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  • Kite's Review - Welcome Back....?! [11/26 - 11/30 Edition]

    Hello there, everybody! I missed you all! It's been really terrible since my gumi Forums account is unable to make any posts in the forums AT. ALL.

    Might as well give this a try and hope I'll be active for the holidays.

    For those who don't know me, I'm Kite. A Summoner who plays for a year now and still soaring high!

    I used to make reviews since February-June and I stopped last July when my horrible episode happened.

    I have a lot of friends here, go ask some of them for your convenience!

    And it seems that we got tons of contents here. Due to my inability to continue a couple of months back. I might have to take this slowly. So review for units will be minimal (you'll find some good sources elsewhere, like Ushi's Gaming Channel!).

    Let's see what we have got since the Maintenance ended!

    *NEW TRIAL* The Re-Birth of the Sealed God

    The God who later turned on our backs in order to fulfill it's foolish desire has come back to test the Summoners for their ultimate challenge ever. Trial 008, the Sealed God Lucius!

    You can face Lucius after the completion of Trial 007 (Ark), and possibly the full completion of the Grand Gaia storyline arc of the Quest Mode.

    Now let's take a look at the ultimate power that the Sealed God has.

    Lucius, the Sealed God, the God who rules the gates, the Keeper of Order

    Unit # 1078
    Type: Light
    Gender: Genderless (Don't ask why! It has a lot of features!)
    Rarity: 7*
    Cost: 45
    Max Level: 120

    Stats at Max Level
    HP: 5000
    ATK: 2500 (+440)
    DEF: 2500 (+440)
    REC: 2500 (+440)

    Leader Skill: Sealed God's Creation
    Negates all status ailments, boosts OD gauge fill rate, boosts Atk when damage dealt has exceeded certain amount and hugely boosts Spark damage when Sparks has exceeded certain amount for next turn

    Extra Skill: Keeper of Order
    Adds slight BB gauge boost to BB/SBB & negates critical and elemental damage

    Brave Burst: Empty Fate
    20 combo powerful Light attack on all foes, boosts Max HP & boosts BC, HC drop rate for 3 turns

    Super Brave Burst: Metanoia
    35 combo powerful Light attack on all foes, boosts BB gauge fill rate and Atk relative to max HP for 3 turns

    Ultimate Brave Burst: Gate
    70 combo massive Light attack on all foes (uses all allies' BB gauge), adds Light Barrier & fills BB gauge to max

    How to obtain:
    One time completion of Trial No. 008

    My review for Lucius: The god who controls the gates becomes your ally in combating the gods! It boasts a lot of power in terms of Leader Skill and Extra Skill and is a very versatile unit in the later generations of the game.

    Leader Skill has a lot of amazing features; status nullification, Atk/Spark damage boost depending if you have overkilled/oversparked and a 4% boost to the Overdrive gauge. Extra Skill makes it also virtually invulnerable to critical hits and elemental weakness based damage, while giving it's allies 4 BC to their BB gauge when BB or SBB is used. Totally universal.

    Brave Burst permanently boosts everybody's max HP to 15% until the battle ends while a 35% boost to BC/HC drop rate makes it worthwhile, at least for contents with high BC/HC drop rate resistance.

    Super Brave Burst converts 23% of max HP to ATK for 3 turns, it's stackable with normal ATK buffs but not with others that clashes to each other, like Kafka's. Lucius so far has the highest BB gauge fill rate boost of 40% (only to be beaten by Haile, one of the new yet Globally exclusive unit; 50%)

    Lucius' Ultimate Brave Burst, Gate, is the ultimate deal, as this is the game's longest attack animation with boasting 70 hit combo of space-time awesomeness. Being difficult to Spark, it uses up all allies' BB gauges, draining them to 0, and bringing them back to max. With an innate 1200% damage modifier, up to a WHOPPING 4000% damage modifier with all allies' BB gauges at maximum when used. Utilizing Gate really is a killer for most contents but still, be careful when using Gate. It may be powerful!

    Trivia: Lucius is first to be mistaken as a Male, then Female. It has a lot of features that made it look masculine and feminine. In-game wise, Lucius is Male, as being called "Lord Lucius" by most of the games' main characters and antagonists. Lucius is also the final boss of the Grand Gaia storyline arc with it's own battle BGM, 'Transcendence' and is heard in three different areas; Grand Gaia Crater's final quest, Paris' GQ (true final boss) and Trial 008. Lucius also has 3 known disciples (SPOILER WARNING); Tilith, Ark and Melord. Mora states that she is one of his disciples but it was later to be proven wrong. Lucius is the only Mock Unit thus far with an innate 7* rarity and with a cost of 45 (other being Gazia)

    My Rating for Lucius: 9001/10!!!!!!! .... Just kidding! But yeah! You all know how intimidating Lucius is! It's up to you on how you'll rate it!

    Unit of the Week: Vote for it!

    As always, pick your favorite unit on who do you want me to make a review with. I've missed a lot since I left, so it may take a while depending on who you want me to make a review with. The winner is as always, gets a spotlight for the next issue. So vote wisely!

    Special Article: The Day I Won Avant

    I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT WHEN I GET HOME LAST WEEK AND SAW MY AVANT THAT I PICKED IN THE MEMOIRS OF LEGEND EVENT! SERIOUSLY!!! And yet I'm still eligible to win the Dolk I requested! It's been a while since I won something from an event on the internet. I'm not being a showoff and all... Everybody also wants to win their units of choice.

    Let Your Voice Be Heard! Suggestion Box!

    I know you got some ideas on how to make my comeback review possible for the next issue! So lay em on me while you're at it!

    Trial of the Gods: In the Era of the 7*s; Thoughts? Share them here!

    Trial of the Gods makes a comeback, for some who don't know, it's a Global content in which takes your gaming experience to the extreme limits! Where enemies are tougher, attacks gets *@*&#er, and it's all about how to find the perfect units for the job.

    For those who cleared the Trial prior to the 7* generation, what are your thoughts?

    And for those who are new to the game, how will this affect your gameplay at the later contents?

    Just make a reply about your experience, old or new!

    The poll is expired.

    Last edited by Kite; 11-26-2015, 11:08 PM.

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    Brave News Channel Highlights

    Click on the link above to watch on what will be next for the Global version of Brave Frontier! Some of them are:

    - New Frontier Hunter Ranks
    - Frontier Hunter Season 21
    - New Holiday Global-exclusive Unit
    - Elgif Dungeon
    - Holiday Login Campaign

    Unfortunately, there are no news regarding the Winter Glades Blitz batch from last year (Nick, Jack and Eva) if they will have any 7* evolutions like the Hellborn Nightmare batch (Ciara and Semira)

    Last edited by Kite; 11-29-2015, 10:36 AM.


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      Acknowledgements/Special Thanks/Disclaimer

      This review is made for the other players to view. Also, it's also dedicated to my friends in the game and I thank them for having me make this for all of you!

      Special thanks to all of my amazing friends who I spend time with in the past! I know you guys are awesome!

      P.S.: Congrats on being a Supamod, VM06 AL....RICK!? WATDA!?

      if you have any negative feedbacks, please keep them to yourself. But if you have anything that you want to tell me such as rooms for improvement or suggestions, just lay them on me and we'll try to give it to you!

      As for the archives, I lost them. So this marks a new thread for my weekly reviews.

      Until then, have fun and keep on soaring high!

      ~ Kite


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        Hi guys! You may now post! And happy Thanksgiving!


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          weclome back,cp odkitee


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            cp.... od... what!?

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          Happy Thanksgiving to you too, so glad that your back in the forums (even though we talk through Facebook), I still missed you reviews...


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            hey, it seems like u r back for real this time, lil bro
            how's life there?
            holidays? are you continuing your study or what? i thought you are working now?

            good to see you and ur review back


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              Originally posted by Techno View Post
              Happy Thanksgiving to you too, so glad that your back in the forums (even though we talk through Facebook), I still missed you reviews...
              Thanks, buddy.

              I hope this continues. I don't wanna get another of those errors again. I think Alrick has done enough on my account...

              ...I miss being a Virtuoso!


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                Originally posted by lozoro View Post
                hey, it seems like u r back for real this time, lil bro
                how's life there?
                holidays? are you continuing your study or what? i thought you are working now?

                good to see you and ur review back
                I am working... But it's my day off... Until tomorrow.

                I'm doing good. Still being sickly and all.

                I've been gone since my account is messed up and unable to post. And yet I still won the Avant I wanted from the Teams Choice.

                Alrick has done a lot on my account in order for me to post normally again.

                I hope I last until the holidays. I miss you all.


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                  Oh yeah... one more thing....

                  LIKE MY THREAD GUYS! KTHNXBAIII!!!


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                    lol no

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                    i just found out how to enter without 11 chars omg

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                  Hi there and welcome back.


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                    Sister, we need to talk and establish some things again.

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                    I'm a guy o.o

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                    Oh, pardon me. I was referring to Lily.

                    The sadistic little sister.

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                  Be careful of those phishing links! Report em!


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                    Welcome back..


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                      Hi, Violet! Missed you. c_c

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                      ♥ Hope your posts are working.

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                    I hope so too, V.

                    But I'm no longer a Virtuoso! :'(


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                      *waits for Alrick*


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