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  • Phantom of the School

    The school semester has begun!

    Phantom of the School is a new event that is set neither in Terra nor Elysium, but in an alternate world where the Killer Princesses attend school within an academic city!

    The first chapter of this alternate story is available from September 7th Midnight to September 20th 11:59:59 PM (PT).

    There are Story quests that take you through the school life and dilemmas that the Killer Princesses will experience.
    Clearing these stages will earn you rewards including having Gridarvol (swimsuit ver.) join your party!

    Clearing all of the Story quests will unlock the Points quests. Here you can earn rewards by collecting points. Points can be collected by defeating enemies, and bonus points can be collected for doing the following:

    Deal more damage to an enemy than its remaining HP.

    Low Damage
    Clear the stage with low overall damage.

    Attack Weak Elements
    Attack enemies of weaker weapon types.

    No Casualty Bonus
    Clear the stage without using any items to get a bonus.

    Low Turn Clear
    Clear the stage in fewer turns to get a greater bonus.

    In addition, in Point quests, Gridarvol (swimsuit ver.) and Artemis (swimsuit ver.) have a chance to drop. The chances get better on more difficult stages!
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    We're currently (as of September 15th) taking care of the bugs outline below:

    *School Point Quest Low Turn Bonus
    There was a bug where the Low Turn Bonus in the School Point Quest (Adv) showed a decrease in points compared to before 9/14 (PT). We have fixed this bug, and so the bonus should properly show an increase in points compared to before 9/14 (PT).

    Thank you for your patience!
    We're looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
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