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  • Tuesday Tactics - AP Consumption


    Do you use your AP wisely? Tell us what your routine is during the week in order to keep up with the events and all the level grinding. Share your tips on how to spend AP wisely to your fellow commanders in the comment section below.
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  • #2 thing I hate to do is waste AP and over saturating AP. Each day I start by running 1-a-day, 3-a-day, or 5-a-day, Metal Gardens, easy AP use. Somewhere in between I'd spend no more 15 AP on Kill Mode to give one of my 3-4* units a nudge from level 39 to 40, or 49 to 50 and for daily as well.

    The next depends on what day it is. Monday being a killer as there's no evolution events, just a 1-a-day boost for 13 AP. Tuesday to Thursday, evolution hunting, but only keeping those that are necessary, the rest I release. Friday, dollies hunting, always good. Use them on units if the storage is full or release(usually DEF and SPR) them and hunt more again.

    If you're near level or have stacks of 40 AP in your mission logs, or both, suggest doing padlocked garden, because after you level, there's no need to head to home page and get another 40 AP or so until you've used up your refreshed AP. Those few seconds can actually give you another run.

    After all these or after "paragraph 2" just do the event or crossover event until you've burned everything, for event weapons and/or units.


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      The grind is real when you have 4 units that need to be MLB'ed. Most of my AP nowadays are spent on metal gardens and then a few rounds of current event quests. Now that there are Two 5-a-Day metal gardens most of my AP are now spent on that and then wait for the 40 AP stacks. any remaining AP from there will be for Evolution Materials and how many I can keep farming until the day changes.