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  • Tuesday Tactics - Electric Valentines

    Happy Valentines Commanders!

    Have you finished the All New Black Electric Valentine Dungeon?
    How did you fare against the Eldritch in this dungeon as well as Valentines Version of Tyrfing and Asclepius? Tell us all about it in the comments section. If you need tips or help with the stage feel free to reach out to your fellow commanders here!

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    If you use a group of flyers send the strongest up the left side and over to attack Asc. Use the rest as a decoy for Tyr to get her away from the healing power of Asc. If you kill Asc the game ends. Ignore the metal maid and others as they will come out to you decoys. If you want to try to get more books just use ground units/ horses. Watch out for the Crowell and archers.


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      I'm still running Black Electric Valentine for the Rich Chocolate Recipe with auto battle. Long but gives me time to do other things.

      My first fight in Black Electric Valentine was dealt in 6 turns with no casualties. Since Asclepius has a character skill that greatly boost acc. for the start of 5 turns, I had time to pass, so I brought 2 flying units with special skills to use after 5 turns. Sending my ground units forward to see what I can get, my flyers stayed in position, ready to drag out Asclepius out of the castle/church. After turn 5, flyers used special skills and drag her out. Good thing is that Tyrfing doesn't move an inch since I'm out of her "current" danger zone. Turn 6, I unleashed the hounds and win.


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        I still having not much luck getting Rich Chocolate Recipe. Is there any way we can get an event extension? Maybe another week or two?


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