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  • Unit of the Week: Maxwell - 10/26/2014

    Unit of the Week

    Overview: Creator Maxwell: One of the Four Fallen Gods of Grand Gaia. Maxwell joins the ranks of Karl and Grahdens as a Mock Unit in the Randall Trials. Let me make something clear: Maxwell is very difficult to take down in the Trials. It's not like you face Maxwell from the word "go" as you did Karl and Grahdens. Instead, you have to go through two tough Mistral bosses made even tougher for this trial; Juggernaut and Abaddon in that order. So Karl and Grahdens aren't as top tier as they initially were, though Grahdens still have relevance, if only for the Maxwell Trial itself. That said, does Maxwell hold up well today? Does Maxwell, as a free (albeit tough to obtain) unit, have something that other free units lack? Let's find out.

    Leader Skill: [Power of Creation] Large boost in critical hit damage & large boost in damage dealt to weak elements

    The new standard in offensive Leader Skills. This is anything but what its namesake dictates. It combines both Zebra and Mare's Leader Skills in one package. Now, let us make a few things clear right now before we delve deeper into the mechanics. First off, with the latest update came some major changes in Leader Skills, namely Zebra, Mare, and Maxwell's in either buffs, the way they behave, or both.

    Zebra, as you may have remembered in his "Unit of the Week" evaluation, had a huge crit damage buff in his Leader Skill at 300%. However, like JP Zebra, the update made it so Zebra's crit buff was nerfed, being only half as potent as before at only 150%. This is very significant, as it means it is impossible to reach the 700% crit damage cap with two Zebra Leaders alone.

    Mare also suffered severely with this update, and significantly more so than Zebra. While her weakness damage buff remains unchanged in potency, it no longer counts elemental attribute buffs in the weakness damage calculation, meaning a Lucina with an Earth elemental attribute from her SBB will only do normal weakness damage to Thunder units, and not be boosted with Mare's Leader Skill. So only a unit's original element will be calculated. This also applies to Maxwell's LS.

    So now that we got all of that out of the way, how exactly does Maxwell's Leader Skill fare in the damage department? I did proclaim it the new standard for a reason, so let's dive in and see.

    For critical damage, Maxwell boosts it by 125%, which is quite nice, though barely being beaten by Zebra's 150%. Maxwell's weakness damage buff raises damage by 100%, which when combined with her crit buff, can make for some very interesting multipliers. Her crit damage buff by itself is nothing to write home about, and neither is her weakness damage buff, so let's see how they calculate when stacked on one another.

    The first thing you need to understand is exactly how damage is calculated for these formulas. The base damage for all critical hits is 150% (or 1.5) while the base damage for weakness elements also clock in at 150%. Add the 1.25 and 1.0 from Maxwell's crit damage buff and weakness damage buff respectively, and the total crit damage equates to 2.75 while her weakness damage totals 2.5. Then take those two sums and multiply them, resulting in 6.875, or 687.5% damage. As you can see, assuming you can get the proper unit elements to take advantage of the multipliers, the damage is almost as potent as two pre-update Global Zebras... And that's just with one Maxwell.

    Now let's have a little fun with this and add, oh, I don't know, a second Maxwell? The damage output will begin to reach very frightening levels.

    (1.5 + 1.25 + 1.25) x (1.5 + 1.0 + 1.0)

    So adding the decimals, the end result will look like this:

    4 x 3.5 = 14

    That is 1400% damage! The only thing that was able to beat that was Zebra prior to the patch and Maxwell combined, but the difference was too miniscule to matter, not to mention Zebra's stats pale in comparison to a second Maxwell, so if given the option, Maxwell would have been the go to unit for damage anyway.

    This does have a couple of drawbacks and that is (as mentioned before) that Maxwell's weakness damage only calculates a unit's base element and not an added element from BBs by Michele, Duel-SGX, and so on. I'm sure I'm beating a dead horse at this point, but it's not without reason. I'm bringing this up again because the weakness damage + her crit damage buff gets the most mileage from mono-teams. Of course, a mono-Water isn't a true mono team if it has two Light Maxwells, but the damage output would be so ridiculous, it'd hardly matter. More than anything though, mono-Light squads vs. Dark enemies will result in the highest damage output out of any team.

    However, it's nowhere near bad for Maxwell, as double Maxwell Leaders can still function as powerful crit-only buffers with a 400% damage buff to critical hits, which is nothing to scoff at.

    Shout outs to BFLMP from Reddit for the damage calculations.

    Normal Attack: 11 Hits.

    Maxwell has a nice attack animation. Anyone who has fought Maxwell in Trial 003 would know just how good it really is. It's pretty easy to Spark with, though the animation is a tad delayed with Maxwell actually teleporting to the opponent before launching her attack. Her 22 BC generation is also good.

    Brave Burst: [Genesis] 15 combo powerful Light attack on all enemies.

    This is just scary. Her Brave Burst is already insane as it is, requiring only 20 BCs to fill with a 250% damage multiplier. While 250% isn't anything special for Quests, etc., it's notable for two key reasons.

    A: It's an AOE Brave Burst, hitting all enemies, which is perfect for Arena. The fact that her Light element makes this BB unresisted is even better.

    B: It can generate up to 30 BCs! That's as much as Dilma's BB, which goes to show just how useful it is as a BB Spam tool.

    Super Brave Burst: [Endless] 33 combo massive Light attack on all enemies & boost critical hit rate for 3 turns.

    Okay, some of you might be thinking, "Yeah, so? Zellha has 30 hits and so does Douglas. It's not that much compared to them". In that case, you'd be right, except for the fact that this move has a 660% damage multiplier! 660%: Very few SBBs can even claim to beat that kind of damage, and even then, they usually have some kind of catch to them. Endless, on the other hand, is 660% for a SBB of 33 hits and only requires a total of 49 BCs to use! If that weren't enough, the attack animation (or lack thereof) is as easy to Spark with as Douglas' SBB. The cherry on top is the 33 BC generation this attack can boast. It also adds a 30% boost to the critical hit rate, which is only half as good as Duel-SGX, but still noticeable. However, for this reason, if you're running Duel-SGX in the same squad as Maxwell, it is strongly recommended you not only launch Duel-SGX's SBB first, but Maxwell's SBB is activated dead last, so her crit rate buff doesn't override Duel's for everyone else. Or, if you don't care to have Maxwell hit with Dark damage from Duel-SGX's buff, you can launch her SBB first, then Duel-SGX, and then the rest of the squad for Sparking purposes.

    I would like to add that Maxwell is currently the only unit whose normal attack approaches the unit before attacking whose BB and SBB has her remain stationary. While this may not seem like anything special, to put it in perspective, units, like Luther and Zellha, must approach the enemy before launching their BB/SBB, requiring a degree of timing to Spark, while Maxwell's lack of movement and instant damage upon activation makes her BB/SBB lazily easy to Spark.

    Stats (Lord):

    HP: 6200 + 500 = 6700
    ATK: 2000 + 200 = 2200
    DEF: 2000 + 200 = 2200
    REC: 2000 + 200 = 2200

    Maxwell is to Brave Frontier what Arceus is to Pokémon; fantastically balanced stats across the board, and while 6200 and 2000 may not be the most stellar for their respective stats (except maybe REC), having all stats carry those numbers more than makes up for... Well, there's nothing to make up, because Maxwell's stat total is just godly (no pun intended). To balance this, however, her Imp bonuses are below average, with her HP bonus of 500 being especially low for that stat. Still, 6700 is a really juicy HP stat all the same, especially when you factor Spheres. These stats are indeed befitting one of the Four Fallen Gods.


    - Has a Leader Skill that is currently uncontested in damage augmentation.
    - Fantastic stats across the board.
    - Light element makes her attacks unresisted.
    - Fantastic unit for Arena.
    - Arguably one of the best damaging SBBs in the game.
    - Good attack animation.
    - Fantastic BB/SBB animation.
    - Fantastic BC generator, especially in her BB and SBB.
    - Low BC requirement for her BB and SBB (especially a SBB of that magnitude).
    - Can be used on any team barring mono-elements.
    - She's a free unit.


    - Low Stat Imp bonuses.
    - Her crit rate buff is on the low end (30%).
    - Notoriously hard to acquire.


    As it currently stands, Lord is the only type available to her, as with all Mock Units.

    Final Thoughts: Maxwell is an awesome unit, and quite possibly the best unit to have ever graced Brave Frontier. She can be put on almost any team and function phenomenally. Her Leader Skill is also the new metagame. Even in content where bosses are crit-resistant/immune, she can still put her weakness damage buff to great use all the same. Weirdly, there are some people who still address Maxwell with male pronouns, when she's a female unit. With a name like Maxwell, including earlier in-game story dialogue, one can imagine why. Gender confusion aside, Maxwell is likely to remain the undisputed champion in unit Leaders for a long time. Even in JP, Maxwell is still regarded as one of the best units in the game, if not the best of all. If you managed to capture her, congratulations, you have the game's ultimate unit. If you haven't captured her yet, keep trying. I assure you at the end of the road, when you finally do capture her, it will have been more than worth it.

    Last Week's Unit: Lucina

    Next Week's Unit: Lilly Matah
    Last edited by Claire Diviner; 12-06-2014, 09:32 PM.

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    Hmmm to say that she is free is kind of a stretch since it requires rare summon units. However, suppose you get those from free gems then it's doable I guess. My team with maxwell lead can nearly 1 shot grah in terminus when she crits.
    I usually use her SBB first because it's easy to spark off of, but I can see the merit in using her last for sure. People recommend something like a Havoc axe as one of her spheres to give max crit.
    She is also capable of sustaining her SBB against a single target if she is the only one alive.


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      Originally posted by Dowiet View Post
      She is also capable of sustaining her SBB against a single target if she is the only one alive.
      How well can she sustain it? You think she can infinitely use her SBB if a Felneus/Uda/Phee/Dia Leader were around?


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        Originally posted by Claire Diviner View Post
        How well can she sustain it? You think she can infinitely use her SBB if a Felneus/Uda/Phee/Dia Leader were around?
        it's infinite even without an bc buffer friend. Though I have sol creator equipped. I'll have to try it without.


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          i gave her the nickname Maxypad


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            I call her the Friend Request Magnet


            • Diarmuid
              Diarmuid commented
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              Yeah, that's true, had 9 since I started using her, insane...

            • reizotian
              reizotian commented
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              Just like Grah before. Now she has taken his throne.

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            Originally posted by Faustius View Post
            I call her the Friend Request Magnet
            I can confirm this.


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              In this front page. I would like to say Claire has the best Maxwell in town! huuuuuwwwweeee!

              Shes got her imps and dual sphere in it.. Wish I did the same. but I got mines on dilma XD
              Because I knew I can just rely on claire if I need a maxwell. Nyaha XD
              Last edited by kidpachi; 10-26-2014, 12:43 PM.


              • Vivian
                Vivian commented
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                Congrats Claire!!! I made a horrible mistake. I invested my imps in Grah... I thought he was the right choice since he's in my FH team and I wanted to optimize my units for FH. Now I realize I should've invested in Zelnite, Darvenshel, and Maxwell... *facepalm*

              • kidpachi
                kidpachi commented
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                Same here viv, I partly regret not investing it on maxwell. But If I'm going to get another dual sphere soon definitely it'll be on maxwell of course.
                Btw, how can we get another dual sphere and imps?

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              Wish I could stand a chance at her :/


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                I've updated the OP of the Zebra "Unit of the Week" analysis, adding an "UPDATE" portion at the end of the post detailing the change in his Leader Skill's crit damage buff. Otherwise, the analysis has been left unaltered.


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                  sticky.. will have this up to further hype Trial 003 - Maxwell
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                    Cant kill her.


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                      WOW, That is quite the damage indeed. Sad to hear about the elemental buffs not included in the elemental weakness augmentation, but its still very strong for mono teams (especially that mono-light ill make some day soon ) . Thx a lot for your review Claire! You explained a lot with numbers included. Also, thx for still being in my friend list(?)!! Going to try Maxwell when i have enough cost for 3 6* teams.


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                        Originally posted by VM06 Allena View Post
                        sticky.. will have this up to further hype Trial 003 - Maxwell
                        I have a friend who just started playing BF last weekend. He got to test out my all my team leaders and by far his favorite is Maxwell. Even a level 30 newbie is raving about how amazing Maxwell is... and he's far from actually fighting her. #hype For now he's requesting me to switch back to Maxwell whenever I afk, lol.


                        • Panda
                          Panda commented
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                          Definitely an awesome addition to the any squad but yeah the damage multiplier is insane @_@

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                        Trial 1 and 2 were quite easy as both of them don't really have a strong attack pattern, most of them only had like 1 or 2 special attacks (Karl's blue execution and Grah's apocalypse) and it only happens one or twice in the game.But with maxwell he regularly used those strong attacks which makes the trial harder and the unit so much more rewarding.


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