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  • Weekly Help Thread July 17 - 23

    Hey there commanders,

    Here's the new Weekly Help Thread in order for us and your fellow commanders to assist you with your questions about the game.

    Got any suggestions for the game? post them in the Suggestion Thread in order for us to know your feedback about the game HERE.

    Need help in battles? Add a friend and get them to help you with your battles. Head on to the Add a Friend! thread HERE.
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    Was wondering if anyone else has a birthday the same as one of the units?
    I share mine with Sharur... so happy birthday 🎈🎂 To her. Something even more interesting is I look a bit like her and my work was similar to the description of her personal information. And I also like the things she likes... (humming -wonder if the PotK devs are tuning into my mind)


    • SkyCrow
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      Most people believe that a person with the same zodiac or bloodtype have similar personalities. There still isn't a killer prince or princess with the same as my birthday but I've seen characters with the zodiac of a cancer and have similar personalities than me. But not all of them

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    On a different note, I noticed two things recently:

    1) the little unit avatar ( the one that spins around in the units status area) if you touch it it will salute you and then return to spinning... nice!

    2) on different quests my HP changes, for example Risa usually has 72 but I have seen on other times it's 102. I looked at other units and it was the same- some gained more HP on various events. Is there any rhyme or reason to this?


    • Luzleis
      Luzleis commented
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      It's possible due to your unit's skill, a leader skill, or a weapon that gives HP boost skill, any of those that takes effect in combat.

    • SkyCrow
      SkyCrow commented
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      Yep. This will depend on your friend helper leader skills if your Party is the same every time you start a stage. Like if you run Risa always and you add a friend helper such as Harpe which boosts HP as a leader skill then that maybe a reason why your Risa's HP increases.