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  • Wednesday Comedy


    With the 800,000 Download celebration ending we follow it up with the release of Chapter 3! Festivities all around, Happy people celebrating in the streets. Killer Prince and Princesses wearing their winter outfits. Who would you share a cup of coffee to warm the surroundings? Comment down below for your thoughts.
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  • #2
    I would love to see Longnius(m) in a winter outfit, also seeing Artemis in a winter outfit would be cool too!


    • SkyCrow
      SkyCrow commented
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      Isn't Longinus M already in a "sort of wintery" outfit? I'd go with artemis as well.

  • #3
    If by winter outfit you mean clothes to deal with cold then I'd like to see Masamune or Aymur not the Santa version. but winter fashion clothes.


    • #4
      Hmm...I would love to see Rhongomyniad wearing a winter outfit and share coffee with her. IMO, she has the most heartwarming smiles. <3


      • SkyCrow
        SkyCrow commented
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        Really now, She'd have to hide her front if she wears winter outfit. Haven't seen her smile yet. does she have a character quest?

      • Luzleis
        Luzleis commented
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        I wouldn't mind that, be it exposed or not. =3

        Also, she does have a Character Quest. That's where her smiles come from. =D
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