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  • Tuesday Tactics


    With all the terrain in the map to battle out foes. Which one is your favorite and the most strategic in your opinion? Comment down below to also help your new fellow commanders.
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    In some rough fights, i.e Rampage Quests: Abyss, have your foes move towards you without entering their danger zone, then first strike and don't let them counter.
    This is what I'd do when I don't have level 80 units. Now I'm level 131, auto-battle, win. =P


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    I'd have to choose mountain tops or a healing fort. On mountains I'd use my flying units in order to attack enemies from below and gain additional evasion from it. While I'd place my SS Grid on a healing fort and have it go on a rampage with her volleyballs.


    • Phantom of the Kill
      Editing a comment
      Ooh not bad of a choice. "Death from above" is more likely the best phrase here.