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  • ​6★ Units!

    6★ units
    are here! Get ready for even stronger Killer Princes and Princesses!

    • Must be 6★ capable
    • Must be a 5★ unit at at least level 60.
    • New evo materials are also required for 6★ evolution. These can be gathered in the 6★ Evo Materials Quest under Events Quest
    • Without limit breaking, a 6★ unit's max level is 70. You can limit break a unit to have a max level of 90. While evolving into a 6★ unit will reset their level to 1, skill level, friendship level, and gear proficiency will carry over.
    • The amount of limit breaks done to a 5★ unit carry over to their 6★ form. This means that if you already done 4 limit breaks to your 5★ unit, their 6★ form will also already have 4 limit breaks done, meaning you can immediately begin to level up to the max level of 90!
    • Some 6★ units that max out the character skill they earned in their Ep 2 Character Quest, can unlock their Ep 3 Character Quest! By clearing Ep 3, your unit will learn a new skill! Depending on the unit, this can be either a stronger version of the skill earned in Ep 2, or a completely brand new skill!
    • 6★ units can raise their Weapon Proficiency to Rank S! This rank will allow your unit to wield 6★ gear!
    • 6★ units can also become a new class. These new classes have improved prowess for unit type and gear type affinities.
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    i got a question about being able to unlock the new character quest needing a max character quest skill. if you evolved lets say Tyrfing to 6* but havnt maxed her quest skill do you need 6* Tyrfings to level up her skill or can 5* still work on leveling a 6* quest skill??


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      Hi there @ExelLancelot,

      Please be aware that we have updated the game mechanics and addressed involving leveling up the Unit's Passive, Active, or Character Skills in the (5/18) Game Change Updates.

      In that Update it states:

      Skill Level and Fusing Units
      -Before, when fusing a unit with the exact same unit (rarity can be different), there was only a chance to level up skills the material unit did not know. Now, even if this material unit does not know the skill, the skill is guaranteed to level up.

      Now, regardless if you have a 3,4 or 5 you will be able to level up Tyrfing's character skill if you have duplicates.
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      • ExelLancelot
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        much obliged

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      When limit breaking a 6 star unit that wasn't maxed out before evolution, can you use a 5 star version, or do you need to use another 6 star version?


      • Phantom of the Kill
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        Hello Lenzman,

        Unfortunately, you need same rarity duplicates in order to limit break. Hence, if you were not able to limit break at 5 star your units will have to be 6 star as well to max limit break to level 90.

      • SkyCrow
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        It is recommended by most players that you max limit break at 5* as you will no longer need to limit break at 6*. It will save you not only on Gold but also, Evo Materials, AP and a lot of time. It would be best if you make your unit start from scratch and then fuse your 6* unit as it will still give the fusion/evolution stats to your new unit.

      • Lenzman
        Lenzman commented
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        Thank-you all. As the jump from 5* to 6* carries evolution over, I was wondering if it was an exception in other ways.