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  • Madoka Magica 9-Step Recruiter Part 3

    A new Madoka Magica Crossover Recruiter is here!

    There is a new 1-Time 9-Step Recruiter available until March 15th 11:59:59 PM (PT) that drops a Madoka Magica crossover unit and a Pick Your New Unit Recruiter Ticket where you can choose between new Killer Princess Excalibur or Sharur on Step 9!

    Higher drop rates for the following units:
    • 4-5★ Madoka Kaname (Magical Girl version)
    • 4-5★ Homura Akemi (Magical Girl version)
    • 4-5★ Mami Tomoe
    • 4-5★ Sayaka Miki
    • 4-5★ Kyoko Sakura
    • 4-5★ Ultimate Madoka
    • 4-5★ Devil Homura
    * After you complete the ninth step, the recruiter will disappear.

    * New Killer Princess units do not drop in this Recruiter. This Recruiter gives New Unit Recruiter tickets as a bonus which can be used for a chance to drop new Killer Princess units.
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