks for the tip. I think im gonna level her up.


                      • #15
                        question, what do you guys feel about Lilly Matah not as leader? Will her BB/SBB skill enough to fill BB gauges?


                        • Claire Diviner
                          Claire Diviner commented
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                          Her BB/SBB can do decently, but she clearly is suited for the Leader position.

                        • Meric
                          Meric commented
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                          What Claire said. She functions best as a Leader. There could be cases where you might not be able to cast her BB/SBB when you need it.

                        • MPM1
                          MPM1 commented
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                          meric, that's true. thanks claire, meric.
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