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  • Rate my team

    I use a team consisting of Il and Mina, Rina, Bordebegia, Zelha and Rickel with Zelha as leader (all 6 start and over lvl 80) and I Keep getting destroyed In the bonus dungeons the terminus Grand Gaia wars etc. could someone tell me if my teams any good or i need an upgrade. I was thinking i would go with Mariuideth, Darvan Uda Darvanshel and Zelha once there all evolved and leveled any suggestions on how i can improve?

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    Your team is ill-suited for those dungeons. They're implied to be below level 100, which is already a problem, and these dungeons require specific strategies to tackle, unlike normal Quests and Vortexes, where one can Leeroy Jenkins their way to victory.


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    If you tell us what units you have then we can help you construct a team that can clear those harder dungeons.


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      Work more on Darvenshel and Il and Mina for certain. And if you have Deemo, building both that and Uda could be a big help in the future.


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        Do you have Deemo unit? Because on FH, some people can make it to terminus is Deemo unit w/ Maxwell friend.

        Also you might want to get a healer unit. and if ever you don't have one don't worry because in the next F2P unit there will be a Premium light healer albeit on it's 5 star only.


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          These are all the units i have what can i construct from this?


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            Uda,deulsgx,darvanshell,zellha,Michele all maxed and sbb are good for FH and just Bb Spamming


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              What should I do for grand Gaia wars?


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                Originally posted by xXFazeXx View Post
                Uda,deulsgx,darvanshell,zellha,Michele all maxed and sbb are good for FH and just Bb Spamming
                Who should my leader be


                • JinHideki
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                  Uda for the BB spam

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                I suggest leveling up your Darvanshel, Deemo and the Girl, Melchio, Uda, and Michele. They're good units for FH.


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                  Ok i have a good idea of what to use how about spheres? Ive got sphere house level 40


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                    Originally posted by Ry5xInfinite View Post
                    Ok i have a good idea of what to use how about spheres? Ive got sphere house level 40
                    Talk about winning Grand Gaia Chronicles(GGC) in the easiest way is to build around a critical squad. Taking note that you have Duelsgx, Michele, Uda, Zellha which are perfect for making the team, all that is remaining is for you to get a Zebra leader and find a friend leader with Zebra/Mare/Maxwell. This will definitely reduce the difficulty and you don't have to burn up all ur brain cell to achieve the spheres. If you do need any further guide ie Sphere/Items to bring just make known, i believe most of us here will be able to help you out.


                    • Ry5xInfinite
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                      I have zebra maxwell and mare friends. Who should i use a as leader on my squad and who should i use as a friend and who should occupy my fifth slot?
                      Also a sphere and item guide would be great, Thanks

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                    A brief idea, using this team, your ideal scenario is to kill all of them in one turn before they get their turn(s) to attack you, so every part of damage counts.
                    Leader: Zebra
                    *I'm pretty sure Mare isn't that effective now that they have patched stacking elemental buff with her leader skill (I need someone else to confirm this)
                    `Uda (or Deemo)
                    Friend Leader: Zebra / Maxwell

                    The Main idea:
                    - Each Zebra leader boost Critical Damage by 150%. Have 2 Zebra as Leaders means your additional Critical damage are boosted by 300%.

                    - Maxwell on the other hand increase Critical Damage by 125%. With your Zebra leader, you'll get additional 275%. Yes it is lower than running a double Zebra leaders but Maxwell sbb does 33hits which helps produce more BC and with 33hits Multi Target sbb, you are likely to get more sparks off, which means additional damage.

                    - Due to the fact that you're depending all your luck in hitting crits, you will need to raise your critical rates up! Duelsgx sbb will fill that role.
                    Duelsgx's sbb @ level 10 boost crit rate by 60%.
                    Although his brave burst at level 10 alone provides 60% crit rate buff as well, but it is not direct damage it only buffs your team, thus you are losing out on damage output and bc drops which are all essential for this squad to work.

                    - Speaking about damage, Michele fills that role perfectly.
                    Her sbb does 18hits to Multi Target and boost the squad attack by 115% at sbb level 10!
                    While she is similar to Duelsgx, her bb does no direct damage.

                    - Melchio, Although you couldnt stack elemental buff with leader skill of Mare / Maxwell now, but having those elemental buff means that all your attacks are all 'super effective'.
                    Increasing damage as a whole.
                    However, he is similar to Duelsgx and Michele, his bb does no direct damage to any foe.

                    - Last but not least, Uda. The reason to add him into the squad is for his SBB as well.
                    His Sbb boost BC drop rate by 25% and also does a decent amount of damage.
                    In actual fact, I was hoping to find a good unit that could boost spark damage, unfortunately i'm not so sure about using Deemo for that purpose because her brave burst damage at level 10 is pretty low. However it is still an option to go for.
                    - Deemo, with brave burst level 10, her bb will boost your squad's spark damage by 50% and thus, boosting youur damage further, which may reduce the possibility of using a gem to clear.

                    Since you have a Darvanshel, lets add him in and see what he can do.
                    If you are considering of using Darvanshel for his damage mitigation, so that you have a higher chance of surviving a 2nd turn, you may consider switching out Melchio, Melchio sbb does 15hit to multi-targets and buff your squad with elemental bonus (fire, water, thunder, earth and light), however, his sbb only produces a max bc of 15 (1/hit), although darvanshel does not produce more bc than melchio, Uda is there to boost bc drop rate for the whole squad so Darvanshel become ur last man defending you whole squad by reducing half fo of the damage taken for 1 turn + defense buff (Sbb only), and take note that his sbb is a mutli target which makes him a candidate to bring.

                    [2 x Fujins potion], [3 x Fujins Elixir] [3 x Flutes] [1 x Revive] [2 x Revive Light] - Are's Flute can be replaced by [10 x Brute Elixir]

                    So right now, you have to work on your unit's level and get their sbb maxed if possible. I won't guarantee you anything, as anything can happens. This strategy can be employed to all Grand Gaia Chronicles(GGC), just keep in mind that you are betting on the RNG for your Units to do critical hits. Worry not, having Duelsgx is sufficient

                    You can use a full squad of Muramasa (Boost 50% damage for first 2 turns) or Angelic Foils (Boost 75% damage for first 2 turns).
                    ​If you own a Steeple Rose or two, that would be even better!

                    Alternatively you can watch the following video to decide on your strategy. (

                    Hope this helps!
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                    • lionelle
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                      Take note that i've changed the spheres section
                      Every unit has a base critical rate of 10%, hard coded
                      Thus, with duelsgx maxed sbb alone, you will hit the 70% cap for critical rate, this means tht you dont have to equip spheres that provide critical rate up.

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                    Ok new squad now

                    Crusher God Uda (G) @Divine Sword
                    Ruin Goddess Zellha (L) @Havoc Axe + @Medulla Gem
                    Goddess Axe Michele (A) @Sacred Jewel
                    Guardian Darvanshel (A) @Dragon Ring
                    Duel-SGX (G) @Guardian Cloak

                    My Leader will be Uda and my friend will be maxwell all i need to do is level to 100 and sbb farm darvanshel
                    (I recently got Arius (G) and Luther (B) if you think they should go in)


                    • lionelle
                      lionelle commented
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                      This is a good team, when you don't require a damage mitigation unit, you can swap him for Luther to gain additional damage from sparks.

                      In another scenario where you need a damage mitigation unit and a healer, you can swap Duelsgx for Arius.

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                    Update This squad shredded Grahdens while being drastically under leveled (2 30s and a 66s) And without darvanshels sbb Thanks for the help everyone!


                    CLICK HERE!