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  • Swimsuit Recruiter

    Here's another chance to get swimsuit units!

    There is a new 1-Time 9-Step Recruiter available until September 6th 11:59:59 PM (PT) that has a 100% guaranteed chance of dropping a ticket to pick a swimsuit unit on Step 5 and 9!

    Featured Units:
    • 4-5★ Eros (F) (swimsuit ver.)
    • 4-5★ Laevateinn (F) (swimsuit ver.)
    • 4-5★ Freikugel (F) (swimsuit ver.)
    • 4-5★ Yagrush (swimsuit ver.)
    • 4-5★ Tyrfing (swimsuit ver.)
    • 4-5★ Longinus (F) (swimsuit ver.)
    • 4-5★ Shekinah (swimsuit ver.)

    *Metal Keys can unlock Padlocked Gardens for an hour.
    *Gems can eb equipped to a unit in order to accelerate the growth of a particular stat.

    *Check the Details in the Recruit with Tickets section of Recruit in order to verify which units will drop from each respective Ticket Recruiter.
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