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  • Weekly Help Thread May 1 - 7

    Hey there commanders,

    Here's the new Weekly Help Thread in order for us and your fellow commanders to assist you with your questions about the game.

    Got any suggestions for the game? post them in the Suggestion Thread in order for us to know your feedback about the game HERE.
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    Question. Is it necessary to reincarnate for a better growth rate BEFORE evolution if you want to be an elitist about stats? Also, does the growth rate carry over to the next evolution or is it randomized after evolving?


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      You can if you really need to get those stat caps at a lower rarity then evolve it when you are satisfied. The ideal would be at 4* if you started from 3* since if you squeeze out those stats from the 3* form would not make much of a difference. Second question, I am unsure about that. From what I can tell it is random per rarity and that the most important growth rate you will only be taking note always is the 5* form. If it did not reach to a point you are satisfied with then you can always reincarnate and hope for a better growth rate. Hope this helps.


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        I keep wondering about leaders... Most my friends always use the same leader, but personally I change leader often. But how do my friends see it? Do they get my new leader instantly? Or leader remains for a certain amount of time and changes later?


        • Kizaru
          Kizaru commented
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          Yeah I wish coloseum party was more clear...

          Also I wondered, if I use my party 1 leader in another party, and change his/her gear... will the gear change in party 1 too?

        • Luzleis
          Luzleis commented
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          Yes, the gears will change as well. So, be careful leaving a unit unarmed if you're using a unit that's from party 1.

        • Kizaru
          Kizaru commented
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          Right, thanks