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  • Wednesday Comedy


    With the year ending we count down the days of 2016 and welcome 2017! However, we still have Wednesday Comedy to give out smiles all around. With that in mind we ask you commanders of what you thought was the funniest moments you have ever encountered in the game.

    Tell us in the comments section.
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  • #2
    My Selena against an opponent's Selena in Multiplayer. My opponent strikes first, with 2x attack and 82% accuracy with 0% critical chance(High LUK I have), while I have 37% accuracy and 2% critical chance, see where this is going right? Q.Q

    Opponent triggers her Last Blizzard so it's lethal, but missed! Next, my Last Blizzard triggered and, I expected a miss, but it struct and insult to injury, that was a critical hit.*Singing Angels*

    It was funny for me, but super unfortunate for my opponent. I pretty much won due to that RNG.


    • Phantom of the Kill
      Editing a comment
      Splendid! Congrats on getting that win!