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  • Help with Squad Building

    Not been playing BF for over three years. just started it again recently and need help with squad building with whatever unit i have.


    thanks in advance and do advice on who should i max their lvls first.

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    I suggest that you focus leveling up the Omni able units first as they can be very useful in different parts of the game especially the dungeons.


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      Originally posted by LouiseBetita View Post
      I suggest that you focus leveling up the Omni able units first as they can be very useful in different parts of the game especially the dungeons.
      how about the squad build? i dont know what is the best squad i could build with this units


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        ... I agree with LouiseBetita about this, I mean not meant to be rude but wow that's the least unit that I want to have in my squad in this recent era. However, I suggest it like this.

        Felice - Leader
        Felice being Leader is a good thing even in the 7* form which is already good since you're like having only one OE unit right and that's now very good at all but hey it's okay for your situation. Felice acts as BB Filler damage taken and BC Fill/Spark, with her around it will be guaranteed that you can have your BB Gauge full in no time, however, I would prefer her OE form rather than 7* so you better level up your level first so you can fill at least all of it with OE for your own good.

        Stein - Mitigator
        IT'S A MUST no one can survive in this hard era without mitigator even right now that buff is kinda weak and need to be combined with the other buffs such as Elemental Mitigation, Barrier and etc, but for your cases which applicable to be newbie I think it should be enough. Stein works like Elphet only Elphet working more to the Healing while Stein is for Mitigation and Cleanse Status Ailments as well negating it (IN OE FORM HE CAN NEGATE IT). I would love to have his OE form rather than making him in 7* and if you're asking me who you should change it first I'll say, Stein, because you need mitigation that BADLY, you can't survive without those.

        Lance - Ailments (OE) and Support
        While making a progress with Stein I suggest that the 2nd one to be raised to OE should be Lance because Lance can complete what Stein have independently without making a clash of buffs. Lance can do Barrier and DEF Status Boost while Stein is Mitigation, it's like a Wonderful pain, right? With correct Equipment for Lance which is Drevas his exclusive Spear from GGC Vol.3, it was advised to have it and equip it to him as it will only his ES power more tremendously. In OE he can do Ailments but using SP for an addition buffs on BB/SBB.

        Ragra - Nuker
        Sadly she wasn't the best all around unit for this situation but you don't have many choices about it. Ragra might be a little bit underwhelming but what's underwhelming has its own potential. Ragra is a Self Booster which all of her buffs can be stacked with people's other buffs that had the same effect as she does because Self + Share Buffs is allowed, so yeah it's advantageous situation. More than that, all of it is mediocre buffs but hey she's visible for nuking but you need to be precise as her SBB only have 2 hits.

        Baro/Elphet - Supporter
        Truth to be told Baro is when you're doing Hard Content and Elphet is for Easier Content. All being said Baro wins it but not really that useful as most that he can be done can be also done by the others as well especially Felice.


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          thank you so much for the detailed explaination. yeahh i guessed so that i have too little of good units to build a really good squad. guess i need to summon more and hope to get better nuker and units.

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        I managed to pull a few more heroes which i dont know is good or not.
        7*(rengaku, ewan, luina)


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