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  • Kite's Review - January 2016 1st Half - 01/01 - 01/16 Edition

    Hello guys! How's your first week of 2016? I hope that everything will go fine for all of you!

    As we welcome 2016, let's look back for the first 15 days of the year. This issue will run until January 16.

    Unit of Choice Delays and Thoughts

    As we see to our fellow Summoners that they haven't received their Unit of Choice ever since the big delay. It appears that some of us received their Unit of Choice and 1 Summon Ticket. I hope that everybody will get their Units of Choices pretty soon.

    New Grand Quest: Hopes and Regrets

    A brand new Grand Quest was announced just a day after the maintenance (first maintenance of the year) as we look through Elise and Noah's background story in this new Grand Quest! You can get the Mock Unit based on Elise and the very symbol of the 21st Division of the Demon Slayers, the Silver Knights.


    P.S.: Sera Starride is a Jedi! Kekekeke!

    Frontier Gate: Season 2 - Proof of Power

    Bring your most powerful nuking squad as you take in a 6-wave battle against enemies with indomitable defenses and HP! Head to the Imperial Capital Randall's Survey Office to take part in the new Season of Frontier Gate in order to obtain the Thunder Pearl and the Illusion Gizmo!

    You can share your squads and highest scores here as well!

    Unit Review: Deemo and the Girl

    As the Deemo collaboration ended last month, I think I owe you guys their reviews for each counterpart. The first ever Spark filling queen will now be revealed in their 6* forms.

    Light and Dark Deemo and the Girl

    Unit # 1170 Unit # 1172
    Light Dark
    Female (The Girl), Male (Deemo) Female (The Girl), Male (Deemo)
    Rarity: 6* Rarity: 6*
    Max Level: 100 Max Level: 100
    Cost: 25 Cost: 25
    Stats at Lv. 100 (Lord-type only)

    HP: 6000
    ATK: 1900 (+400)
    DEF: 1900 (+400)
    REC: 1900 (+400)
    Stats at Lv. 100 (Lord-type only)

    HP: 5900

    ATK: 2200 (+560)
    DEF: 1800 (+240)
    REC: 1800 (+400)
    Leader Skill: White Notes

    Spark damage boosts BB gauge and restores HP & boosts BB Atk when Sparks have exceeded a certain amount for next turn
    Leader Skill: Black Notes

    Greatly boosts Spark damage, Spark damage boosts BB gauge & boosts BB Atk when Sparks have exceeded a certain amount for next turn
    Brave Burst: ANiMA

    22 combo powerful Light & Dark attack to all foes, boosts Spark damage and gradually recovers HP for 3 turns
    Brave Burst: Sanctity

    16 combo powerful Dark & Light attack to all foes, probably huge 1-turn ATK reduction & boosts Spark damage for 3 turns
    Super Brave Burst: Myosotis

    32 combo powerful Light & Dark attack to all foes, boosts Spark damage for 3 turns & probably BB gauge boost from Spark damage
    Super Brave Burst: Entrance

    32 combo powerful Dark & Light attack to all foes, probable Spark damage vulnerability boost for 2 turns & boosts Spark damage for 3 turns
    How to Evolve:

    Deemo and the Girl @ Lv. 80 + Miracle Totem + Light Totem + Dark Totem + Light Pot + Bat Mimic + 500,000 Zel
    How to Evolve:

    Dark Deemo and the Girl @ Lv. 80 + Miracle Totem + Dark Totem + Light Totem + Dark Pot + Bat Mimic + 500,000 Zel

    My Review for Deemo and the Girl: Being the first Unit to have a BB gauge fill/Spark ability, they sure have indeed return now in two sides of the same coin, different elements, and almost the exact same abilities.

    For the Light counterpart, it also has the ability to restore HP when Sparking (something that Piany can later do once you obtained her) and can recover HP gradually and can have a buff that has a probability of boosting BB gauges when Sparking

    For the Dark counterpart, it has a chance to massively reduce everybody's ATK stat by 50% at a 30% success rate and can make enemies vulnerable for more Spark damages (aka Spark debuff)

    Both Deemo counterparts has a 32-hit combo SBB with almost the exact same Spark damage boosts, BB fill/Spark and Spark damage buff. Light Deemo focuses on survival and healing, Dark Deemo focuses on offense and advantage.

    Light Deemo has balanced stats, Dark Deemo favors ATK.

    For Frontier Hunter fanatics, it's your time to bring your Deemo back to life and try to test their abilities out! Ofcourse watch out if you're fighting contents that has damage reflect, for Light Deemo users, Healing from Sparks will not save you... z_z;;

    Attacking with two elements, they are really great for Light and Dark elemental zones in Quests and vice versa, but they are still weak to their opposite elements, so make sure you put your Deemos and their Girls to their good use.

    Fun Fact: It's very obvious that they are a collaboration from the music sync game, Deemo. Their artwork are based on the following:

    Light: Myosotis art, which is also known to be Magnolia 2.0, hence the sequel of the music.
    Dark: Saika art, which is the Girl's primary outfit. Various artworks of the Saika version have been spread out here and there in social media and over DeviantArt.

    All of their Brave Burst names are also based from the various musics from Deemo, and they were put in their respective Deemo Vortex Dungeons as their primary dungeon and boss battle BGMs.

    My Ratings for Deemo and the Girl:

    29/35 for the Light counterpart
    29.5/35 for the Dark counterpart

    I still like the Dark counterpart more than the Light one, but who am I to judge? Who is your favorite Deemo and the Girl type?

    Item Farming Guide with Zeruiah

    No Zeruiah? No problem! You can mix her up with your usual Zelnite or Nick when farming items in the game, most especially in the Friday Vortex Dungeon! All you need are the following:

    Your own Zelnite or Nick leads (most preferred Zelnite due to his good animation and DPS)

    A friend Zeruiah Leader

    A Unit with uber high hit count SBBs such as Reud, Claire, Elza, Zerafalgar, Sargavel, Deemo, Shera, Ruby and more to come.

    Spheres that boosts Item Drop Rate: Thief Bracer, Thief Gloves, Thief Cloak, Advent Solace, Crystalline Egg
    Items that boosts Item Drop Rate (not really needed but it's up to you): Rainbow Cupcake

    Most importantly: TURN AUTO BATTLE RECORD OFF! This thing will definitely ruin your life, and hell... they automatically turn itself back on when you reboot the game, they need to fix this!

    Once you are now at your place for farming, just autobattle and let them loose hell! By the time you return, enjoy the items they pillaged from your enemies!

    Note: This strategy DOES NOT WORK IN RAID BATTLE!

    Advisory of Unit Review Spotlights & Unit of the Week Polls

    I'm very sorry if I was not able to make reviews for all the Units since July due to my account problems when posting in the forums. I'll surely do my best to make a review for them all in no time. For the meantime, I'll make my poll for Unit of the Week. The winner will get their spotlight for my next Issue. The theme for this poll is "Bleeders and Anti-Bleeders", these are the units who provides DoT debuffs on enemies and those who gives HoT buff for allies.

    Raid Battle Medal Rush and RC6 Shusui

    Medal Rush and RC6 Shusui missions are back for the weekends! (No idea when RC6 Shusui will last) So grab those Brave Medals now!

    Also, there is a Medal Rush Summon ongoing right now for Units that has higher proficiency for Medal Rush for 6 gems and limited to 17 Units, including Drevas, Piany and Febros!

    The poll is expired.

    Last edited by Kite; 01-09-2016, 06:28 AM.

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    Upcoming Maintenance 1/12/2016

    Zamburg, a new region will be out after later's Maintenance (which will end by tomorrow, the next day). New RC6 Mission for the Tech Armor Beiorg and the Level Up Campaign for the Lv. 300-350 players!

    Thoughts? Opinions? Let's talk about them here! Just make a quick reply, and let it spread out!

    Challenge Arena Season 2

    A brand new season of the Challenge Arena is now up! Rank high and obtain the new seasonal spheres, Reign Alpha and Reign Omega!

    Rainbow Summon will also return on the 25th of January!

    New Map: Zamburg

    I will not spoil any details for Zamburg now! But what I can tell you is that you will face a lot of shocking moments here!

    Raid Class 6: Beiorg

    One of the Six Armors has invaded Grand Gaia! Gather up your strongest teams to survive the Electric Menace and try to obtain Beiorg's Armor by crafting it in the Imperial Capital Randall!

    Won't you also share me your Beiorg squads? I need your help too if you guys can raid with me, too.

    Frontier Hunter Season 21 Rewards Claiming Period

    We have until today, January 14, 19:59 PST to claim our FH21 Rewards! Make sure you guys redeem it before the new season comes... real soon!

    2x EXP in Quest Maps and Honor Points Event

    Gather your questing squad for more 2x EXP fun! Along with the Double Honor Points event! (+80 Friend/+40 Non-Friend)

    According to what I saw, all Quest Maps will have 2x EXP but Lanara and Vriksha (of the Vriksha region arc).

    Several optional dungeons might not have 2x EXP Bonus as well, so make sure you check your world map for those regions!

    Protip: Zeruiah Leaders will prove MOST Useful for EXP Grinding! Good for Level Up Campaign too!

    Overdrive and UBB: What, When or Where to use it?

    Ultimate Brave Bursts (UBB) has always been the best ability that every 7* Unit has. So I would like to ask you what is your favorite UBB and what, when or where do you use them for?

    Frontier Hunter Season 22

    A brand new FH Season is here! Take your best squads and get through the rankings as new HR Rewards appears! Such as the Mourn Jewel and a new type of Elgif.

    Also... I need your help. Help me build an FH22 End/Terminus Squad, pretty please?

    A limited Summon Gate also appears for Units who specializes in FH.
    Last edited by Kite; 01-15-2016, 12:59 AM.


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      Disclaimer/Special Thanks/Acknowledgements

      This review thread is merely for the players to view it. No discriminating nor any harm was done while making all of these. All feedbacks are welcome. All negative yet impulsive feedbacks however will not be tolerated and therefore advise to keep it to yourselves.

      I would like to thank all my friends for giving me the inspiration to make this thread possible for almost a year.

      If you have any questions or any suggestions, just post here!

      Until then! Happy reading!

      ~ Kite


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        Hi, guys! I hope you first few days of 2016 was swell (have a habit of saying it all over again when the 1st page says it all!).

        Welp, for the Unit of the Week Poll. You may choose whatever you want, since I set the votings to a multiple. Just please don't vote everybody like what that certain someone did.


        Have fun!

        *draws VM06 Alrick into his attention*


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          *pokes on the dead thread*


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            Just finish FG Proof of Power

            When the first time I deal with the new FG, I only get 900K I thought I won't get illusion gizmo but I somehow manage to get through by reshuffling my units and spheres. I tried to get the thunder pearl first

            Spark Advance
            Zenia (lead) Obsidian Core Amp + Four Bonds
            Avant (friend) Dandelga + Heresy Orb // My thanks to Yohanes5678 for his Avant
            Ruby - Existence Jewel + Celgrad Gem
            Mahalu - Thunder Pearl + Heavenly Bud
            Griff - Blighted Seal + Heresy Orb
            Lario - Frozen Fantasy + Advent Solace

            1 - normat hit avoiding spark on first turn, 2 turn kill to charge OD
            2 otk
            3 otk
            4 2 turn kill, hit them leaving around 20% hp left and finish them
            5 1st turn hit them hard but keep all of them alive and Avant preparing for UBB and hit water mecha as it's the highest hp remaining.
            6 otk, Zenia BB then the rest went berserk

            Manage to gather 1358k


            • lozoro
              lozoro commented
              Editing a comment

              Did u try double crit leaders team? Like griff - avant combo? I believe it will be easier for you... Otk on stages 2 onwards and ubb on 5th should give u more than enough.

              Ur lario and Ruby are a bit redundant though, I guess one of them will be enough and u can put some atk and element buff unit

              Anyway, now that u have done it, u can still try it just for fun
              Last edited by lozoro; 01-09-2016, 07:48 AM.

            • Shironui
              Shironui commented
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              Well, will try it out on Griff and Avant, but I don't exactly know who to put in as I don't have a good attacker to replace Ruby, may be I'll try with Vernil as his total spark damage is quite high combine with crit damage.
              Last edited by Shironui; 01-09-2016, 02:20 PM.

            • Shironui
              Shironui commented
              Editing a comment
              I use attack advance with the squad above, I replace Ruby with Vernil and use Griff lead as suggested.

              Ruby all max Lv, ES unlock, and fully imp with Existence Jewel + Celgrad gem.
              Vernil only max Lv and ES unlock. Sphere only Hero Stone

              Stumble a few times because of auto battle record(dang again) so the second battle I lost otk bonus and forgot to use Avant UBB on second turn of 5th battle and Mahalu lost her sphere buff as a result, but I still manage to get around the same score. If I max imp him and use double sphere for damage I might get more.

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            I always laugh when I see people bringing that reindeer AS LEAD to RC6 lol. She's good yes, but you won't survive ever. So many times have I watched them get kicked from my room because they die 3 times.


            • xABA
              xABA commented
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              Item boosts do not work in raid. The way you increase your chances of having it drop are by earning more stars. The more stars you have, the higher chance you get.

            • Kite
              Kite commented
              Editing a comment
              I still find it odd that randoms in Raid are using Zeruiah as Leader/Reinforcements.

              Something's not right here.

            • Shironui
              Shironui commented
              Editing a comment
              Wait, perhaps many still don't know that drop rate in raid works like xABA said.

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            By the way, my FG2 Squad that net me 1.33m points are:

            Avant (Lead) - Dandelga, Infidelity Orb
            Rize - Blighted Seal, SK Crest
            Ark - Sky Harbinger, Heavenly Bud
            Griff - Duel Fragment, Revelation Book
            Mahalu - Thunder Pearl, Flag Flower
            Chrome (Own) - Bow of Andaria, Heavenly Bud


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              I was dead during the holidays... :P
              Brave Frontier - Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Ticket Follow up


              • Kite
                Kite commented
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                Holiday hangovers! >.>

                I should try to be a moderator while you're gone then. :'3

              • Shironui
                Shironui commented
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                Welcome back

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              I haven't done FG... I am at level 194 though, a few more levels and I'll join the 200 club, and more importantly, fit 5 7* units in my squad!

              Unless of course, their UC is 42... (looking at Avant and Haile)


              • Kite
                Kite commented
                Editing a comment

                Now's the time... :P

                With the Karma Dungeon in a couple of hours. You might need more if you want to include Haile too.

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              Been dead....


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                Relax Kite, the forums are just experiencing some sort of rest, I'm sure everyone'll be back soon.
                On that note, why not bring back the squad Q & A you were doing before when FH and other events were happening? I'm sure people'd love to see some squads.

                I personally want to know which units best synergise with Dark and Light Deemo, and where are they most useful. I'm not motivated enough to evolve them... (there's your Question! xD)


                • Kite
                  Kite commented
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                  I'm just bumping for the hell of it. I'm also in and out as of late.

                  And that's my big thought about Deemo. I have to yet to prepare a topic for that. :/

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                Originally posted by sephanx View Post
                Relax Kite, the forums are just experiencing some sort of rest, I'm sure everyone'll be back soon.
                On that note, why not bring back the squad Q & A you were doing before when FH and other events were happening? I'm sure people'd love to see some squads.

                I personally want to know which units best synergise with Dark and Light Deemo, and where are they most useful. I'm not motivated enough to evolve them... (there's your Question! xD)

                You know Seph, I've been debating on starting a new series. As Kite always has units reviews up, I would discuss their values in the squad such as compositions and when to use them because on paper is one thing and actually using them is another.

                Been so busy lately with holiday that I haven't been able to start and it'll be something to help other summoner's between my new content guides, since there really hasn't been anything that required me to make a guide lately. When I do, there's always a large break between them.
                Last edited by xABA; 01-11-2016, 03:34 PM.


                • Kite
                  Kite commented
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                  I could talk to you about it in Messenger, well... my thoughts are....

                • xABA
                  xABA commented
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                  sure. I don't mind.

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                Seems there is a lot who chose Vermillion


                • Kite
                  Kite commented
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                  By the way Shironui

                  Do you have Skype or so? I wanna talk to you about something.

                • Shironui
                  Shironui commented
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                  Yes, I do have one. I use the same nickname, Shironui. I'm using Kuze Hibiki avatar.

                  Oh, I also have Line. ID reinaldosiyulan, nickname Shironui Rei

                  Btw, I'm having trouble to PM you.

                • Kite
                  Kite commented
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                  Darn... I guess Lozoro is also having problems too...

                  I added you in both.

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                Added some new stuff.

                //mumbles away


                CLICK HERE!