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  • [Story Time] The Arcane Strife Between the 12 Guardians of the Gods

    Hello everyone~!
    Welcome back to another Story Time thread.
    I hope you guys enjoyed my last one about the 6 Legendary Heroes, if you haven't read it catch up here:
    I opened a previous thread asking you guys what you wanted to read next...
    So the outcome came to this, 12 Guardians of the Gods.
    You voted for it, so i'll write it for you!
    Lol, grab your cookies and gather around the fire.
    Join me, and let's discover the truth about what REALLY happened to the 12 Guardians of the Gods.
    This topic is touchy, alot of people have their theories about what happened to them.
    Everyone seems to be confused and it's just a big bunch of questions with no answers.
    "Did the guardians all die in the end?" "What happened to Sodis?" "Who was the shadow behind Sodis when he was fighting Alyut?"
    I'm here to help answer those questions you may still have regarding the 12 Guardians of the Gods.
    Ok, like my last thread, I'd like to cover a few things before we get started to help the read be more enjoyable.

    ♥Tips When Reading♥:
    1. Notable characters will be marked in a color so you can keep up with the character.
    2. This story is broken up in chapters, which I will then edit into the story.
    3. When I add a chapter, I will leave a comment starting with, "♥Update♥:" So be sure to come back ever so often.
    4. Don't forget to leave me a like and/or comment telling me what you think of the story so far!
    5. Expect anything.
    6. Lastly, sit back and enjoy the read.

    Sidenote: I've have done my research on the lore of the units, this is my thoughts/opinion on what happened.

    ATTENTION: If you have any issues with the colors from the story, just press "CTRL+A" this will highlight the text making it easier to read, if that doesn't work, then just highlight the text. (Thank you: Not4Rent for sharing this with me!♥)


    12 Guardians of the Gods:

    Traitors of the Gods (Honor Legion):

    Followers of the Gods (Endurance Legion):


    Among various nations, there was a specific 12 warriors that formed a bond with the Gods and fought for what they believed in.
    These 12 guardians were known as "The
    Guardians of the Gods." Together, 11 members led initially by their 'leader,' Sodis.
    Sodis, Raydn, Signas, Grybe, Lunaris, Luly,Zephyr, Farlon, Samna, Ophelia, Alyut, Rina

    Although these guardians worked together on wars against the Fallen Gods that Lucius needed them to, alot of them formed close bonds with each other, and then others not so much. Farlon and Samna were in a relationship, while Lunaris had deep feelings for her leader, Sodis. Alyut loved Lunaris, but she didn't know. Rumor has it that Raydn had feelings for Signas. On the not so friendly side, Ophelia isn't fond of Signas for personal reasons and for decisions that Signas made. Signas is fiercely loyal to Sodis, the only one she ever opened up to. Alyut is the brother of Sodis, and Luly just joined the Guardians because she was bored and wanted something to do.
    Once 3 of the 4 Fallen Gods were destroyed(Thanks to the
    Guardians of the Gods and other nation's support), Lucius had another mission for the Guardians to complete, a mission that was very extended and major. Word was revealed that Lucius wasn't telling the Guardians the whole story. A woman that they had never recalled seeing, with long blue hair and she was sporting a beautiful purple rose crown with ribbons came to them in a panic. While her intentions were unknown, the woman told them that Lucius wasn't the God he used to be. Know one knows how she got contact with the Guardians, but what we do know is that the woman wasn't lying about her knowledge she was sharing. She went to Sodis in specific, telling him about Lucius and his evil intentions. Sodis didn't take this lightly, obviously.
    The plan was absurd, it turns out that
    Lucius had ordered the guardians to destroy the human race, their own kind. Sodis told the guardians about this plan, while some of them vowed to serve the Gods in hopes that they knew what they were talking about, others didn't. So much conflict spread across the guardians which caused them to split up. Sodis had enough of all the arguing and hardships, so he declared an agreement. Those who agreed with Sodis and attempt to save the human race would go with him and form-
    ​a separate alliance under a different name. While coincidentally the others formed an alliance to swearingly serve the Gods. Led by
    Sodis, the 5 guardians, Ramna, Signas, Luly, Grybe, and Zephyr formed the "Honor Legion." Guardian Chief Sodis' right hand was Snow Queen Signas.

    The Honor Legion swore to protect the human race, even though they're rebelling against the Gods.
    Led by
    Sodis' brother, Alyut, the 5 guardians, Farlon, Raydn, Ophelia, Lunaris, and Rina formed the "Endurance Legion." Divine Light Alyut's right hand was Black Lotus Lunaris.

    The Endurance Legion swore to honor the Gods' wishes and carry out the plans for Lord Lucius.
    Some of the members were broken, while others weren't. They knew that they had to cut their losses with the others in order to move on.
    Ramna thought that Farlon would go with her, but she was sadly mistaken. There's no way she'd let them kill innocent people. Lunaris was broken, despite her feelings for Sodis, she swore her life to the Gods a long time ago, she was in internal debt. Which was once the 12 Guardians of the Gods
    are now separated, split into 2 separate alliances under different impression.
    These 2 groups of vicious, powerful warriors are now forced to fight against each other.
    Will friendships be severed, relationships be broken, or feelings be revealed?


    The beaming rays of the bright yellow sunlight shone down on the beautiful city of St. Tomoshibi, located in the nation of La Veda Republic. Near a small neighborhood in the city is a palace. Within the palace homes 6 former Guardians of the Gods, the Honor Legion. The palace has a beautiful pearl gleam to the tint of the walls. Within the halls of the great palace we find the room of the Honor Legion's trusted leader, Sodis.
    No one except 1 person has ever witnessed Sodis without his armor on, and that person is Sodis'
    most trusted and closest member of the Honor Legion,
    Sodis was a handsome man, with long-ish black hair that was usually slicked back. He was tall, built like a warrior and had sexy abs(teehee, sorry I had too.. ^v^).

    *Yawn* "What a beautiful morning.." says Sodis as he uncovers the blankets from him.
    "'re still in your boxers.." Says
    Signas turning away blushing.
    "Well it is morning,
    Signas..I haven't been able to get dressed yet, silly.." said Sodis smiling.
    "Shall I fetch your armor for you..?" asked
    Signas bashfully.
    "That's ok,
    Signas. Why aren't you resting? You may do as you please you know.." said Sodis.
    "Oh..I'm not tired..I wanted to be at your side in case you needed my assistance.." said
    Signas smiling.
    "Everything is fine here, about you go get yourself breakfast with the others?" asked Sodis.
    "Oh..ok sir if you wish.. thank you." said
    Signas walking away quietly.
    "Hmm..that girl sometimes. She just doesn't know when to take a break!" said
    Sodis to himself.
    Sodis dressed himself and went downstairs and see his fellow comrades waiting for him.
    "Good morning
    Sodis!" says Grybe and Zephyr.
    Luly and Ramna?" asked Sodis.
    Luly's keeping Ramna company...she's still not herself. Ever since the Guardians broke up, she's been devastated by the loss of Farlon." says Zephyr.
    "I heard that he won't even speak to her, then again it's only been a few weeks since we all split." says
    "She's been really heartbroken lately, Sir..what should we do?" asked
    "I know it's been hard for everyone, but we have to get through this..we know what's right." said
    "We're supposed to meet a few people from the Council today." said
    "D-does this mean trouble?" asked
    Signas nervously.
    "I'm not sure why they want to meet us, however we cannot show any sign of distrust.." said
    "We need to leave soon, the Council's just a few blocks from here." said
    "Shall I notify
    Ramna and Luly..?" asked Signas.
    "No need..I'm fine." said
    Ramna opening the door to her room, meeting up with her comrades.
    R-ramna...are you ok?" asked Signas.
    "I said I'm fine, didn't I?" said
    Ramna with discernment.
    "Shall we leave now?" asked
    Luly who was closely behind Ramna.
    "Yeah..let's go." said
    Sodis, exiting their beautiful palace.

    Sodis and friends were on their way to the Council to meet up with the leaders, there seemed to be a bit
    of disturbance back at the palace. With them away from home, it was the perfect opportunity for an ambush.
    It was silent within the palace, until a noise that sounded like a window opening was produced.
    Had the guardians felt too comfortable and became careless with the locks?
    It was a figure dressed in a black suit to keep themselves hidden from possible cameras.
    It seemed to be a small figured woman. The woman climbed in through the window and into
    Sodis' room.
    The woman saw
    Sodis' bed, not made up and messy. She layed down in his bed and started to cry.
    She spoke a few words out loud saying, "
    Sodis..why have we drifted so far apart."
    The woman picked up a picture of
    Sodis with all of the 12 guardians together.
    The woman shed a tear throwing the picture on the ground causing it to shatter.

    Alyut was right..." the woman murmured to herself as she fled from the palace.
    Meanwhile, at the Council of La Veda Republic the guardians are about to speak with the leader of the Council, although the leader's name was unknown to society that didn't matter.
    The Council leader asked
    Sodis a few questions about the splitting of the 12 guardians.
    Sodis answered them honestly and gave him the desired answers.

    "I see, unfortunately we have a grand war ahead of us and we need all 12 guardians' powers." said the Council Leader. "I'm sorry sir, but the other guardians don't fight for us anymore." said
    "They believe that it's ok to destroy the human race in order to fulfill the Gods' plans." said Sodis.
    "Is that so? Well we can't have that happening..I understand. We'll take legal action soon." said the Council Leader. "Understood, sir. Thank you for speaking with us." said
    Sodis gracefully.

    As the
    Honor Legion exited the Council and started to walk back home, Luly spoke up and said,
    "Legal action?
    Sodis what the h*ll is that supposed to mean? Are they going to hurt Ophelia and the others?"
    "I'm not sure...we won't know until we get note from the Council." said
    "This isn't what we wanted,
    Sodis..who knows what they'll do to them." said Grybe cringing from the thought.
    "Guys are you really this worried, they are part of the
    The Guardians of the Gods." said Sodis smiling.
    "I'm pretty sure the Council won't be able to put them out of commission." said
    "However we've tried to reason with them, if they threaten the humans or us we will have to defeat them." said
    Sodis. Ramna just looked down in disappointment as she was walking and listening to the others converse.
    "I understand..if they threaten us they will be defeated." said Ramna looking up at them.
    Everyone looked shocked hearing her say that, since her former lover, Farlon is in the Endurance Legion.

    Arriving back at the palace, the Honor Legion got in and went to go do their own things.
    Sodis returns back to his room and notices his picture, shattered on the floor next to his bed.
    "Huh, what happened here.." thought Sodis.
    Sodis looked over at his bed, it had seemed as if someone was laying it in.
    *Sigh* "What were you doing here...Lunaris." said Sodis to himself.
    "Sir is everything alright..?" asked Signas walking into the room abruptly.
    "OH, Signas!!! Everything is fine..haaa." said Sodis nervously trying to hide the shattered photo.
    "I-I just wanted to make sure..." said Signas walking out of his room.
    "Thank you, Signas!" shouted Sodis from his room. "So I see they are going to do it.." said Sodis.
    "I expect nothing less from my flesh and blood, Alyut." Sodis said walking out of the room.

    9:00 PM arrives and the sun sets, revealing the beautiful moon, it also starts to pour down rain.
    As the guardians all gathered together to socialize and eat dinner, something seemed to be a bit off.

    "So how's everyone doing to-" said Grybe getting cut off by a strange noise.
    "What was that..Sir?" asked Signas seemingly frightened.
    Sodis looks around is concern, "I'm sure it was just the rain." said Sodis.
    Seconds later the power in the Palace goes out, showering darkness around everyone.
    "AHHH, SENPAI!" shouted Signas, rushing to Sodis' side in the dark, clinging to him.
    "What happened?!" asked Zephyr getting up from the table.
    "No one panic, I'm sure it was just the storm...there's nothing to be afraid of." says Grybe.
    "He's was just the storm." said Ramna.
    "I think I have a few flashlights in my room." said Luly.
    "Luly, I don't want you going alo-" said Zephyr being cut off by Luly.
    "It's just a little darkness, dude...there's nothing to be scared of. Besides Ramna's coming with me." said Luly. "I don't want ladies going alone in the dark, allow me to come wit-" said Grybe being cut off by Ramna.
    "Dude, leave us alone...we'll be fine." said Ramna and Luly walking into the darkness.
    "Man..what's their problem, sometimes I don't understand those guys." said Ramna talking to Luly.
    The storm started to intensify and loud cracks of thunder resonated through the household.
    "Do you think they're ok, Sir?" asked Grybe.
    "Dude...they're 2 Guardians of the's just a little bit of darkness." said Zephyr crossing his arms.
    "Sir..I'm really scared, please don't let go of me." said
    Signas hiding behind Sodis.
    "'s ok. Ramna and Luly are getting flashlights." said Sodis smiling.
    "Something's not right here.." said Sodis to himself.

    Ramna held up a small flame ball in her hand with her magic to produce light.
    "I think they're in my cabinet next to my bed." said
    Ramna opening the door to her room.
    "Here let me shine the light towards the cabinet." said
    Ramna moving her hand in the direction to her bed.
    "Ok, thanks sounds easy eno- AHHHHH!" shouted
    Luly tumbling into Ramna.
    "'s you." said
    Ramna looking up at the man laying down on her bed.
    " love why would you betray us...?" says the man.
    "What was that noise, Sir?!" asked
    Grybe eagerly waiting for an answer.
    "Was that Luly screaming?!" asked
    "Something's wrong, we have to go find
    Ramna and Luly..NOW!" said Sodis intensely.
    RAMNA, LULY? WHERE ARE YOU?!" shouted Zephyr and Grybe.

    Arriving at
    Ramna's room no one was there. The window was open and the curtains flowed in the wind.
    Sodis ran to the window looking down at the rain soaked ground, the rain was still heavy.
    "D*mnit! We were too late!" said
    Zephyr putting his fists together.
    "I think I know who did this.." says
    Sodis suspiciously.


    "Sir shall we go after them?" asked Zephyr eagerly.
    "If it's who I think it is, then they couldn't have gotten far." says
    Sodis putting his hand on his chin.
    "Do you think it could have been the
    Endurance Legion...?" asked Grybe.
    "I think so, they must have gotten word on our visitation with the council." replied
    "We have to go after them...there's no questioning it!" shouted
    "You're right, we have no time to waste!" shouted
    Sodis clenching his armor.
    "S-sir...I'll do whatever you do." murmurs
    Signas standing behind Sodis shyly.
    "I would normally ask someone to stay behind and watch the palace..but we need everyone." says
    "It's fine...our friends are more important, you don't think they would hurt you?" asked
    "As of recently...I'm really not so sure, we are humans and their quest is to serve Lucius." said
    "Yeah..." says
    Zephyr, worried.

    Honor Legion proceeded to exit the palace, unattended, and go after their dear friends, Ramna and
    Luly. The Endurance Legion(the other 6 guardians who vow to serve the Gods) lay low in a rural area
    in the Bariura Region. They don't live in such luxury like the
    Honor Legion due to the low pay in Bariura.
    However they still dwell in a castle big enough for the 6 members of the group. The castle was dark-
    purple, with black walls and the interior was pretty modern in appearance. When the 12 Guardians of the
    Gods split 3 weeks ago,
    Alyut recruited the remaining 5 members for his purposes to serve the Gods.
    They aren't particularly 'bad,' but they are the
    Honor Legion's enemies, due to the fact that the Endurance Legion's God, Lucius requested that they destroy the human race to proceed onto his plans.
    People misunderstand that the split up was a one-sided agreement, but in actuality it effects both sides.
    Members from the
    Endurance Legion were also hurt that their former 'friends' would disobey the Gods.
    Within the walls of the
    Endurance Legion's castle, suspicious activity goes on.

    "How long..master?" asked a voice from a shady young woman leaning against the wall.
    "I entrusted him to retrieve those 2, so I expect nothing less." says the voice of a
    Sodis' brother, Alyut.
    "This is perfect, master..if we have those 2, Sodis is sure to come running after them." said Lunaris.
    "That is correct...and then everything should play out as planned." said
    Alyut hiding a smirk behind his hand. "Once he comes after his 2 beloved comrades, we can finish them all and carry out Lord Lucius' plans." said Lunaris giggling in the dark castle halls.
    " this truly the only way to approach this..?" asked
    Ophelia standing near Lunaris.
    Ophelia! Silence, I didn't ask for your know this is the only way." shouted Alyut.
    Ophelia leaves the room where Alyut, Lunaris and Rina were currently speaking.
    "Let her go, she'll get over...besides it's not just hard for her." says
    Rina speaking up.
    Rina." demanded Alyut walking away.
    "Understood, master." said
    Rina emotionlessly.
    I went to my room beca-...
    Ophelia went to her room in a confusing state, she didn't know entirely what to do.
    She started to write in her journal and document her experiences.

    "Dear Gods,

    Is this truly the only way to approach this matter...killing our friends?
    I will serve you, but I need to know the truth.
    I want to do further investigation if the permission is granted..Lord Lucius."


    Read a page from the Journal of Ophelia.
    Ophelia closed her journal and looked out the window in her room, she admired the beautiful rain falling
    from the dark gray clouds. "I think I know what's right.." says
    Ophelia to herself quietly.
    The skies turn from the Bariura Region back to the La Veda Republic where we meet back up with the
    Honor Legion. The guardians of Sodis are quickly tailing Farlon, the guardian that abducted Ramna and Luly.
    Bariura Region isn't too far from La Veda Republic, but taking it
    Farlon traveled by foot, it could take around 20-30 minutes to arrive back at Bariura, where the Endurance Legion's castle lies.
    "Don't worry love. I will make this quick for you, we just have to get back home." said Farlon.
    Ramna and Luly were knocked out by brutal force from Farlon.
    The rain continued to pour down on
    Farlon, and he was aware that the rain weakened his powers.
    He was hoping that the
    Honor Legion wouldn't catch up with his due to his lack of ability in the downpour.

    "I think I see him up there, Sir!" shouted
    FARLON!" Shouted Grybe aiming his missile launcher in his direction.
    Farlon stopped knowing that he was caught,
    Farlon looked at Grybe, Sodis, Signas, and Zephyr from the corner of his eye and spoke lightly. "Do you want me to kill them right now..?"
    "Stop!" screamed
    Signas with a tear forming in her eye.
    "S-sir..please don't let him hurt them.." said
    Signas clinging to Sodis' muscular arm.
    Farlon just let them go!" asked Sodis honestly.
    Farlon set the girls on the wet, rain-soaked ground and turned to look at the Honor Legion.
    Sodis, you know I can't do that. We have a mission and we can't let anyone get in our way!"
    Farlon holding his left hand out forming a massive fire ball in his palm.

    He shot 4 horizontal fireballs in the direction of the enemy guardians.
    The fire balls were extremely weak due to the rain, but it produced steam providing a nice cover for himself.

    "Don't let him get away!" shouted
    Zephyr struggling to see through the steam that was surrounding them.
    Blurred by the steam,
    Grybe launched 4 homing missiles hoping that they would lock on Farlon.
    The steam cleared and the missiles were intercepted by water rising from a puddle.

    Farlon continued to run, he
    cracked a smile of relief knowing who had arrived at his aid.
    Signas looked nervous because she knew who the one who intercepted the attack was.
    The water from the ground stood up vertically and started to form into a manly body shape.

    Raydn, the aqua spear king appeared before the Honor Legion.
    Accompanied with 4 giant ice spears floating around him,
    Raydn is a formidable foe.

    "Raydn..why are you doing this, don't get in our way!" shouted Zephyr.
    Zephyr gathered dark energy into his hand and formed a shadow lance out of it.
    RAMNA AND LULY!" Zephyr shouted as he threw the lance in the direction of Farlon.
    Raydn moved his eye quickly to the direction of the shadow lance that was hurling toward his comrade.
    Raydn held out his hand as the lance passed by him and stopped it in it's tracks.
    Zephyr and Grybe looked shocked as Raydn held the shadow lance with his bare hands.
    Raydn proceeded to chuck the shadow lance back at Sodis, which was then stopped by Grybe.

    "Did you forget that you're fighting one of the 12 Guardians?" asked
    Raydn smiling.
    "No, but did you?!" replied
    Zephyr as he got into a enchantment position.

    Zephyr casted a sacred art, Black Nemesis. This spell causes the lack of light around the target to be used against them. Black Nemesis then turns the darkness into spores of deadly gases, which are then projected
    into the enemies bloodstream causing them excruciating pain and sometimes paralysis.

    "You're not really going to do that are you?" asked
    Raydn wiping a drop of sweat from his forehead.
    "I'll do what it takes to protect my friends..don't worry it won't kill you, but I won't guarantee it won't
    be agonizing to deal with, immobilizing you." says
    Zephyr confidently.
    "Now go!" Shouted
    Zephyr releasing the spell onto Raydn.
    Raydn attempted to dodge Black Nemesis, but there were just too many of them. He managed to outspeed
    most of them, but a few of the spores were implanted into him.
    FARLON, GO ALREADY!" shouted Raydn looking back at his comrade who was long gone.
    "Tsk...nice little trick,
    Zephyr but I think you've forgotten that I'm at the advantage." says Raydn getting up.
    Raydn gathered the rain into one of his ice spears and hurled it at Zephyr with massive force.
    Zephyr, watch out!" shouted Grybe, intercepting the ice spear with a cannon shot.
    Grybe, I owe you one." said Zephyr relieved that he wasn't pierced by the spear.
    Sodis summoned a horse covered in the finest of armors and mounted it.
    Signas, let's go..." said Sodis grabbing Signas by the hand and lifting her onto the horse.
    "O-oh're so s-strong-I mean ok...Sir!" said
    Signas blushing and looking down.
    "Hold on, ok? We're going to go save the girls!" said
    Sodis looking back at Signas.
    "U-understood, Senpai..." said
    Signas as she wrapped her arms around Sodis' built body.
    "I'm leaving
    Raydn to you, we'll come back for you once we get Ramna and Luly back, ok?" said Sodis.
    "Understood, sir..leave this joke to us." said
    Grybe and Zephyr nodding their heads.
    Raydn aiming his ice spear at Sodis and Signas as they were running past him to catch up with Farlon. "Didn't you here the boss, you're our enemy." said Zephyr appearing in front of Raydn, punching him in the face. Raydn got back up instantly and faced Grybe and Zephyr. "Ok, this shouldn't take long anyways." said Raydn wiping blood from his mouth.

    Sodis and Signas, on horseback started to catch up with Farlon who had gotten very close to the castle.
    "We're almost there, sir!" said
    Signas with her head against Sodis' back sheltering her from the rain.
    The storm continued to progress in a bad way, lightning started to strike at the feet of the horse.
    "A lightning storm?!" said
    Sodis shockingly as he was trying to tame the horse.
    A lightning bolt shocked the horse's legs, causing the horse to eject
    Sodis and Signas in a rampage.
    "Ahhh!" shouted
    Signas which was propelled off the horse and into a puddle of mud.
    Signas, are you ok?" asked Sodis who was also ejected off the horse.
    Since the horse was a magical horse that was produced from a spell, once the horse has served it's commission it disappears, and so it did.
    Sodis helped Signas up and tried to clean her off.
    "Hmph...the weather is quite beautiful, isn't it?" asked a female voice from a distance.
    "Urgh..I knew this lightning wasn't" said
    Sodis with a worried face.
    " know I can't let you pass." said the girl appearing in plain site.
    "I know...
    Rina." said Sodis helping Signas stand.


    With all of the Guardians of the Honor Legion currently preoccupied with their former team-mates, 2 of the Honor Legion's female members Ramna and Luly are in the arms of Farlon who is nearing his destination.
    Farlon continues to run hoping that Raydn and Rina will give him enough time to get Ramna and Luly back to Alyut where they can begin the extermination.

    "W-why are you doing this Farlon...?" asked Ramna, still dreary from the attack from him.
    "I'm sorry..but in order for us to carry out Lord Lucius' plans, I have to slay love." says Farlon.
    "You're going to get in my way and I can't have that." continues Farlon.
    "You're a fool..." said Luly weakly.

    As Farlon ignored their meaningless insults, Luly held Ramna's hand and whispered to her with what little strength she had left. The words spoken to Ramna healed Ramna's condition and injuries, leaving Luly still injured from the attacks.

    "Thank you...Luly." says Ramna as she opens here eyes widely.
    "FARLON!" Shouts Ramna, breaking free from his clutches.
    "No! I was hoping you would stay asleep..." said Farlon.
    "How could you capture us like that?! I thought you loved me!" shouted Ramna with intense emotion.
    "I-...No, you're nothing more than a traitor, you left me." said Farlon at a loss for words.
    "Listen to yourself! You're going to kill EVERYONE for your God?!" asked Ramna.
    "I WILL OBEY THE GODS, THEY KNOW ALL!" Shouted Farlon summoning a flaming blade.
    "You would raise your sword at me..?" asked Ramna starting to tear up.
    "SNAP OUT OF IT, THIS ISN'T THE FARLON YOU KNOW! HE'S FAR GONE!" shouted Luly on the ground.

    Ramna turned to Luly with tears in her eyes, she knew that Farlon was serious.
    She would never expect Farlon to hurt her, of all the people.
    "DON'T WASTE YOUR TEARS ON HIM!" shouted Luly struggling to get up from the ground.
    Ramna blinked her eyes, releasing her tears and looked at Farlon. Although she remembered all the great times they had together, she knew that she couldn't just let him continue on with his plans, he was going to hurt Luly, or her other friends. Was he was going to bring them to Alyut to have them killed?

    "How dare you threaten us...I thought wrong about you." said Ramna turning her sadness into anger.
    "Tsk..." noised Farlon struggling to find words to say.
    "Summon: God of Flames - Dragon Sword of Sin!" casted Ramna.

    A flaming sword appeared in front of Ramna, ready to wield.
    The sword had 3 sharp, teeth-like blades on the tip of the sword, with 3 round rings nearing the handle.
    An immense flame dispersed from the blade forming a cylinder-shaped dragon that wrapped around the sword. Although the rain was still heavy and causing fire elements to be weakened, it was still strong.

    "I CAN'T BELIEVE I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" shouted Ramna as she rushed Farlon, clashing swords.
    "Urgh! What is this power?!" asked Farlon trying to hold back her sword.
    "YOU WERE THE ONE WHO ABANDONED ME, NOT ME!" said Ramna angrily.
    Ramna clashed swords with Farlon, breaking his sword in half.
    Farlon took a battle stance with nothing to wield, since she had destroyed his sword.

    "Wait..have I forgotten what made you strong..?" asked Farlon looking at Ramna from a distance.
    "I had forgotten that you are fueled by your emotions." said Farlon looking worried.
    "Now that she's angered, it's going to be hard to defeat her...especially with all this rain." Farlon said to himself.
    Farlon looked at Ramna with a thought sprouting in his head.
    Farlon thought that if he had brought up memories from the past, maybe she would break.
    " you remember that time when w-" said Farlon being cut off by Ramna.
    "W-what am I doing..?" said
    Farlon quietly to himself.
    Ramna's emotions began to spiral out of control with anger, and sadness.
    "NOOO! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" screamed Ramna falling to her knees, crying.
    Flames began to engulf the area around her, spiraling with intensity.

    "Please...I just want you to hold me again.." said Ramna lying on the ground crying in the rain.
    Farlon approached her slowly.
    Luly thought she knew what was going to happen, so she got up from the ground.
    "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HURT HER, YOU LOW LIFE!" shouted Luly rising up from the ground.
    "EARTH ART 89: LAND OF ORIGIN" shouted Luly, casting a powerful earth spell.
    "Ramna, look out! He's trying to get you while you're weak!" shouted Luly pointing at Farlon.

    The ground started to shake and crack open as a result of the spell.
    Farlon was stopped from approaching Ramna any further and tried to catch his balance as the ground was shaking. Large crevasses were formed in the vicinity and beautiful, big, yellow flowers sprouted from them.
    "Luly! Stop?" said Farlon, struggling to keep his balance.
    Luly's eyes started to glow bright green and she started to speak with an unworldly voice.
    "How dare you hurt my friends, I may have joined this for the fact that I was bored with life, but I formed a bond with these people and I won't allow you to EVER threaten them, FRIEND OR FOE, FARLON!"
    Luly held her staff in front of her and shouted words that weren't recorded and unknown.
    Her staff started to sprout flowers, which bloomed releasing tiny spore-like particles into the air.
    The spores were all directed to Farlon, which were then consumed by him unwillingly.
    The spores made Farlon drop to the ground and fall into a deep sleep.

    "He won't hurt you anymore, Ramna.." said Luly coming back to the ground and going to her side.
    "The rain makes me sad..." said Ramna trying to get herself together.
    Ramna crawled over to Farlon who was sleeping from Luly's spell, she put her hand on his hand gently.
    "He looks so peaceful...Luly why did we have to split up like this...why could we all just resolve this without violence..?" asked Ramna to Luly.
    "I don't know...but we're still not safe." said Luly looking in the distance.
    "Get yourself together...we're not alone." said Luly helping Ramna stand to face their new enemy.
    "I don't want to fight anymore!" shouted Ramna as she saw the 3 people approaching them.

    The last 3 Guardians of the
    Endurance Legion have taken matters into their own hands, and joined the fray. Facing Ramna and Luly, who are currently low on energy, were Alyut, Lunaris and Ophelia.
    I looked to th-...
    Ophelia looked to the ground with a book in her hand.
    "It's a d*mn shame that
    Farlon couldn't handle you 2 without ease." said Alyut angrily.
    "I sure as hell am not going to let 2 pathetic Guardians interfere with the Gods' revelations." said
    "I will surely die before disobeying the Gods!" shouted
    Alyut taking his sword out of it's sheath.
    "You're a monster..." said
    Luly as she firmly stood her ground.
    "Monster? More like a master mind." said
    Alyut smiling.
    "I think you're unaware that I know the extent of your ability,
    Luly." said Alyut confidentially.
    Luly looked worried knowing that he spoke no lies.
    "This is the brother of
    Sodis..I really don't think I'll be able to compare." said Luly to herself.
    Alyut didn't hesitate to fight, so he charged toward Luly elbowing her in the stomach causing her to be pushed into a crevasse that was previously created by her.
    Luly!" shouted Ramna as she attempted to run to her aid, until being stopped by Alyut.
    "Stop! We don't have to do this, your intentions are meaningless." said
    Ramna trying to get by Alyut.
    "Alyut, have you forgotten we were once friends?!" asked
    "The key word there is 'once,' you fool." said
    "You don't deserve to speak, traitor." said
    Alyut grabbing her by the throat.
    "I-IT...D-DOESN'T....HA-VE..TO....B-BE....THIS... WA-Y..." said
    Ramna struggling to breathe.
    "There's no other way, all humans will be eliminated." said
    Alyut strangling Ramna.

    Just before
    Ramna took her last breath, a giant magic infused fireball fell from the sky, scathing Alyut's arm that was tightly holding Ramna. Luly looked up in amazement on what had happened.
    Ramna fell from Alyut's grip into her former lover's arms, Farlon.

    "If you ever lay your hands on her, I will personally burn you to ashes." said
    F-farlon...?" spoke Ramna looking into Farlon's eyes that were fiercely focused on Alyut.
    "I'm sorry...I was a fool. I knew not what I was doing." said
    Farlon as he held her tightly.
    Farlon..are you lying to me, or are you really back..." said Ramna tearing up...again.
    Ramna I love you, I swear on the Gods that I will never harm you again." said Farlon with sincerity.
    Farlon proceeded to lift the light pink veil that Ramna wore over her mouth and kissed her passionately.
    "Please...protect my friends.." said
    Ramna as she passed out.
    Farlon placed her on the ground and said, "I will."
    "MY VISION IS CLEAR NOW!" shouted
    ​Luly got up from the crevasse that she was launched in previously.
    Luly and Farlon had history of working together in the past, which worked very well.
    They exchanged gazes, "You know what to do." asked
    Farlon confidentially. "I do." returned Luly.
    "This is getting boring, how about we stop you right now,
    Alyut?" asked Luly yawning.
    "You dare challenge me, the leader of the
    Endurance Legion?!" asked Alyut angrily.
    "Yeah, we do." said Farlon smiling.
    "Another traitor, both of you disgust me, your demise will be so sweet." said Alyut,
    "Fine, if it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get!" shouted Alyut rushing the 2 Guardians.

    Ramna drearily looked at the dark, cloudy sky as the rain poured down on her.
    Lightning struck in the distance.
    "Please help her,
    Sodis." said Ramna quietly to herself.


    "Dear Gods,

    I wish it would stop raining, It makes me remember the good times we had together.
    Why can't I do anything, I used to be so strong?
    I was confused...I didn't know what to do.
    I just stood there as I watched my friends tear each other apart.
    If this is your will, than I don't want it..."


    Read a page from the Journal of Ophelia.
    The rain continued to pour down on the Guardians clashing against each other.

    Alyut, who was once kindhearted toward his friends was now corrupt.
    The wounds of splitting up have been healed, no care remains for his former friends, at least that's what
    we think. Lunaris and Ophelia stand in the background as they watch Alyut attempt to execute their former friends, Farlon and Luly who are fighting to protect Ramna.
    Near the home of the
    Honor Legion, in a field a few miles from the palace awaits Zephyr and Grybe trying to defeat Raydn so they can join their friends and save Ramna and Luly.

    Raydn lies on the ground, losing to the 2 Guardians of the Honor Legion.
    Fighting one on one with them, he might have a chance, but 2 there was no way.=
    Raydn...are you going to give up already?" asked Grybe losing his breath.
    "This fight is pointless, I admit that I don't posses the power to take on the both of you." said
    Raydn wiping a drop of sweat from his forehead.
    "Besides, iv'e been notified that
    Alyut took things into his own hands, we're done here." said Raydn.
    Zephyr I didn't think you of all people would play dirty like this." said Raydn concerned.
    "Find the truth behind the Gods." said
    Raydn to Zephyr in a friendly manner.
    With that being said,
    Raydn reverted back into water and sunk into a puddle.
    "How are you doing
    Zephyr?" asked Grybe tiredly.

    Zephyr looked to the ground remembering the words that Raydn told him while they were facing off.
    His words continued to echo in his head, causing
    Zephyr to be confused.
    Thoughts from the past began to circle in
    Zephyr's head.
    "He's right..." said
    Zephyr completely convinced that Raydn was speaking the truth.
    "What do you mean?" asked
    Grybe confused.
    Grybe...I'm leaving it to you to protect our friends, ok?" asked Zephyr sincerely.
    "Bring them to peace..." said
    Zephyr as he vanished into thin air.
    ZEPHYR!" shouted Grybe wondering where he went.

    I know for a fac-
    Ophelia knew for a fact that Zephyr was going to investigate more on the truth of the Gods' plans to eradicate the human race. Zephyr left his faith and battle spirit in the hands on Grybe, who was confused but of course knew what to do.
    Raydn and Zephyr gone, Grybe knew that he had to continue his path toward his friends.
    Disregarding his current condition,
    Grybe slowly made his way hoping to meet up with 1 of the Guardians.
    The lightning in the air intensified as we join
    Sodis, Signas and Rina speaking together.
    Rina was known for her piety, making it very difficult to convince her that her Gods' were wrong.

    Rina, we don't have to fight...I wish it didn't have to be our way or no way." said Sodis with regret.
    "But, IT HAS TO! The Gods' are wrong, I believe that
    woman was sent to us to protect us, not break us apart. You believe that she was sent to us for unholy reasons, but you're wrong." continued Sodis.
    "The Gods do not lie, how could I abandon their wishes for how much they've done for me?" asked
    "This is mutany,
    Sodis...even if the Gods were being dishonest, I still have to follow them!" shouted Rina.
    "I believe that in the end, this will be for the greater good." said
    Rina looking at the ground.
    "I am fully aware that you strongly believe that,
    Rina." said Sodis with an odd look on his face.
    "That's why I have to do this..." said
    Sodis already regretting what he hasn't done.

    Sodis appeared in front of Rina with lightning speed and held his hand over her face.
    Sodis used a spell that knocked Rina out instantly, causing her to fall to the ground.
    "S-sir...will she be ok?" asked
    Signas shyly as she went to Rina's side.
    "She'll be fine, how dare my brother use his Guardians as pawns." said
    Sodis punching the ground.
    "He's going to pay for this!" shouted
    Sodis in extreme anger.
    "Sir..p-please calm'll be ok." said
    Signas looking away.
    Signas, come on now!" shouted Sodis summoning his magical horse again.
    "Y-yes, Sir!" shouted
    Signas as she accepted the help of Sodis onto the horse.
    "W-we can't just leave
    Rina here.." said Signas bashfully.
    "I know." said
    Sodis grabbing Rina, putting her onto the horse.
    "I have to find
    Alyut." said Sodis to himself as he pushed through the rain trying to get to his brother.

    Loud noises of swords clashing together were heard deep in the distance.
    Luly, watch out!" shouted Farlon saving her from the blade of Alyut.
    Farlon, now's your chance!" shouted Luly rising her staff, about to cast a spell.
    "Earth Art 76: World's Power!" said
    Luly as she casted one of her plant spells.
    Some of the dampened grass around the Guardians morphed into large vines with flowers sprouting on them,
    Luly produced these vines to help Farlon get aerial range for his spell.
    "I got it, thanks!" "Burning Unity, Crimson Wing!" shouted
    Farlon as he was upon a vine.
    "Now go! Rise above and fuse with the flames!" shouted
    Luly, fusing her magic with Farlon's.

    Large phoenix wings were mounted on
    Farlon's back producing mass amounts of fire around him.
    The vines that
    Luly made were then consumed by the flames, but the buds on the vines remains floating in the phoenix wings. These buds were a special art descended from generations of Earth magic users, the buds would bloom only on contact with a burning flame. When bloomed the flowers would act as a small flamethrower. Most of the time the flowers form in a 5 line angle around it's flame and then spew the fire in that formation. Farlon aimed his sword at Alyut. With his wings and the flowers that were created by Luly,
    This spell was a team spell, a 'Monarchy Blitz.'
    Monarchy Blitz: 2 spells combined of different elements to form one massive spell

    "You're going to try that on me, you're foolish." said
    Alyut smirking.
    Farlon and Luly in unison.
    Just before
    Luly and Farlon casted their Monarchy Blitz, a voice from the distance was heard.
    "Oh..? It's about time." said
    Lunaris to herself.
    "I see." chimed
    Ophelia in the background with her umbrella.
    Sodis with Signas and Rina.

    Luly and Farlon stopped and looked in the distance.
    S-sodis, you're here?" said Luly looking happy.
    Sodis dismounted his horse and faced Alyut.
    Signas, go tend to Ramna and take Rina along with you." said Sodis as he stared at Alyut.
    "A-alright..sir." said
    Signas obediently.
    Signas passed Ophelia, they exchanged nasty glares.
    Sodis, why are you stopping us, we could have ended it!" shouted Farlon rebelliously.
    "LIKE I SAID...this isn't your battle to fight." said
    Sodis once again, strictly.
    Farlon understood that this had just gotten personal, so he went to the side of Ramna and the others.
    "I'm not going to sit here and lecture you brother, you know what you've done." said
    Sodis angrily.
    "I've tried numerous times to help you, but you've taken no initiative to care." continued
    "I'm done trying, you've put everyone's life in danger and for that you're nothing more than a criminal who needs to be stopped." said
    Sodis seriously.
    "I see you've killed
    Rina?" asked Alyut.
    "Of course I wouldn't, she's just sleeping." said
    "Please...stop this Sodis." said
    Lunaris to herself.
    "Brother...always running from the truth, Iv'e waited for this day." said
    "The day where my hands are stained with your blood." said
    Alyut holding his sword firmly.


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