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  • Idea about new Colosseum

    Hello everyone, Its my idea about new Colosseum. Because i dont want to practice your current Colosseum. Reason

    The Colosseum now is just base on strength of Heroes, its not about on strategy of player. If you have good heroes with good Eva and Acc you will win 100%.

    Second this game is strategy games base on movement and other difference type of heroes, they have weakness and strength, if we keep the current Colosseum, i would lost the meaning of our strategy, this Colosseum like a normal game card Arena, no different We are losing opportunity and advantage of our game.

    There are no motivation in Colosseum, because people will give up when they see some type of hero that they cant never win, if they lack of some heroes. its make people feel boring.

    My suggestion is. If we cant change the way Colosseum work,

    We need map for Colosseum. area about 7x10.

    Player can choose any area in 2 line they want to join in the battle. with max heroes is 5. The players cant use more than 2 similar heroes, Because some heroes have powerful skill

    Red is defence area , and green is attacker area

    Attacker can choose 5 heroes he want and put any where in Green Area and defence team have the same way.

    But the defence player should have 2 choices when with defence hero, Auto attack or Just stand by mode. It help defender have more chance to success

    Finally, We need time for match about, About 10 rounds.

    With this system, player can have more strategies to use in both defence and attack, It will be more fun and keep play thinking more about game rather just put strong heroes and click.

    The weak play still can win again strong players with their heroes, by combines many type of heroes support each others.

    We need change rewards for Colosseum. Should let player see what they will have in all Stage it will make them more motivation to win match rather losing all match ( like me , i am loser now ) )

    It think it better if we can have reward in each week. I know this weekly system reward will cost alot problems. But It will help game so much interesting for players. ( we can have 2 separate reward, first time reward like current reward right now and weekly reward such as Ap or key, I sure i will try harder in Colosseum if they give me some weekly reward ) )

    It will be hard to build this system, for developers. However, I hope my idea can become true one day, I sure its will be awesome, Everyone will love it,

    Sr I talk too much , I just want this game is more awesome, and more people play it .
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    Very nice suggestion.


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      Basically a PvP map right?
      Actually it's the one that written as coming soon at the home screen.
      I saw it on youtube for JP version. But both must online.

      And yeah, I would like to have these as well.


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        no It is not PVP, only attacker is player , defence is automatic. I have new idea about Gem , that should convert some stat From Pattack to Mattack .... so on , I will make other port for more detail ) , Ideas are lot but i dont khow those can come true or not lol ) , With this gem system , both players and developer have benefit )


        • Shironui
          Shironui commented
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          Not a bad one either but I think we need a good auto AI first before the defensive party is more challenging.

          But if it's AI controlled for enemy, I think it would be fair if ours is AI controlled as well. Just to be fair.
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        • mitdac01
          mitdac01 commented
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          the reason i dont want both defence and attack is AI because , I want player have a chance to win against strong Heroes. They will more creative when they build their team and how they play , I want all players enjoy the game rather be fair.

          You can think its both side, if you attack other with their AI defence , there is someone will attack your defence with your AI right ?, so it always fair right ?

        • Shironui
          Shironui commented
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          Nope, attacker always have the advantage, so I can't call that fair.
          But I always welcome something new with potential to get more freebies.