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  • [STORY QUESTION] Info about 12 guardians?

    I'm just confused about a few things regarding the 12 guardians. Hopefully some people can help me out...

    1) The 12 guardians consisted of: Sodis, Zephyr, Lunaris, Alyut, Luly, Signas, Grybe, Farlon, Ramna, Raydn, Rina and Ophelia. Who else was directly involved with this group during the division? I heard Narza was involved somehow but I don't understand how.

    2) What were the guardians protecting? I heard it was the land of the gods, but why would the gods need protectors for such a place? What was hidden there and why was it important?

    3) What happened after Sodis died? Did Alyut and the rest of them go against the gods? I feel like Farlon would have just kept being a brainwashed tool.

    4) At what point did the 6 legendary heroes tie in to the story? Did they just decide to go against the gods, or were they recruited by the guardians?

    5) What caused Sodis to become suspicious? Did he just happen to overhear the gods talking about mass murder over dinner one night or something?

    6) Why did Luly join Sodis? Heard it was "Because it sounded fun".....>.>

    7) What did the gods do once Sodis died?

    8) Biggest n00b question: Who were the gods?

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    To answer number three, Alyut joins the rebellion but ends up dying "lamenting his own foolishness ". Lunaris goes berserk after the death of " the one she loved most" .and Signas was saved from Farlon by Grybe after Farlon apparently kills Sodis and Rina. Afterward, Signas starts a secret rebellion ( which is presumably the six heroes). You can look at there backstory in more detail if you go to the brave frontier wiki and go to there 7*s.


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      Oh, and Grybe and Luly also have 7* but there currently only in Japan. Really hope this helped!😄


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        Farlon killed Luly, Ramna and Rina (who used her own body as a shield)
        Farlon and Grybe Killed each other
        Alyut killed Sodis and was later killed by the Gods when he realized his brother was right all along
        Raydn fought alongside Alyut and was killed by the Gods

        Zephyr and Signas were the only ones that survive in the end.

        As to who the Gods were, the main one was


        Lucius, with some other lesser gods serving him.
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