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  • Weekly Help Thread May 22 - 28

    Hey there commanders,

    Here's the new Weekly Help Thread in order for us and your fellow commanders to assist you with your questions about the game.

    Got any suggestions for the game? post them in the Suggestion Thread in order for us to know your feedback about the game HERE.
    Need help in battles? Add a friend and get them to help you with your battles. Head on to the Add a Friend! thread HERE.
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    I was wondering about Red Beastking Fangs... I got 2 from slots but apparently there's no recipe that requires them?

    Also S class weapon proficiency... my Thyrsos has been trying to make her shield S rank but it's not budging despite I killed dozens of things already, could it be capped at A rank for certain units/classes? Or maybe there's no S rank for shield..?

    Thank you.


    • ExelLancelot
      ExelLancelot commented
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      the Red Beastking Fangs and the Red Dragongod Wing don't have recipes YET so its probably going to be in a later update i'd save them

      about the S rank from what i understood only 6* units will be able to get to S rank units like Tyrfing, Longinus (F) Laevateinn (M) and the such. also will probably take some time to reach S rank

    • Kizaru
      Kizaru commented
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      Ohh thanks, I probably misread the news lol.

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    Open to suggestions as to how to defeat Aphrodite in current event. Tried several different teams including Fire bow and gun units. Closest I came to wiping her out was 5 points left on health bar using all staff units. Most don't get to hit her with more than 1-5 points. Or the ones who have higher point only have less than 20% accuracy. If this is the only way to get 6 star evolution material for Artemis I'm screwed...


    • Luzleis
      Luzleis commented
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      Keep in mind that she does have a skill that lowers SPD/STR, so it rough on Physical unit and nearly impossible for double damage. Not to mention she also possesses a Nebulae Hercules, so anything at 2 ranges or below is rough as well. Bring about 2 of your best magic units and hope for the best, the rest will just clear the field. If not, well..good luck, this one was harder to do(not a lot) compared to Longinus's confrontation, in terms of the boss, rest should be easy.

    • AspenAnamanta
      AspenAnamanta commented
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      @Luzlies, thanks and yeah found that out during the other tries. Was able to get through Longinus. Oh well I Will try a few more times. Just got to remember too save up ap.

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    I was wondering if someone could enlighten me regarding Luck stat and drop rate.
    Is this based on the unit that makes the kill's luck? Or maybe the average of the whole party?
    Because I've been using magicwarder sereine recently (+10 luck) and the unit using it doesnt seem to get more drops...
    Maybe luck from gear doesnt matter for drops?

    Thank you.


    • SkyCrow
      SkyCrow commented
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      From what I can tell it's the average of the whole party + friend leader. But others say that it is per leader only plus friend leader. My opinion on this is that Magicwarder can have a difference in drop it just still depends on RNG. Given that you have Sereine it would add a chance to drop, but if your equipped unit has way too low for luck then it will not drop as much. I'd give you an example here on my part. I have a recently raised Tyrfing with 37 Luck and a Selena with 47 luck wasn't able to stat cap her luck but was able to max fuse luck. These stats are without Sereine if you add that I get 47 and 57 respectively. Now with that difference of luck the drop varies for me in gold rush for example, Tyrfing 47 luck = average of 4-6 gold in gold rush while Selena 57 luck = average 7-9 gold in gold rush. See the difference? That is 10 more in luck meaning Sereine with the additional of 10 luck that it gives to sword users can give a higher chance of drop rate. Now add a friend helper with a high luck unit then it would give more chance to drop. Overall, the more luck your party/squad has the more chances for drops to occur.

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    A question on 6 star units and limit breaks. I know if you evolve a 5 star limit breaks carry over. But can you use a 5 star unit to limit break a 6 star unit?


    • Phantom of the Kill
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      Hello Xzaral,

      Unfortunately, the unit needs a same rarity duplicate unit for it to limit break. Hence, you will be needing the same rarity to limit break your 6★ units.