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  • Slaughter All Beasts Event

    A new ranking event is here!

    Slaughter All Beasts is a new event quest that awards you rank points the more monsters you defeat, and rewards you with prizes depending on the rank you place in!

    Event Stage Period:
    April 20th Midnight - April 25th 11:59:59 PM (PT)

    Reward Period:
    April 26th 1:00:00 AM - May 3rd 11:59:59 PM (PT)

    Stages reset every day at midnight. In addition, the enemy's element will change depending on the day:

    4/20: Fire
    4/21: Ice
    4/22: Thunder
    4/23: Wind
    4/24: Dark
    4/25: Light

    Here are some tips on raising your score:

    You can also get points for:

    Doing more damage than an enemy's HP

    No Damage
    You get more points, the less damage your part takes overall.

    No KOs
    Bonus points awarded for clearing the stage without any of your party members getting KO'd

    No Items
    Bonus points awarded for clearing the stage without using any items.
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