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  • Idea New Gem System

    Hello everyone, This is my gem System. Hope everyone like it and hope it will become true someday

    Gem System have 7 types of gem. Gem is not increase your hero stat , Gem only convert one type of stat to other

    HP gem: gem increase HP, and decrease some other stat not HP

    Grd gem : gem increase Grd ( Pdef ) and decrease some other stat not Grd

    This is example Grd gem.

    In this example Grd gem will increase 7 Grd and decrease 8 Str.

    Each type gem have 6 difference kind. Example: Grd gem. this gem will increase Grd but i will DECREASE - HP or Str or Mgc or Spr or Spd or Agi

    So all player can get gem when they kill boss. Boss will give you a random gem Grd gem, it maybe + Grd - HP or + Grd - Mgc. Its depend on your hero you can use difference gems.

    You have farm alot to get which type gem you want, And Gem have star . 1 to 5 equal Common , Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Legendary

    Of course, It will be hard to get Legendary gem, it will be low chance to drop.

    Gem can increase Level ( this will depend on developer decide )

    This is Core Gem System , The developer can make it more detail about Boss....

    I hope if they have this system. we can play online with other player to win boss , team have 4 or 5 ppl However it will hard to make that to be real.

    Boss maybe move very slow about 2 move but hight Acc about 180 high attack , player need combine many hero to win boss. with those gem, hero will be more strong than now

    That all i can think. i hope everyone like it and hope someday we can play it in game .

    Benefit of this system. For player , player can have more thing to do and have fun with friends

    For developer and company, Company can make new patch to sell gem. sell Rare gem or Very Rare gem. it random type gem, Or you can choose buy one specific 1 type gem, but it will be more expensive. I think many people will buy rather farm it , because farm gem will be not easy and it take time

    Thank you to read my idea, and Please comment and share your ideas. Hope everyone have fun lol enjoy game )