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  • New ideas , Suggestions

    Hello everyone. I am new players, I play this game about 3 weeks now, I really something, I hope the game developer can improve to make this game more and more success.

    I really this game have a little bit action to do, in my case , i am newbie , not strong, i can finish first main quest, and haft second main quest. and I got some new heroes.
    When i finish level all them to max lv 3* or 4*, and i cant do anything. this a problems. This game dont have much actions

    Bc i am newbie so cant farm high level event boss. in other case, if you are profession you when you finished lv max monster and also dont want to farm those event so what do you do ?

    My suggestion is If you can unlock all Upgrade Quest , it will make game more interesting and make all play more active BC

    they can level up and evolve monster they want when they have free times. they dont need to wait to next Week to get few material, Do you think that is waste of time. Game should design for player play when they have free times and make them active much as possible.

    And 1 more thing, About Raise Unit Limit , When i play in first few days i save Lazuli for summoning , but New i know with free player like me, i dont need summon, bc if i summon i only get 1 or 2 5* heroes, they too weak. What i should do now is using all Lazuli to extend Unit limited , save more heroes i can make strong heroes then other player same level,

    So why do make Lazuli like that for free player . its waste resource , If i can extend raise unit limited buy gold or others, I can refill my AP for some question i want. It make people have alot thing to do.

    In conclusion, I just want developer can make all upgrade quest are free from Tuesday to Thursday and . have other way to extend limited unit. And hope we have more others actions, for play just like , chat , mail ...

    Sorry everyone because my bad English and I just want to this game is more popular and success thank you alot

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    Sorry admin i think i up wrong place , could you delete for me, i make a new one in general discussion