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  • Weekly Help Thread May 8 - 14

    Hey there commanders,

    Here's the new Weekly Help Thread in order for us and your fellow commanders to assist you with your questions about the game.

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    I'd like to know what you guys think about gun mages... more precisely what's your approach with them?
    I mean... they lose hp everytime they shoot.. I would think Vitality type is perfect for them in general, especially dark ones.
    Sure its probably not a good idea to make them tank, but if you're surounded, sometimes your gun mages will get attacked anyway.
    Beside, Vitality/guard type means less speed, which means they are likely to attack once instead of two.. then they lose less hp.
    Though I heard people prefer them magic type, but is this powerful enough? I mean, I doubt they one shot everything anyway...


    • SkyCrow
      SkyCrow commented
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      Magic or Dex are the preferred types for Gun Mages. Magic basically destroys the enemy unit in one hit if you have a decent gun mage with great growth on magic. Much more better if you can limit break the unit. Meanwhile, dex is a preferred if you'd choose to dodge most of the enemies attacks why because you cause damage to your gun unit by attacking, if the enemy also lands a hit then it feels like double damage. Hence, the more you dodge the more times your gunner can attack due to less life lost. Having one of the best gun units such as Brionac or Bashosen to your squad makes your perspective about gun units way different. Give it a try, I used to hate gun units. But when I obtained enough units to MLB I'm using them most of the times. Especially when there are stage missions for gun units only. They'll be the heroines you've been looking for during those times.

    • Kizaru
      Kizaru commented
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      Thanks Yes I have some good gun units but most of the time I only have one copy.. that means they cant go beyond 50 or 60... still, some are useful anyway. Some are dex type too, but I still feel reluctant with dark ones...
      8 hp lost everytime they attack is quite the toll :/
      You think gun mages can get that much dodge? Also with high enough pdef/mdef I suppose its fine when they only take 1 damage, instead of dodging.
      Dodging is luck based basically, while solid pdef/mdef not. I'm not saying I dislike the idea, still just a bit skeptical :P

    • SkyCrow
      SkyCrow commented
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      Originally posted by Kizaru View Post
      Dodging is luck based basically, while solid pdef/mdef not. I'm not saying I dislike the idea, still just a bit skeptical :P
      Now, this is where your understanding about dodge is incomplete. Luck does have a part in dodging correct. However, the most important factor about dodging is the Spd Stats. Not only does Spd gives you more chance at a double attack but it gives your unit more chance to evade/dodge an attack if your Unit's Spd is much higher than the enemy unit's Accuracy or in other words Agi stats. Having a Dex Type Gunner can improve the chances of the unit dodging an attack which is why the meta is have a Dex build unit regardless of class or who it is. There is nothing skeptical about it. Gunners are meant to be that way as a direct hit from a gunner can deal very massive damage. Also, A Dex Type Gunner has higher Spd and Agi which gives it more chance to not only evade but to hit a target. I'm not trying to convince you to try but if you don't try and make a decent gunner for yourself you will really never know and keep thinking that gunner units are not worth it.