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  • Need Help With Trails ~SQUAD HELP~-

    I've recently been getting back into the game and actually learning the dynamics of the game play.

    My current squads are:
    (LD)Elimo- Omni
    Zelnite- Omni
    Ciara- Omni
    Tazer- Omni
    Lauda- Omni

    (LD)Krantz- Omni
    Arus- Omni
    Agress- Omni
    Zelnite- Omni
    Rozalia- Omni

    Other Units:
    Omni- Eze, Rize, Vargas, Selena

    7 Star- Zeldeus, Colt, Lance, Cyan, Feeva, Zedus, Ivris, Sargavel, Kikuri, Demon Kalon, Haido, Darvenshel, Charlotte, Alpha, Zerafalgar, Drevas, Magress, Ultor, Melchio, Bestie, Rinon, Fadahl, Shida, Lynonese, Stein, Holia, Lanza, Izuna

    6 Star- Fie and Fang, Kagura, Ark, Sirius, Luther, Ulkina, Lucca, Lodin, Lucana, Uda, Altro, Yujeh, Grahdens, Rin, Mariudeth, Kuhla, Lilith, Matah, Eve, Maxwell, Kajah, Dilma, Narza, Kuda, Alyut, Belfura, Duel, Arden, Rayden, Eva, Zelban, Lira, Zelnite, Kyo, Cardes, Dilith, Lucia

    Lower- Rhein, Zephu, Grybe, Zergel, Eru, Ruby, Xenon, Rickel, Griff, Adel, Berdette, Karl, Signas, Arius, Vernil, Sareas, Luly, Lin, Tora, Oguro, Dion, Duran, Dolk, Estelle, Leona, Weiss, Orna, Mahalu, Febros, Eclise, Bonnie, Carrol, Serin

    Basically trying to shift through all the fodder and could use an expert opinion on who to level up and who is completely useless lol
    Any feedback will be most appreciated!!
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    if you are focusing on trials, imho:

    top priority :
    - Holia, mostly because of her god-sent UBB
    - Feeva, she just got OE form and she became amazing again
    - Lyonesse, her LS is wonderful for trials, although her use in the fight is niche. Will become very useful for strategy zone trials when u reached there. u don't need to spend much resource to max her out though if you don't intend to really use her in fight and only need her LS
    - Ark OE, but you will need to face that KM for this

    second priority :
    - Sirius, rather outclassed now, but still good. You need more units for strategy zone trials later
    - Fei & Fang

    third priority :
    - whoever has OE form, like Izuna, Stein, etc

    raise Lanza if you care about arena/colo

    and don't sell the rest yet, who knows they got OE form someday


    • Vane
      Vane commented
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      Thank you so much for the advice! I got Feeva's Omni form. Working on Fei & Fang, Ark and Holia. Getting them all to 7 stars was a challenge. Had to farm broken pendants which was tedious. So just wanted to thank you again for the fast response. Enjoy your adventures on the Frontier!

    • jc0428
      jc0428 commented
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      I also get my ideas from lozoro as well. he really is good at providing advice specially to newbies
      helpful buddy :P

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    For me you actually have a dream team. tho, I think the current meta is to sustain damage until the match ends. well, for arenas atleast.


    • jc0428
      jc0428 commented
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      What I meant was, less units your opponent have, the less damage you will get. So it is best to go for the kill every turn. You never know when the opponent will strike you hard. So hard that your squad will be wiped out. Lol

    • LouiseBetita
      LouiseBetita commented
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      Well, either way, I still like my small squad. thanks for the tip tho.

    • jc0428
      jc0428 commented
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      No worries mate. Glad to be of help

      Yeah, love your squads and they will love you back in return.. Hope to survive every dungeons, colosseum and arena with them.

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    The units in my current squad are Stein, Hisui, Silas, Vargas and Lance. Is there a hope in this I mean is this okay for a newbie?


    • GamerDeys
      GamerDeys commented
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      Heroes could be better. Try summoning.

    • lozoro
      lozoro commented
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      RNG is a friend of nobody ...LOL

      think it this way, units are getting stronger, right?
      the later u summon, the stronger u become
      beat all contents with what you have now and enjoy the fun while taking chance to save tonnes of gems from clearing story quests
      save more and wait for re-summon gate or limited poll gate to boost/update and give blood to your units

    • FastestManAlive
      FastestManAlive commented
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      Appreciate your comments guys. Just wondering because some people acquire good or special units with their first pulls you know. But I hope I can get my fav. units as soon as possible =D