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  • Weekly Help Thread Sept. 11 - 17

    Hey there commanders,

    Here's the new Weekly Help Thread in order for us and your fellow commanders to assist you with your questions about the game.

    Got any suggestions for the game? post them in the Suggestion Thread in order for us to know your feedback about the game HERE.

    Need help in battles? Add a friend and get them to help you with your battles. Head on to the Add a Friend! thread HERE.
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    Greetings from central Florida ... I just got power back after 4 days and a few hours- miserably hot, no internet, lost food and storm damage- was very Lucky considering the eye of the storm went right over at a Cat 2 hurricane. So I missed a few of the login bonuses but no big deal could have been a lot worse. Couple of friends and I were joking there should be two new Mages called Harvey and Irma. Harvey would be a water element with special skill called storm surge- damages x5. Irma would be a wind element with a special skill called Eye of the Hurricane- damages all units up to three spaces out at x2.
    I hope anyone else who was in these two storms was able to keep their selves safe and did loose their sense of humor.


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      Ok information please: is there a limit as to how high your luck can be raised on any one unit?


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        It depends on the unit, and possibly his/her growth. Some units have slightly more luck stats than others. If you're talking about how much luck you can raise by fusing units/dollies, it's 30.


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          It's Gridarvol... level 90 ... guard. Friends have same unit and their luck is 58 but mine won't take anymore after 42.
          She's MLB and has been enhanced too


          • Luzleis
            Luzleis commented
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            Did you fully fused her with max luck? As in, fused her with the exact same units or luck dollies 30 times?

          • SkyCrow
            SkyCrow commented
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            If it is indicated with a white bar then that means your grid's growth on that luck is pretty bad. If it shows either green or blue then you still have the chance to fuse duplicate units or luck dollies.
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