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  • Weekly Help Thread April 17 - 23

    Hey there commanders,

    Here's the new Weekly Help Thread in order for us and your fellow commanders to assist you with your questions about the game.

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    One more time Hello again,
    We've been getting books and other goodies from the metal slots👍 However several of the items have no information as to how to use them. I've a set of red beast fangs and dragongod wing with no recipe in the fuse tab. They have recipes for the grey and green as I've used the green one. Also all those books and no clue as to what you need them for


    • Luzleis
      Luzleis commented
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      Beast and Dragon materials that are not in the recipes may just be for future recipes.

      The Ult Guides are usually used to increase the chances, if not a guaranteed, of getting rarity(s) up for certain types of weapon. i.e. 3* > 4* > 5*. Of course, this doesn't change the chances of obtaining a specific weapon of you're wondering.
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    • Phantom of the Kill
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      Hello AspenAnamanta,

      Regarding your questions with regards to the books that you receive from the rare medal slots is that not all recipe books have fusion recipe whereas you need only fuse it to a same rarity weapon and raise the chance of getting a higher tier of the weapon you fused. Like what Luzleis said, "3* > 4* > 5*". As for your questions with the materials obtained from the rare medal slot we ask that you look forward to future updates regarding this matter. Thank you.