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  • Tuesday Tactics - Slay Bells


    Have you already tried our new event Slay Bells? With only 10 turns to gain Doll units which of your units will you bring to the battlefield in order to obtain them.

    Comment down below!

    *For those with questions about the daily missions of this event you can view the topic HERE
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  • #2
    I'd bring Kusanagi(Winged) and Trishula(with ranged lance). The rest are fillers for annihilating the remaining mobs. Didn't need to survive 10 turns, I just need 7 turns to grab all dollies and kill everything. =)


    • Phantom of the Kill
      Editing a comment
      What are your thoughts on Map Stages such as these? Would you be willing to have more maps like these in the future?

    • Luzleis
      Luzleis commented
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      Hmm...I thought the map was pretty claustrophobic in a vertical view, not much units can avoid getting attacked unless you clear one side of the map to give other units breathing spaces. Overall, I can imagine this map being a bit rough on beginners when it comes to having the same power level as your enemies.

      I'd be willing to have more maps like these for events and for advanced players, but I'd also prefer other maps with wide spaces and multiple stage selections for events like these, for beginners as well. Like place 2-3 types of level to choose, and doesn't matter which level you cleared as long as you clear 3 games you cannot access anyone of those until the next day.

      But this is just my opinion, and I'm not a very good at explaining so do not expect much out of me if I wasn't answering the question clearly. ^^"