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  • Kite's Review - The Year-Ender Issue [December 2015 Edition]

    Hello everybody! 2015 is almost at an end in 31 days! So I decided to make this final issue for the year of 2015 and alongside various special goodies for everybody!

    You will be expecting tons of great flashbacks of what has happened from the past 11 months as well along with this month of December!

    I know you are all excited! So let's get started!

    Unit of the Week: Bestie

    Make way to Ishgria's favorite airforce fleet commander who landed in order to become idolized by demons and players with her powerful fire rifle! She'll clearly clear your way and lead you to victory!

    Let's see how powerful and charming Bestie really is!

    Inferno Rifle Bestie, Air Force Commander

    Unit # 980
    Gender: Female
    Element: Fire
    Max Level: 120
    Rarity: 7*
    Cost: 40

    Stats at Max Level (Lord-type only)
    HP: 6682
    ATK: 2531 (+440)
    DEF: 2284
    REC: 2086 (+440)

    Leader Skill: Fire God's Great Inquisition
    30% Boost to Max HP & Def of all allies, greatly reduces BB gauge amount required for BB & reduces amount of BB gauge consumed

    Extra Skill: Noble Superiority
    Increases normal hit count

    Brave Burst: Baerum Rampage
    20 combo powerful Fire attack on all foes, gradually reduces BB gauge for 3 turns & boosts BB gauge

    Super Brave Burst: "All troops, follow me!"
    22 combo powerful Fire attack on all foes, damage taken boosts BB gauge & boosts BB gauge fill rate for 3 turns

    Ultimate Brave Burst: Arsenal Exhaustion
    24 combo massive Fire attack on all foes, greatly boosts Atk, Def and damage taken hugely boosts BB gauge for 3 turns

    How to Evolve:
    Blaze Rifle Bestie (@ Lv. 100) + Fire Mecha God +
    Miracle Totem + Fire Totem + Dragon Mimic + Metal Mimic + 1,500,000 Zel

    My review for Bestie: She is clearly one of the player's top picks for a Unit that was really versatile during the 7-star era as she is one of the best BB gauge support based Unit in the game, while she still has her best uses in most contents as well! Just keep in mind that Water will melt her!

    With her abilities at it's maximum potential, she also has an additional hit count boost for an Extra Skill, making her deal more hits per second and can be Sparked if timed correctly.

    Most of her BB/SBBs focuses on BB gauge related abilities.

    LS - 25% reduction from maximum requirement for Units' BB gauge and 15-20% cashback when using BB/SBB along with the addition of 30% boost to HP and DEF
    BB - fills BB gauges by 6 and fills 4 of them at the end of each turn
    SBB - fills 4 to 7 BC in the BB gauge when hit, and 30% boost to BB gauge fill rate
    UBB - boosts Atk/Def by 200% and when taken damage, fills 50 BC in the BB gauge for 3 turns

    Fun Facts: Bestie is also known as Besti or Vesti in Japan. Bestie is also a common slang word that means "best friend". It is still unknown on what Baerum means, as they were a part of Bestie's BB names. She is one of the few units in the game who uses a gun.

    My rating for Bestie: 30/35! - A lot is good regarding Bestie and her potential. She is nearly good in almost every content, but still, be careful of some contents that can give you extreme hell. But she is really a huge savior in Trials and Grand Gaia Chronicles as well!

    Unit of the Week Poll: Vote for your favorite Unit!

    As always you have a week to vote for your favorite Unit that you wanted me to make a spotlight next. Vote wisely!

    Share your Trial 8 Squad

    Hey there! If you have cleared Trial 8, then great job! Easy! Right!? Tell us on who did you used to fight the Sealed God in it's Unit form and acquired it in all of its glory! Just make a post!

    New Ishgria Map: Rakshult

    Did somebody said "Rock Salt"?! Nooooooo! It's the new Ishgria Map, Rakshult! You will encounter lots of new stuff here such as:

    - More Slimes! AND KAISER SLIMES!
    - Mirfah, the 1-battle Quest boss of the Region
    - Mordlim, the Nature Demon
    - Randall Blues!?!?!
    - The new Rakshult Gem (Nullifies Elemental Weakness Damage)
    - And Elza's batch encounterable as bosses

    Share your thoughts guys!

    No Free Unit of Choice today?

    Welp, that's really bothersome... according to the gumi Forums, we might have to wait for a week after the event ends to take some time on getting those free units of choice. Darn it! It'll be the end of the year for all of us if we get them on the last week of 2015.

    Welp, time to twiddle those fingers again.

    Free Metal Keys?

    I just got 3 free Metal Keys today... It seems that they will keep on doing it in order to prepare for Challenge Arena Event on December 7. Also, Metal Parade's requirement for Metal Keys have lessened. 1 Metal Key for Super Metal Parade and 3 Keys for Mega Metal Parade!

    FH Season 20 Rewards

    They are now up, folks! Get your rewards from last season's Frontier Hunter now!

    New Daily Vortex Banner

    It's now up and it has all evolution dungeons are open! Perhaps it's for the preparation for the Challenge Arena event! Oh yeahhh!!! 1/2 Energy for Vortex Dungeons too!

    2x EXP on Quest Maps and +80 Honor Points!

    Quest Maps will have 2x EXP as we get +80 Honor Points per Friend Reinforcement used! What are you waiting for!?

    More to come in the next post...
    Xeno Melchio

    The poll is expired.

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    Memoirs Flashback: January

    January 2015 brought us some tons of surprises such as the newly improved Souls Training Ground, which permanently replaced the old "Congregation of Souls" Dungeon every Monday. Which now yields huge amounts of EXP and Karma. And the chance of capturing a Stat Boosting Imp.

    January also welcomes us with the 3rd Soul Bound Saga Unit, and practically the most infamous of the six; Hadaron. Many Global players yearn for him because he is one of the most threatening Units in the Arena, as a Leader and normal Unit. However, an exploit of the Stealth bug became too weary and it has to be nerfed down, causing the hype to turn into a disastrous worthless bunk. It was only until Hadaron receives his 7* form mid-year ahead.

    Memoirs Flashback: February

    The Witch of the Abyss debuted in this month, where the huntress Fang asks for the Summoner's request to rescue Fei from the clutches of Xie'Jing. This serves as the game's Valentines Day/Chinese New Year event.

    We also have a Chinese New Year event that featured Lubradine and Dalimaone as they give fortune and prosperity to our players.

    February is the month where Trial:004 Cardes appeared. And this month also entitles the final batch of 4-6* Generation Units, the Sphere Founders II.

    Kagamine Rin and Len also made their debut that month, as one of the Vocaloids that are only exclusive to the Global version.

    Andaria, one of the Soul Bound Saga Units, made her appearance that month.

    The Region of Aldahlia was released that month.

    Memoirs Flashback: March

    The month of March has given us a huge surprise! The birth of the 7* Saga by starting off with the Six Heroes' primary final forms, and with the introduction of Extra Skills, Overdrives and Ultimate Brave Bursts. Giving out a whole new meaning of gameplay!

    Along with their release is the first Unit batch of the 7* Saga available through Rare Summon; The Disciples of the Gods and the debut of the Mecha Gods.

    Megurine Luka became a Globally exclusive Unit via her 5* and 6* forms.

    Zedus, the leader of the Demigods of Athensphere made his first appearance on that month.

    Trial of the Gods made a return for the chance of getting Gems, Frogs and the special spheres.

    March also gives birth to Raid Battle. A multiplayer co-op mode in which players can team up to hunt stronger bosses for rarer and valuable items. It became available in Closed Beta during the first few months, while it later became open to the public several weeks later.

    The final days of March-April made way to the possible appearance of the last of the Vocaloids as well.
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      Fix'd. XD

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      Until Kaito and Meiko came to make the Vocaloids shine again.
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      hmmm I think you should avoid bright colors for your font color.. x.x

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    Unit of the Week (December Week 2): Krantz

    The votes have casted and Krantz reigned supreme for this week! Let's take a look at the so-called "Sir Longassnamesalot" and his unique abilities!

    WARNING: All of Krantz's names in 5 to 7* forms are super long. He is notorious for having a long-*** name even in his lowest form.

    Virtuous Champion Krantz, Commander of the 9th Demon Slayers

    Unit # 1019
    Element: Light
    Gender: Male
    Rarity: 7*
    Cost: 42
    Max Level: 120

    Stats at Max Level (Lord-type only)
    HP: 6855
    ATK: 2464 (+300)
    DEF: 2400 (+600)
    REC: 2255 (+400)

    Leader Skill: Five Lights' Destiny
    100% boost to ATK & 30% boost to Max HP when 5 or more elements are present & boost to BC and HC drop rate

    Extra Skill: Blooming Talent
    Chance of reflecting damage taken & reduces BB gauge required for BB

    Brave Burst: Innocent Light's Judgment
    12 combo powerful Light attack on all foes, adds Light and Dark elements to attack for 3 turns, reduces damage taken by 50% for 1 turn and removes all status ailments

    Super Brave Burst: Charis Claymore
    16 combo powerful Light attack on all foes, greatly recovers HP, adds Light and Dark elements to attack for 3 turns & reduces damage taken by 50% for 1 turn

    Ultimate Brave Burst: Earth Divide
    22 combo massive Light attack on all foes, boosts all allies' ATK relative to DEF & reduces damage taken by 75% for 2 turns

    How to Evolve:
    Honorable Knight Krantz @ Lv. 100 + Light Mecha God + Miracle Totem + Light Totem + Light Pot +
    Metal Mimic + 1,500,000 Zel

    My Review for Krantz: He is one of the most versatile damage dealing mitigators of the 7* saga, and by such he almost parallels of Elimo, who is a all-out support/healing mitigating unit. They have the similar Extra Skill as Elimo's except that Krantz's additional effect is to reflect the damage he took from enemies. His BB and SBB has two different functions

    BB: Status cure (include debuffs)
    SBB: Heals HP

    And they both share the ability to buff with Light and Dark elements.

    Best Spheres you say? For maintaining a full BB gauge every turn, it can either be a Summoner Key, Demon Core or Sacred Crystal, you may want to give him a status nullifying Sphere such as Drevas if you want him to keep up in his shape.

    Krantz is very efficient to use in most Light and Dark quests, GGCs and Trials. Just be careful of his handicap of being weak to Dark element. So make sure his defenses are up and running.

    Please take note that Krantz has a Five Lights' Leader Skill in which the 100% ATK and 30% HP boost will only apply if there are five single elements are present. The HC/BC drop rate boost also helps in maintaining BB gauges for all of your units.

    Krantz is good if tied up with a unit that can negate statuses, since he has the inability to negate abnormal statuses, if you don't have a healer and you want to use his SBB most of the time, Krantz is your man!

    UBB provides a 2-turn 75% damage mitigation that can be stacked with regular BB/SBB mitigation among other things. Unless it's an Elemental Barrier or Tridon's shields. It also converts 100% of the Units' DEF to ATK and they are stackable with normal conversion buffs and normal stat buffs! Neat-o!

    Most notable use of Krantz is in the game's 8th Trial on where you fight Lucius. His elemental buffs can be prove useful against the Sealed God and upon reaching it's 3rd and final form, rejoice! Since he will use attacks that can fill the OD Gauge and make Krantz use his UBB all the time!

    Fun Facts: Krantz is one of the Summoners from the Arkas Summoners' Hall, leading the now defunct 9th Squadron of the Demon Slayers. Very talented and skilled, he explored the region of Lizeria, however due to his terrible fear of machines and technology, Krantz has 'technophobia' (fear of machines). He later joined the Ishgria Recon Squad and along with the others but for the sole survivor (SPOILERS!), he was perished whilst fighting the demons of the land. Also, all of Krantz's names are one of the longest in the game, making him one of the few heroes with naming issues (names gets past the border).

    My Rating for Krantz: 33/35! Utility, great! LS/ES, great! Arena, fair. Raid, GGC, Trials, excellent! Overall, really good!

    New Items in the Achievement System Exchange Hall!

    With the arrival of this weekend's Special AS Week, new sets of spheres have been added! So don't forget to do them and grab those awesome spheres!

    Best Summon Gate? Share your thoughts!

    Various new summon gates are appearing here and here! But what do you think is the best Summon Gate for you? I'll elaborate them in case you have forgotten!

    Regular Gate: Nothing. Nada. Just new characters, no rate ups or anything special.
    Super Rare Summon: Usually appears during a new unit batch launch. Absolutely NO Rate Ups and you can either get any of the RSable units. Minimum of 4* rarity the very most.
    Super Rare Summon+: New mechanic to the SRS Gates, with a minimum of 5* units and above, still NO Rate Ups. Usually gives 1 random unit varying from batch to batch for every 5 summons or a bonus Elgif for every 2 summons
    Popular Heroes: Rate Up for players' choice of most popular units. It gives 1 Bonus Unit of those who won the polls for every 5 summons.
    Medal Rush: Limited Gate composed of units who excels best during Raid Battle Medal Rush
    Frontier Summon: Limited Gate composed of units with wide variety of specialties when used in Frontier Hunter
    7* Rate Up: Rate ups for Legacy Units with 7* forms released.
    Global Exclusives Rate Up: Rate Ups for Global-exclusive Units (Vocaloids are no longer counted)
    Global Exclusive Unit Launch: Gate for newly released Global-exclusive Units, usually grants one guaranteed new unit for every 10 summons
    Unique Abilities: Summon Gates that gives rate up to Units who excels in their signature abilities (i.e.: BB/BC buffer units, ATK/DEF buffer Units, Support Units)
    Divine Summon: Limited Gate similar to the "God Gate" from Japan, a guaranteed 5* RS batch-only gate (from Disciples of the Gods batch to up)

    If I am missing something else, let me know immediately! Share your thoughts!
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      Your missing the Global Exclusive Units Gate that cost 4 gems with the higher rates for Global Exclusives(minimum 4* and above)

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    Memoirs Flashback: April

    April Fools surprised us with Jems, Nice Burnies and KEKEKEKE's! Along with the Bravest Blade Sphere.

    Easter Events came with two new Easter Units.

    Vocaloids Meiko and Kaito made their appearance in the stage of Grand Gaia.

    Guardians of Meirith appeared with a limited 3 gems = 1 summon event.

    This is also the month where Grand Gaia Chronicles expanded with a new chapter (Four Heroes of Palmyna)

    The first Extra Trial also debuted this April; The Green Menace, Trial EX1

    Atharva also gave us a lot of plot twists and turns as the main quest storyline almost came to an end.

    Various Summon Campaigns also happened here and there.

    Memoirs Flashback: May

    Summer rises up with brand new contents and preparations for the upcoming Summer Login Campaigns. Grand Gaia Chronicles: Blades and Blossoms made their debut here.

    Trial:005 causes a lot of havoc as Zevalhua gave us a lot of Glorious moments and Leader Skill blocking abilities.

    Grand Gaia's questline has come to an end with the final map; Bariura.

    The Demons of Ishgria joined the summon gates as they fight against the adversaries of Grand Gaia and Vortex Gate as well.

    New Global-exclusive Raid also made it's havoc towards our fellow Demon Slayers as Raid:X1, Pursuer of the Gods makes way to fight the demigod Draegar with the help of Grandt and Elaina.

    New Parade Dungeons made their way as well, Mega Jewel, Metal and the brand new Garden of Imps!

    The Achievement System also made it's appearance this month!

    6-star forms of the Sibyl Sister also gave us some triple-element advantage as well!

    Memoirs Flashback: June

    The first set of Legacy Units made their 7-star evolutions: Lava, Elimo, Ronel/Griel, Sefia and Kikuri.

    Trial EX2, The Crimson Horror challenges the most powerful Summoners against the forces of Seria!

    The Knights of Oracle appeared through the summon gate to help our Summoners fight against the forces of the gods!

    6-star forms of the Leaders of Elgaia also gave us more and more surprises as they evolved to their highest potentials!

    June is the month in where the Grand Quest System made it's debut! Evolving your favorite Mock Units to their 6* form, get tons of great prizes and rewards and so much more!

    Memoirs Flashback: July

    Raid X2: The Fall of Athensphere calls in the Summoners in order to help Deimos and Zenia defeat the Centurion. It's one of the best Global-exclusive Raids thus far.

    Summer Login Campaign starts during this month. Lots of Gems, Imps, Frogs and Dews galore!

    Six various heroes from different worlds gathered in order to fight against the demons of Ishgria!

    Ishgria debuts in the Global version, with new quests, new enemies and a new gaming environment.

    Edea, Loch and Alice shone to their 7* forms! Along with Ultor and Tridon in their fully evolve forms.

    Memoirs Flashback: August

    One of the most difficult Grand Gaia Chronicles Saga appears here. Battle up against the various beasts and demons who fought in order to find their own paths. They are not as easy as you get!

    Zeldeus, Vertri and Will arises to their new 7* forms. Will, being one of the least popular units became a powerhouse in his 7* form, also being the most difficult unit to obtain his Extra Skill.

    Lem, the 2nd region of Ishgria made it's appearance, new plot twists comes up here, along with the return of one of our favorite Summoner friends!

    Aurelia and Hadaron powers themselves up as they have achieved ultimate power with their 7* forms.

    The Summoners from the Akras Summoners' Hall became summonable in the Rare Summon Gate, marking the first set of units with the max cost of 42.

    Memoirs Flashback: September

    Beiorg makes its way as the 3rd region of Ishgria was released! Karl makes a shocking return in this region too (spoiler alert!)

    ​The six wielders and the main embodiment of the Nine Sacred Treasures joined the Rare Summon Gates. Wield their weaker but later stronger versions of their respective Treasure!

    12 Guardians of the Gods' Grand Gaia Chronicles first appeared in Part 1.

    Hatsune Miku's birthday! She returns for an awesome 6* appearance.

    This month also marks the end of the line for the Vocaloid Units as they all become permanently unobtainable.

    Various limited Summon Gates makes their first appearance here!

    Michele, Melchio and Sargavel reached their 7* forms as well! Along with Andaria and Zedus'. This also marks the Soul Bound Saga's completion in their penultimate final forms!
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      Christmas Updates!

      Holidays are around the corner. A lot of good stuff will happen for the upcoming Christmas event! Such as the Holiday Login, a new Christmas Vortex Dungeon, the reopening of the Winter Glades Blitz Vortex and a new Global-exclusive Christmas unit!

      Elemental Summons

      100% summon rate for each element is still up in the Rare Summon Gate. A 1 bonus Elgif will be given to you for every 2 summons!

      Guardians of Lore: Get em Elgifs!

      Time to hunt these tiny and deadly critters for their rare and powerful Extra Skills! Share your squads here!

      Unit of the Week (December Week 3): Lune

      It was a fair and far fight for this week's polls as Lune reigns crazily for this week's Spotlight for Unit of the Week! Now let's carefully take a look at how dangerous Lune is. But ofcourse, if Luly was around...

      Anyway, let's start reviewing her! Lune-atics and people who can't handle dangerous people..... BEWARE!

      Ice Crazed Prisoner, Icicle Mirror Lune

      Unit # 1143
      Gender: Female
      Type: Water
      Rarity: 7*
      Max Level: 120
      Cost: 42

      Stats at Max Level (Lord-type only)

      HP: 6705
      ATK: 2696 (+600)
      DEF: 2211 (+300)
      REC: 2402

      Leader Skill: Absolute Zero Lamentation
      80% boost to ATK, boosts BB gauge when damage when given, received damage has exceeded a certain amount for next turn (100% BB Atk boost once 10,000 damage is given and taken) & hugely boosts Fire *and* Water elemental damage

      Extra Skill: Unsealed Power and Will
      Adds BB gauge fill rate boost to BB/SBB for 3 turns (30%) & greatly boosts elemental damage

      Brave Burst: Dysphoria Lum
      16 combo powerful Water attack to all foes, adds Def ignoring effect to attack for 2 turns & boosts Fire, Water elemental damage for 3 turns

      Super Brave Burst: Adverse Stiria

      20 combo powerful Water attack to all foes, adds Def ignoring effect to attack for 2 turns, boosts Fire, Water elemental damage & boosts Spark damage for 3 turns

      Ultimate Brave Burst: Dear Glass Jail
      25 combo massive Water attack to all foes, boosts BB Atk for 2 turns & boosts Fire, Water elemental damage & boosts Spark damage for 3 turns

      How to Evolve:
      Hail Breakout Lune @ Lv. 100 + Water Mecha God +
      Miracle Totem + Water Totem + Metal Mimic x2 + 1,500,000 Zel

      My Review for Lune: Lune is absolutely stunning K-RAZEEE!!! The only most confusing part for most players is to how to utilize her Leader Skill. Let me explain it to you really clearly.

      The BB Atk boost in her LS only activates once you take or receive enough damage on that turn, once that unit dealt enough damage alone, they will receive a BB Atk buff of 100% that lasts for 2 turns. I still don't know if they stack with normal BB Atk boosting units. So let me know if they do.

      Her main feat is her boosting of Fire and Water elemental weakness damage, which proves to be extremely effective to those every annoying Fire/Water enemies you encounter at the Vortex.

      Also, what's amazing, is her 30% BB gauge fill rate boosting effect via BB/SBB for 3 turns only once her Extra Skill is unlocked, but they are not stacked with other BB gauge fill rate boosting Units via buffs, like Lucius, Bestie, Griff, Haile or Reviora. While her 50% elemental damage boost is innate to her with her Extra Skill! How............. destructive!

      Another great feat for Lune is her effectiveness in Metal Parade! No need to explain why! Lune and her fellow batchmate Rahgan definitely make a great team!

      SBB boosts Spark Damage by 70% which can be easily be beaten by better Sparking units. Her SBB is best to use instead of her BB when it comes to Fire/Water elemental damage at 125% at max level.

      UBB gives a 2-turn 500% BB Atk buff and a whopping 400% Fire/Water elemental damage boost! How insane!

      Relatives: Being related by another unit from the previous batch, she is the cousin of Luly, one of the 12 Guardians of the Gods. Lune was imprisoned because of her destructive power until she broke free and landed to Ishgria, even the demons fear for her. By the time Luly's 7* comes in Global, I'll make a comparison between the two crazed and mind depraved units.

      Fun Fact: Lune is one of the few units who were "imprisoned" in their artwork. Her 7* art almost parallels with her cousin, Luly. She is also the only unit thus far in which her artwork has a little extra; her 7* artwork can have her see her reflection in the icy mirror.

      My Rating for Lune: 29/35! One word.... CRAZYYYYY!!!!!!!!

      New Rainbow Summon Unit: Kurewa & Kuraginn

      The Rainbow Summon Gate has a new addition to the group of Units that are of 3*-6* saga. Enter the dual units Kurewa & Kuraginn now available for summoning in the Rainbow Summon Gate! It's a 6* only unit and to those who got a Rainbow Gate in this summon gate will either have them both as a guaranteed unit!

      For those who are not familiar with the Rainbow Summon, they are a limited time summoning gate in which you can summon premium units prior to the Disiple of the Gods batch. (Ziz batch up to Sphere Founders II batch are available for summoning) You can summon for 3000 Rainbow Coins! Neat huh?! But to get more Rainbow Coins, you need to do Challenge Arena!

      And it seems that there will be a 7* for the duo in the future, so I'll reserve the Unit review for them once their 7* forms are out.

      *MUST READ!* New Christmas UI, Christmas+New Year Login Campaign & Final Hours for FH20 Rewards

      Brave Frontier is now preparing itself for the holidays with the units from the Winter Glades Blitz batch (Nick, Jack and Eva) in the main title card.

      While the Christmas Login campaign starts now until the next month. Go check your Christmas Stockings for them!

      Meanwhile, FH20's reward claiming period ends soon today, December 15 @ 19:59 PST. Get them now before you regret it!

      Extended 2x EXP on Quest Maps until January 6 on selected maps! Go and quest on!

      Collaboration: Deemo and the Girl are back!

      The original Spark duo has returned in their 6* forms, with the birth of its Dark counterpart as well! I'll be giving them a Unit review sometime soon. But let's talk about them while you're at it! Who is your favorite Deemo type?

      Also, the Vortex BGM will turn solemn and sad for the next 6-7 days, it's a BGM from the game of the same name.

      Frontier Hunter Season 21

      A brand new FH season is up! Setup your finest squads to get to the highest of ranks and points! You may share your FH Squads here along with your aim for this season.

      Also... I need your help guys, really! Gimme suggestions!

      Unit of Choice: A little reminder

      Attention to all who are so desperately in need of their units of choice since the 2nd Anniversary Event, we will all get our desired unit of choice on the 29th of December. So mark your calendars!

      Unit Spotlight (December Week 4): Hatsune Miku

      Grand Gaia's #1 Diva reigns this week's poll and is our winner for week 4's December Unit of the Week! Since Vocaloids disappeared from existence, everybody still loves Hatsune Miku's songs. So let's listen to her heartwarming farewell in her 6* form!

      From the Diva of the Future, Maestro Hatsune Miku

      Unit # 1111
      Gender: Female
      Type: Earth
      Rarity: 6*
      Max Level: 100
      Cost: 25

      Stats at Max Level (Lord-type only)

      HP: 6705 (+750)
      ATK: 2696 (+200)
      DEF: 2211 (+400)
      REC: 2402 (+300)

      Leader Skill: Futuristic Concert
      Hugely boosts BB gauge after each turn, boosts BB gauge fill rate & reduces BB gauge required to activate BB

      Brave Burst: Melody Crown
      27 combo powerful Earth attack to all foes & gradually recovers BB gauge for 3 turns

      Super Brave Burst: Starlight Memory

      39 combo powerful Earth attack to all foes, gradually recovers BB gauge for 3 turns & boosts BB gauge fill rate

      How to Evolve:
      Goddess Hatsune Miku @ Lv. 80 +
      Miracle Totem + Earth Totem + Earth Pot + Dragon Mimic x2 + 500,000 Zel


      My Review for Hatsune Miku: Miku is one of the all known popular Units during the old school times, ever since she is first obtained last 2014 for the same event albeit only up until her 5* form.

      Miku's overall abilities focuses on BB gauge management, despite being a free unit, she is still quite vulnerable in later contents especially in high-end contents like Grand Gaia Chronicles and Trials.

      All of her BBs has a very high hit count, nearly close to a 6* Lario's 40 hit count SBB as Miku lacks 1 more hit for her SBB.

      Versatility of Miku in the Arena is a so-so, but for those who'll take her as leader, take extreme caution due to numerous Arena leaders that has more utility when it comes to attacking.

      For newbie players who doesn't have any unit that can boost BB gauge fill rates such as Griff, Bestie, etc., Miku is still reliable to use despite that her boost is only 20%, others will have 30%, 40% and sometimes 50%.

      Her high hit count can also be an advantage over Frontier Hunter if you don't have Deemo in a way, or at some cases, Lario or Ruby.

      Nevertheless, her release during the 7* era ends Miku's reign as more BB utility Units are far more superior than her's. But for newcomers and players alike, put Miku to good use.

      Fun Fact: Miku is one of the main characters of the music simulator "Vocaloid" in Japan, her is Style #01 and is the first in the series. She is also the signature mascot of Vocaloid. Miku represents the song from the future. Despite that all of her attacks are focuses on music and light, Miku is still represents as an Earth-elemental Unit in the game. Miku is also the only Unit that is not a Global-exclusive Unit, and thus the only Vocaloid Unit in which she doesn't need the Earth Tone to evolve (this leaves the Earth Tone absolutely worthless; some rumors speculates of the 7th Vocaloid named "Gumi", ironically the name of BFGL's publisher). Some of Miku's signature items is the Leek in which she used in her version of Ievan Polkka.

      My Rating for Hatsune Miku: 15/35. A well balanced 6* unit for starters. That's all I can say. I feel bad for others who weren't able to obtain her. Since September 30, 2015, all Vocaloids ceased to exist due to contract/license issues.
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        No thank you! Kidding...


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        Actually Kite, they will give the UoC on Dec. 23 0:00 PST.

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        I think it has been confirmed on Reddit that 29th is the date.

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      7* Evolution of Legacy Units: Vishra, Luly, Grybe, Logan

      Four of our finest heroes reached to their penultimate 7* forms! I'll make their reviews someday, but how will you judge their new abilities? Discuss em here!

      FH21 Calculating Period

      We have to wait until the 28th of December for the Calculating Periods for FH21 to end. Now, let's twiddle our fingers out.

      Last hours of Deemo Collaboration

      We have until the end of December 23 for us to get the Light and Dark versions of Deemo and the Girl. Get em now while you still can!

      Holiday Vortex are back!

      Let's farm our Christmas exclusive new spheres as they have a brand new upgrade, the Frozen Fantasy! There is also a new dungeon dedicated for this year's Christmas event! Now let the farming begin!

      New Rare Summon Units + Christmas Exclusive Units

      The Rare Summon Gate welcomes the first half of the 3rd generation of the Legends of Spheres; Piany, Drevas and Reud. While GL version released a limited-edition Christmas Unit, Zeruiah available for a limited time only.


      Yep!!! You heard it! We'll take advantage of the Holidays and the New Year with all Evolution Dungeons and 1/2 Energy in the Vortex Gate, UNTIL JANUARY 6, 2016! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? FARM EM NOW!

      How To's: Holiday Spheres Farming Guide

      As the Vortex Dungeons for the holidays will be open for 6 days, I'm sure everybody will get the brand new "Frozen Fantasy" Sphere! Top it up with the 1/2 Energy Cost in the Vortex, we will all have greater odds in getting at least 3 of them within the event period!

      Here's my nifty guide on how to farm efficiently!

      Recommended Leaders: Zelnite, Nick, Zeruiah
      Recommended Spheres: Thief Gloves, Thief Cloak, Thief Crown, Crystalline Egg, Advent Solace
      Elgif ES that boosts Item Drop Rate also helps

      Units with extremely high hit count (more preferred 27 hits and up): Reud, Feeva, Claire, Zerafalgar, Sargavel, Ruby, Lario, Zeruiah, Ark, Lucius, Elza, Kikuri, Nemethgear, etc.

      Items: Rainbow Cupcake which is available for Easter only, unless gumi re-releases the Easter Event next year

      Ofcourse, full BB gauges. But here's what I do.

      1. Target 1 enemy and hope for a full BB gauge, at least everybody's BB gauges
      2. Use Units with Item Drop rate buff (the aforementioned Item specialist units)
      3. Use everybody else's BB/SBB
      4. Auto Battle, but make sure you turn off the Auto Battle Recording Function

      Note: Please take note that Winter Glades Blitz Lv. 4 has a cheaper energy cost than Glittering Wintertide Lv. 4. Here are the comparisons.

      Winter Glades Blitz: cheaper energy, difficult boss to handle (watch for Chill Pill), fairly decent EXP
      Glittering Wintertide: high EXP, LAGGY BACKGROUND, boss is easy to handle but you can't capture Zeruiah in the end.

      Average Items per run (in both Dungeons):
      Snow Flake: approx. 15-30
      Snow Crystal: approx. 0-6
      Snow Gemstone: approx. 3-6
      Miracle Frost: approx. 5-8

      If you have a different average count for these items, let me know and I'll edit it.

      Protips & Fun Facts:

      - Rare fusion units can be encountered here, but has a lowblow capture rate.

      - Lindsey (from Chain Chronicle Collaboration) can be encountered midway in Glittering Wintertide, but you can't capture her

      - Hrungnir from Winter Glades Blitz can be capturable as a Wendigo (weird huh?)

      - Zeruiah is the boss of Glittering Wintertide, unfortunately she cannot be captured in this Vortex

      You may share your squad setup for your Holiday Sphere Hunt!

      My Squad:
      Zelnite (Lead) - Buffer Jewel + Advent Solace
      Shera - Buffer Jewel + Sacred Crystal
      Sargavel - Crystalline Egg + Existence Jewel
      Light/Dark Deemo - Buffer Jewel + Thief Cloak
      Libera - Demon Striker + Phantom Gizmo

      Memoirs Flashback: October

      Halloween gives us more fright and chills as Ciara and Semira reached their 7* forms.

      The first 4 of the 12 Guardians reached their final forms: Sodis, Signas, Alyut, Lunaris

      Spoilers of the upcoming 2nd Anniversary Gives us more surprises!

      The newest heroes arises: Avant, Lune, Dolk, Rahgan, Charla and Chrome joins the group of heroes and heroines the fight against the gods!

      Ark also joins the gang as he can be obtained as a Mock Unit in Trial 7! Also, the meddling pair of Eriole and Tesla gives us more of their Imperial tactics with Trial EX4!

      Memoirs Flashback: November

      Brave Frontier Global turns 2, as the Anniversary celebration starts with Login Campaigns, 2.5x EXP in Quest Maps, a Free Unit of Choice, the winner of the Unit Art Contest: Lucia, new Grand Gaia Chronicles and the birth of the new Trial, Trial 008: Lucius!

      Trial of the Gods has a re-run for those who missed it.

      The war that ravishes the ancient times of Ishria rises upon us as six new demons joins the crew as they fight not just for Ishgria, but also against the ravishing gods.

      Elgifs, the legendary small beings with mysterious tablets started lurking around the Summon Gates and their new permanent dungeon! Now get those new Extra Skills that may give upon us!

      Merry Christmas!

      I would like to wish all my friends and fellow Summoners a Merry Christmas! I hope your holiday brings you joy and fun!

      Holiday Login Campaign Discussion Board: Elgif

      Today, we receive an Elgif from the presents box this Christmas. Something's bothering me however, we do no have an exact idea on what Elgif we can get. So, let me ask you.

      What Elgif did you guys get?

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      • Shironui
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        It's kinda frustrating to see Zeruiah.

      • Kite
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      Unit of the Week: Edea and Alice

      A tie! Edea and Alice won the polls this week. So there will be two separate reviews for them. So lead's read em!

      Flora Aegis Edea, Princess of Palmyna

      Unit # 948
      Gender: Female
      Type: Earth
      Rarity: 7*
      Max Level: 120
      Cost: 40

      Stats at Max Level (Lord-type only)

      HP: 6605
      ATK: 2300 (+300)
      DEF: 2332 (+300)
      REC: 2021 (+300)

      Leader Skill: Lovely Nature's Power
      100% boost to ATK of Earth types, 30% boost to DEF & negates critical hits from enemies

      Extra Skill: Armored Volition
      Adds removal of status ailments to BB/SBB & when Lafdranya is equipped, 20% boost to all parameters

      Brave Burst: Grand Wave
      15 combo powerful Earth attack to a single enemy, adds Poison, Injury, Weak & Sick effects to attack for 3 turns & reduces damage taken by half for 1 turn

      Super Brave Burst: Last Crusade
      18 combo powerful Earth attack to all enemies, adds Poison, Injury, Weak & Sick effect to attack for 3 turns & reduces damage taken by half for 1 turn

      Ultimate Brave Burst: Ataraxia
      21 combo massive Earth attack to all enemies, 1 turn huge Atk reduction effect to attack for 2 turns & reduces damage taken by 75% for 1 turn

      How to Evolve:
      Gaia Armor Edea @ Lv. 100 + Earth Mecha God +
      Miracle Totem + Earth Totem + Metal Mimic + Legend Stone + 1,500,000 Zel

      My Review for Edea: Ever since then, the Earth element has no one full fledged damage mitigating unit, now that Edea becomes this beautiful as ever, she shines as the first Earth-elemental damage mitigating unit! She is the first unit in the game to nullify critical hits from enemies, also her 100% ATK boost only affects Earth-types. A slight boost to DEF isn't that bad either.

      Edea can be fully optimized as a status cleansing mitigator by simply unlocking her Extra Skill even without the Lafdranya, but the 20% boost to all parameters gives her a fair advantage.

      Edea's primary objective is to inflict abnormal statuses. Simply because she adds 4 ailments to all allies' attacks. She is best used in certain trials and contents in which is heavily focused on inflicting ailments, such as the Grand Jelly, Grahdens (from Karl EX) and many more.

      With the Lafdranya on and having has as leader, she is nearly invincible to almost all the dangerous attacks from enemies, save from scripted attacks and fixed damage attacks.

      Also, one of Edea's best advantage is her Spark animation, it's extremely fast and can spark much quicker with other units, hence her attack speed is incredibly quicker than other mitigators.

      Her UBB gives a 1-turn 50% ATK Reduction debuff (with 10% proc rate) added to attacks for 2 turns, and provides a 1-turn 75% mitigation. 1-turn 75% mitigation seem to be really rough for some contents, thats why you might need 2 mitigators at once. But I recommend only to bring Edea over normal-difficulty esque contents rather than in harder trials. But hey, she seem to be a good pair with Elimo for instance.

      Fun Facts: Edea had undergone a huge transformation in her 7* form. With her helmet no longer intact, she now sports a beautiful face of pink hair and now holds the Lafdranya as a greatsword. The next unit to go under this huge shocking 7* transformation is Vishra.

      Edea is the main protagonist of the 4 Heroes of Palmyna Grand Quest.

      Edea also transformed from a mediocre damage mitigating unit to a full fledged damage mitigating unit. She succeeded Elimo due to this.

      My Rating for Edea: 30/35! Just look how beautiful she is! I can't resist seeing her like OMGWTF!

      Inferno Princess Alice, the maniacal scythe reaper

      Unit # 950
      Gender: Female
      Type: Dark
      Rarity: 7*
      Max Level: 120
      Cost: 40

      Stats at Max Level (Lord-type only)

      HP: 6605
      ATK: 2300 (+300)
      DEF: 2332 (+300)
      REC: 2021 (+300)

      Leader Skill: Dark Hellfire's Power
      100% boost to ATK of Dark types & hugely boosts BB gauge after each turn

      Extra Skill: Heart Piercing Light
      Absorbs HP when attacking & hugely boosts BB gauge when attacking normally

      Brave Burst: Apollyon Deluge
      13 combo powerful Dark attack to all enemies, probable Curst effect & greatly recovers HP

      Super Brave Burst: Depriving Spell
      19 combo powerful Dark attack to all enemies, boosts Atk relative to one's Rec & boosts BB gauge fill rate for 3 turns

      Ultimate Brave Burst: Missing
      23 combo massive Dark attack to all enemies, greatly recovers HP, gradually recovers HP & massive boost to Rec

      How to Evolve:
      Hell Keep Alice @ Lv. 100 + Dark Mecha God +
      Miracle Totem + Dark Totem + Metal Mimic + Legend Stone + 1,500,000 Zel

      My Review for Alice: Alice's abilities turned out to be a whole mess for most players. However, do not underestimate it because of this.

      With the power to heal allies whenever she attacks (much like blooddrain to me in most games), she has an insane REC to ATK conversion buff of 80%, beats everybody else's such as Priscilla's (self buff). Several of the Oracle whiners here (including me) are fascinated with this type of buff that Alice provides. Nearly 100% but it's still a worthwhile.

      Her UBB is so insane on the other hand. Heavy HP healing to the max, top it up with 300% REC boost that makes 1 Heart Crystal heal for approx. 5000~6000 HP each. Also, her SBB's REC to ATK buff also gives a really devastating Healing+ATK effect.

      Fun Fact: Alice is considered to be the only 7* Legacy Unit with the "Worst Unit Art Ever" impact, since nothing primarily changed prior to her evolution. Alim later decided to give her a new artwork which gives more impact to players, making this new alternate art of her to be more amused than the old one. She is also the first unit with a Unit Art Change. Some select few are; Sefia, Quaid, Feeva (and much later; Michele)

      Alice is as we all know, the only sister of Elza who shares the same mother. She is also one of the nieces of Chrome.

      My Rating for Alice: 18/35! Despite her restrictions in some later contents, she is still a fairly decent Unit to use.

      Last edited by Kite; 12-28-2015, 03:58 AM.


      • Kriex
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        Great review as always, Kite.

        Question, can I add you in BF?

      • Kite
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        Hi there. Thanks for the compliment. I have an extra slot in my friendslist so feel free to add me

        ID # is 9318009429

        Don't forget to notify me mmkay?

      • Kriex
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        Good morning to you sir and sent the request.

        In game name, MaDaFaKa. Thanks, Kite.

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      My Thanks to all my friends and fellow Summoners

      I would like to extend my deepest gratitude by thanking you all for making my review thread possible. I may have missed 5 months of not posting due to my account's inability to post here in the forums, but I strive hard in order to make all of these information useful for you in the future! There are still many of those good and valuable information from other sources. I'm not the only one. I'm not asking for fame, glory or attention. I intentionally did this because my friends gave me the motivation to share them my knowledge about Brave Frontier. I've been playing for a year now and my passion for playing JRPGs has been a big deal to me since my first RPG game in the PlayStation 1. I'm a fan of them since I was 9 years old and I know how I can play it if you know what you're doing!

      Rune, you may not be here anymore, but you've been my very first friend here. Thanks a lot for being helpful for me in my first few weeks in the forums.

      Siege, you big jerk! Really! But you did do your best in the General chat lounge. Keep it up with being cool and annoying!

      Aba! You really are good in this game! I even yell and complain a lot when I get bad Rare Summon pulls. But thanks for being there for me to help me!

      Lozoro! You might be busy and well... you really are kind and caring for me as well! You really are one of my best friends here!

      Violet, you may be a funny woman who likes *REDACTED* stuff. Well, it's nothing to be offended from! But I do miss those times back then when the forums is still lively.

      All.... no... Alrick, you are the one who made this forum popular during my first few posts. And now I see you as a Supermod. I think they are giving you higher expectations! Hehehe! You are great! Really! I hope you keep on helping other newbies too!

      Sephanx, the awards king! He took over one of my reviews when I was away for vacation. He's still a nice guy to handle with. I hope you won't change in order to give us a lot of activities to do!

      Techno, you still have a lot to do here in this game. Don't give up! Also, don't give up in your studies! I'm rooting for you!

      Haishi, MPM, you two are really something! I hope you won't stop being there as well!

      Carlos/CDTAR, you are one awesome friend! You really are! Words can't describe how happy I am that I meet you here too!

      To my other friends whom I can't mention but I knew them, thanks a lot for all the positive feedbacks, comments and likes! I will most likely continue doing this next year too! You guys are totally awesome!

      This message may be early. But I really do wish you all the best as we are counting slowly for this year to end! Cheers to us all and may the RNGods bless us with more fortitude! (Haha!)


      ~ Kite


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        You know I do, lol.. xD

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      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

      It's been fun, guys! 2015 is almost at an end! Let us hope as we celebrate 2016!


      Special Thanks/Acknowledgements/Disclaimers

      This review is purely made for the motivation of players and non-players alike. Nothing can't be done without your support! All feedbacks are welcome! Feel free to comment or like my profile or this thread! If you have any suggestions, let me know!

      .... and one last thing


      Until then!

      ~ Kite
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        Hello guys! You may now read/post! This review will last for the whole month of December as promised!

        Too many surprises waiting ahead so...

        Read away!


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          sticky as always...
          Brave Frontier - Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Ticket Follow up


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            Hello, Alrick! :P


            • #13
              Very nice of you to remember everybody Kite-san.

              You certainly know how to liven up the forums. Love your reviews as always.

              I actually did some research on Bestie and her BB, because I'm that kind of nerd.
              In Japanese, her BB has ベルムfollowed by "rampage" in katakana.

              Sticking that in nearly any online translating tool gave me "baerum" as the translation, which may be why the Global localization team went with it.

              However, I think the actual word is "Berm" which is a military trench, used for cover against enemy vehicles.

              "Berm Rampage" One can imagine our favorite air force commander rising from behind a trench and gunning foes down in all directions.


              • #14
                I'll give 8/10 for Bestie now....she's still the best for BB management...but her use is so limited for that function only....while Libera/Nadore can offers more...

                voted for Mahalu

                Hope you are doing well with your work Kite...yeah, we talked less now...but good to see you still so active in the game while working now

                Now about Trial 008, i cleared it on my second try....

                My original squad :
                Squad 1 : Grahdens lead, Chrome friend, Medina, Selena, Michele, Elimo
                Squad 2 : Gazia lead, Chrome friend, Nadore, Tridon, Quartz, Ark

                I was trying to bring Quartz' DOT and Ark's double hit count buff to test it on second form of Lucius....which proved to be unnecessary....
                No problem at all on form 1, passed form 2, and got wrecked in form 3...LOL
                WTH, i yolo-ed form 3 without paying attention to any threshold because i was told form three is piece of cake hahaha....

                after the failure, i re-adjusted my squad as follows:
                Squad 1 : Grahdens lead, Chrome friend, Nadore, Ark, Edea, Selena
                Squad 2 : Gazia lead, Chrome friend, Medina, Michele, Quartz

                I swapped Medina and Nadore, because it's more difficult to sustain BB with Nadore than Medina...
                I moved Elimo into second squad to ensure i can mitigate every turn, pairing her with Gazia...and this way, i can safely spam Gazia's UBB in third form...slotted in Edea in first squad to replace Elimo...
                I swapped Ark with Michele....dark elemental buff is more useful in second squad as first squad i already have Grahdens.....i can live with ark's double hit buff in second form...just keep hitting Lucius until 200 hit counts's pretty safe and no harm there...

                sailed smoothly to form 3, and with Gazia's UBB activated all the's the most exciting walk in the garden seeing your squad beating the enemy without any constraint

                welcome on-board Lucius, too bad i can't max you yet now, you will be soon treated after i finished my Krantz, in next SHS


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                  **** no Kagura :< Rineth then !

                  I can't talk about Trial 008 as I still have to beat Ark AGAIN.....


                  • CrazyPL
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                    Have fun with that

                  • Kriex
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                    Ark, sister, do you even SBB.
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