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  • Phantom of the Summer!

    Feel that summer heat!

    It's summertime, so in the coming weeks we will be rolling out new swimsuit versions of Killer Princesses as well as 6-star versions of your last summer favorites!

    We have also launched a special summer Event quest! The fight against the mighty Aquadiablos and swimsuit-clad Killer Princesses returns in the Lakefront Demon Event quests! Until August 31st 11:59:59 PM (PT), you can play through the stages to get Rare Medals and your own swimsuit version of Artemis who is now 6-star capable!

    In this event, swimsuit versions of units won't have limited movement over lakes and sand! Use this to your advantage!

    In addition, there is a new Extra stage added after defeating a certain type of summer loving adversary on the 20th stage.

    The Extra stage has a chance of dropping 6-star gear! The very first ranged sword-type gear Throwing Dagger also has a chance to drop!

    Stay cool, and see you on the lakefront!
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    What are the access conditions to this extra stage? Is it more than simply beat the stage "Water War 10"? I have all 20 stages completed, but no "extra" stage.
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    • Phantom of the Kill
      Editing a comment
      Hello Lenzman,

      Yes there is more to it than simply beating the stage. Try roaming around the map and you will be able to see the adorable summer loving adversaries!

      -Phantom of the Kill Global Team