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  • Group Chat on Kik (Helping player build squad to beat content etc)

    Hi guys, if anyone interested on joining us
    you can add me on Kik: BryantKismet
    We help people making squad, talking about strategy, discussing in game content such as unit, game play, squad building, Tips and Trick, FG/FH
    Anyone who wants to help out or need help is welcome
    We are active, but just started today.
    Last edited by Bryant; 06-19-2016, 08:05 PM.

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    Hmm, I do run one BF Kik group chat and monitor two others.

    Interesting proposal though. Might think about it.


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      yess im definitely down for it!
      I have a ton of questions all the time, but I feel like it might be too bothersome for other people if im posting every single time I have one :x. this would be an awesome solution though to my problem . Am very active on BF, but ima noob. Honestly I just don't know what I should be focusing on as of now.


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        We have some veteran player, and I'm used to help making squad for everything. (Already finish all current content)


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          What is Kik? Never heard of it.... Care to share the link?


          • Kriex
            Kriex commented
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            Search Kik via Google Play Store, Yohan and join me.

          • Shironui
            Shironui commented
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            Kriex has mentioned this several times. I think it's pretty much like Skype or Line etc.

            Kriex, is yours the one with image scribble forming @?

          • Kriex
            Kriex commented
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            Aha, no. My Kik name is Blitzkriex, Shiro. Tell me when you going to PM me.

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          Up, up.
          Kik can be found on google play, Istore, or Windows store, Kindle have it also


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            Kik: TehExtreme I am down for a invite


            CLICK HERE!