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  • 3rd Arc Idea: Summoners Lab

    Hi guys! I know this is largely fruitless because we have very little in the way of actual control on how this game is played, but if we garnered enough interest, what do you think the chances would be to alter the entrance fee of the Summoners lab to Energy instead of ST? Because running 10 runs of the most basic mission in 3rd Arc is where we stand right now to get almost anything back for it. This is beyond grinding in my opinion. Thanks for your time!
    Last edited by Dynereborn; 05-19-2017, 01:03 PM. Reason: Edited SP to ST: damn autocorrect

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    You're idea on altering ST to Energy for Summoners Lab is a good one. However, it may affect the grinding/farming. Like me, every time there is SKD, I always spend my full energy on that dungeon. But yeah, your suggestion can be taken in to consideration. Hope gimu see's this.