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  • Guild Recruitment: DogeLand

    Guild Name: DogeLand

    Leader / ID: KY27 / 2740809554

    Guild Level: 99

    - Min. lvl 200 OR have full OE squad
    - Donate in Guild Research Center Min. 2-3 times/day
    - MUST participate in Guild Raid Min. 3-4 times [will be excused if a valid reason is given]
    - 7 days of inactivity = Kick

    Contact info:
    - Message me on Discord DiscoMonkey#5900
    - Message me on Brave Frontier Wiki Burniez (
    - Directly send request to DogeLand BUT be sure to fulfill the requirements and reply to chats either in Guild Board or Discord

    - Once accepted to DogeLand an invitation to join DogeLand Discord server will be given (if you have Discord)
    - DogeLand is still a developing Guild, surely with more active member DogeLand could be a top guild
    - In Guild Raid season 3, DogeLand is ranked around 500-600
    - DogeLand have a great community that will help out anyone that need guidance, squad buildings and/or tips

    Since the discovery of the new world Orebus, the Imperial Capital Randall has issued a decree that all Summoners must organize themselves into Guilds. Two men known by their Summoner name, KY27 and J24rd, started a Guild called DogeLand. The name DogeLand is a homage to their very own dog that resembles Doge, but it is a completely different type of dog. DogeLand is later put under KY27 leadership and J24rd as second in command.

    The two summoner strive to make DogeLand a well known Guild all around the realm, but the process seems to take longer than expected. Mostly because of the revolving door of Summoner joining and later retired from the Summoner Hall. Tragedy strikes the guild when 2 loyal followers of KY27, Tg23399 and Sthevan was strike down by a beast during a Raid mission together. Despite KY27's effort to bring them to safety, his 2 loyal followers are not able to be saved. Tg23399 voice can still be heard in DogeLand Discord server chat asking who Tg23399's waifu is.

    After the death of KY27 followers, DogeLand popularity goes on a slight decline. However, KY27 and J24rd keep their Mission at heart, which is to make DogeLand one of the best Guild in Orebus. For a while, DogeLand becomes a popular Guild for veteran summoner that is coming back from their retirement. Sadly, that did not last long as those veteran summoners retired again after experiencing the gruesome grind of being in the Summoner Hall.

    Since, then DogeLand have been able to recruit some summoners that are loyal to DogeLand. First to join is Azreous, a summoner with few words but contribute a lot to the Guild success. Then, Weedrk join DogeLand becoming the most active in Guild Board and welcoming all new summoners to DogeLand. Along the way, DogeLand stumbled up on 2 very close and young Summoners Anavel and Zefie, they bring joy onto the chatroom their in. After that, Mokka-P a coffee enthusiast, join the guild, even though Mokka-P eventually take a break from the Summoner Hall this summoner helps DogeLand grows. With the help of Anavel, Zefie, and Mokka-P the 3 Summoners improved DogeLand communication system by making a server in Discord. Eventually, a veteran Summoner called Neptis have emerged to be an active member of DogeLand.

    Now DogeLand is still climbing for the top spots in the Orebus Guild Raid Tournament, where Guilds will battle each other to see who is the best Guild. Last season despite some of DogeLand's members inactivity, DogeLand is still ranked around 500-600. With addition of active and loyal summoners to DogeLand, KY27 assure all the members that the Promise Land is within reach. DogeLand will reach PLATINUM! I want you to join DogeLand and be a part of history!
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    I would like to join, but my level is still below 200. So I guess I'm not eligible to apply Better luck for me