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  • I've Wanted To Know For A While Now

    So, I've actually been fairly curious the last few days as to the current number of active players in the game, as well as the current number of guilds in this season of guild raid. With the top 10 being very specific for the bracket system, the next bracket of 11-1.5% is very vague as to where that 1.5% cuts off, and for good reason, too many guilds. Yet, I am still curious, and it doesn't seem harmful to want to know. There is also the factor that I haven't been able to find any information regarding these statistics anywhere.

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    The ranking depends on the statistics of certain guilds and the no. of current players in the game. It may vary, however, since there is a huge volume of players, the difference might not be noticeable. I think the reason as to why certain statistics are not publicized is because it protects the credibility of the game. This also occurs in other mobile games.
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    • jc0428
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      I agree to this one. Some stats are actually for internal information only, imho. I have played other games as well and I noticed that they do not provide all statistics and information to protect their game.

    • GamerDeys
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      Most do this. Yes.

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    Awesome, thanks FastestManAlive for giving me some insight to my curiousity. Good day to you!