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  • Promoting Myself

    Hello fellow summoners!!!

    I just want to promote myself. Because when I checked my friend list, I have tons of not active users in my list, I want to get rid of them.

    Add me: 0413812968 (PrinceAl) Level 365 .

    Why you should add me, you ask?

    1. I am an active member
    2. I will lend you my strongest units. For now, you can use my: Shion, Cleria, Millia. Shion is basically for general tasks. Cleria is mainly to help you in GGC or Trials. Millia is.... I dont know why I put her as my helper, maybe because she is cute (?) but she is one of my strongest units.

    I am leveling up my ARTHUR (Thank God for resummon event), and as soon as he is fully imped and his SPs are full, he will replace Millia. And also, I am leveling my Velma (jinkies) , Diastima , and Barion. I might gonna change my current helpers, depending on the situation and your request.

    3. I gift often. Sometimes I am busy. lol.

    What am I looking for?

    1. Definitely players with high level, and also the units are awesome
    2. Active member is a must
    3. Gift correctly

    I will see you soon in my friend request section!



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    You won't mind if i make a train right?

    Add me: ID 1124557547 (Amaimono lvl 216)

    I've just returned again, so im sure as hell that im active in playing and gifting, i need more friends so its easier to craft certain items.

    Mainly use, Cleria, Lauda (old but gold) Quaid, Ark, (fully imped and sp) Savia and Arthur might replace leader when they're fully imped and sp

    Once again, im a active gifters so dont hesistate to add me, thank you


    • jc0428
      jc0428 commented
      Editing a comment
      I'll add you up as well. Thanks guys. I have commented on your other post by the way Said the same thing, but just want to let you know. Lol

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    Sure thing Aldiialga will surely add you up.