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  • S class farmer for newbie :D i am newbie too :D

    Hello everyone, this is my exp about Gridavol (F). I am newbie. its really hard to me to farm final stage or boss bc i dont have good heroes. now I got her, i am confident i can farm all final stage easy , solo auto mode.

    I rated her is S class because some reasons

    1) She is staff type, it means she can health herself if you have high acc so you can sure you never die

    2) She can easy change style. I mean use difference weapon you can easy win many kind of boss, you can use Shield to make Pdef high or MDef high.

    3) Her movement is very good you can see in pic. She dont rely on Eva so you dont need put to much effort to build her , there are some pics about my Gridarvol she is not max lv 80 yet but he can solo final stage auto mode ( 100% win )

    Try to farm as much as you can , and you will be more easy to play game in future. Good luck, enjoy everyone
    Last edited by mitdac01; 09-07-2016, 08:21 AM.

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    wow... nice observation mitdac. thank you. Hope you get her maxed out. Good luck.
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