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  • [iOS] Selena Character quest taking TOO LONG to load

    Dunno where to contact support (support page says there's a direct link for it but I can't find it anywhere) so I'm asking here. If anyone can provide me a link that would be much much MUCH better than replying what I had already done.

    It's only Selena's character quest I seem to have issues with. I left it one whole night and it still is stuck on the "Now Loading" page. I have force closed the game many times because of this (along with the obligatory 20AP loss); batch downloading and re-downloading didn't work. Anyone experiencing this issue?

    If anyone asks I'm using iPhone 5S running on iOS 8.3. I haven't upgraded to the newest iOS version, and I don't plan to.

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    Hi there SoraBF,

    Please kindly contact us at for your technical issues.
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      Is it because of the AI?


      • SkyCrow
        SkyCrow commented
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        No, this was before the AI Update. It still is happening now for some players. It's mainly because of an incompatible device which is why they are having troubles with it. Emulator and my device runs the character quests smoothly without any problems

      • LouiseBetita
        LouiseBetita commented
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        Oh I see... I hope that there would be an option where you can lower the game graphics.