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  • Too Much Gear Broken!!!

    My gear breaks EVERYTIME my characters die. It's like... What the hell? I thought the gear break chance was supposed to be reduced in a recent update?

    Thanks to this 100% break chance, I'm forced to fight difficult battles without any gear. But, doesn't this defeat the purpose of using gear? After all, I don't need gear for the easy quests. I need gear for the quests I get killed in.

    Can't you make someway to Fuse gear with Lazuli to make Premium gear that NEVER breaks? This game would be a LOT funner if gear didn't break.
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    This really isn't that much of a problem for most players. If you currently use low level units then use 1 or 2 star weapons then if it breaks get another one from the mana gacha or repair it if you want. Doesn't matter that much since it's a 1 or 2 star weapon. Save 4-5 star weapons for units that are max limit break or if you just limit break'd it to level 80. If it gets destroyed use a rare medal with 100% chance of repairing.