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  • Seria Strategy Zone Squad Building Need Help

    Been struggling so much with this Strategy Zone.. Please help me make a squad to beat it
    All the units are already OE and I will take care of sphere myself. Your help will be much appreciated

    Vargas, Avant, Lava, Arus, Kulyuk, Ciara, Azurai

    Selena, Elimo, Tazer, Belfura, Vern, Azami, Holia, Melord, Stein, Mariela, Charlotte

    Lance, Zelnite, Quaid, Ragzbyul, Daze, Felice, Gyras, Serge, Fei and Fang, Faelan, Zeruiah

    Eze, Shera, Kanon, Rize, Eleanor, Silas, Fizz, Viktor

    Atro, Ark, Krantz, Sirius, Zellha, Lara, Agress, Garrel, Lauda, Zekt, Fina

    Magress, Elza, Alice, Kalon, Haido, Zenia, Mifune

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    Holia/Feng sub (make sure Feng is SP'd for her LS miti), Stein, Mariella, Tazer, Melord.
    Rain (friend sub)
    Elimo, Azurai, Zelnite (EWD null sphere is a must for him), Vern and the final sub can be up to you


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      Nice, Almost the same unit as mine. I'll consider your suggestion here, quite a struggle for me as well.

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    i just did it

    i strongly recommend to read this very helpful guide

    Rozalia friend lead is MVP... i tried Regil before, but i got problem at Phase 3 to manage BB at the end...

    Since u don't have Lyonesse, I would say you can go with Ark/Holia - Rozalia lead
    I would perhaps go with Ark over Holia lead

    My squad used :

    Lead : Lyonesse (never used in battle, i just used the LS)
    Units :
    Elimo, Juno, Zenia, Elza, Ark, Holia, Melord, Zeruiah, Sirius

    Friend lead : Rozalia
    Friend sub : Regil

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      Nice guide you got there lozoro. Thanks for sharing.

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    May I suggest that you level up your units first before going into that battle, then just beat it with brute force lol. Besides, you have OMNI-ble units anyways. They can be really OP> XD