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  • How to increase level of character quest skill

    When looking at epiosode 3 of a character quest it says to level up the said skill up to 10 but how does someone do that?

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    Fusing duplicate units of any rarity will increase the level of any unlocked skills, failing that you can use Duel Dollies (100% chance of skill level) or Micro Duel Dollies (20% chance of raising skill level). Dollies can be obtained from the shop (battle medal if I remember rightly) but they aren't cheap.


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      You can also farm Micro Dollies in the Slaughter All Beasts Event which can obtain Micro Duel Dollies. Before the update you needed duplicate units to be the same rarity and let that duplicate learn the skills first then fuse to the main unit in order to learn specific skills. Character skills before the update can automatically be learned by duplicate units once they reach 5* and you have finished the Ep.2 of their character skills. Now with the recent update you can fuse any rarity duplicates to your main one to level up character skills so long as your main unit has learned all skills then fuse until you max all skills.


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        Hi Penrod,

        As to what the other commanders have stated you can use duplicate units and skill dollies in order to level up the skills your main unit has. Please also see the Game Change Updates.If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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          Originally posted by Phantom of the Kill View Post
          This is a great update btw. Thank you Potk


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            Hi SkyCrow,

            Thank you for feedback! Please keep on supporting the game!

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          Thanks for the tips. This will surely help my journey through the game.


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