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  • Team Build Help!

    So I just got back into brave frontier a few months ago, and trying to relearn all of the stat buffs, etc. is overwhelming. I understand the basic team requirements like mitigation, burst healing, HoT, etc. I just wanted to get some opinions on what teams would be good for different situations since I'm a bit rusty and no longer keep updated with the meta. I've completed the first two arcs so now all I have to worry about is teams for: Arena, Grand Gaia Chronicles, HR Battles, Trials, etc. Side note I love Shion as a unit, so any teams using him would be nice as well.
    My units are as follows:

    Dark: Magress, Cardes, Zellvahua, Alfa Dilith, Kalon, Zekuu, Zalvard, Shion, Grahdens, Elza, Reis, Charis, Chrome, Laberd, Febros, Malbelle, Gregor, Zeal, Eclise, Mizerka, Sonia, Ensa-Taya, Zenia

    Light: Maxwell, Gabriela, Lara, Alma, Sodis, Diastima, Fadahl, Rinon, Layla, Lauda, Aurelia, Ionia.

    Thunder: Eze, Zora, Ewan, Rayla, Radia, Lafiel, Rahgan, Belzeft, Rize, Shera, Licht.

    Earth: Lance, Hisui, Fei and Fang, Rozalia, Felice, Toutetsu, Dure, Belardo, Leona(not KoF), Baro, Avani.

    Water: Melord, Elimo, Karl, Noah, Belfura, Quartz, Lune, Piany, Sareas, Vern, Azami, Stein, Holia, Mariela, Zalts, Ilm, Azalea, Tridon, Cotton, Fei

    Fire: Vargas, Shura, Adel, Avant, Lyonesse, Barbara, Bestie, Limera, Golzo, Malef, Alessa

    Thanks again for helping out!!!!

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    While Shion was very good at least for everything, one must know that he's just an amazing OD Filler nothing less and nothing more. Granted he can do like 6 Elemental Effects, Tri-Stat Boots, and OD Fill but you also must have what it takes to makes him not at least weak in terms of side buffs.

    Shion (Leader)
    Magress/Elimo/Ilm/Hisui (Mitigation)
    Gabriela/Holia (Negates Critical, Elemental and Status Debuff)
    Rozalia (BB ATK Booster and BB Managements, plus she can also helping Elimo with Healing)/ Fei and Fang (Sparker, BC and HC DC, BB Fill Instant)
    Malef/Azami/Iona (Ailments)

    To put it simply your Shion is already had what it takes to make at least you squad better by the standard of OE meta, but onwards from his buffs, he still needs some other to complete him. Mitigation was good but to my personal opinion, Ilm is more suitable as your Mitigation because he didn't have any crashing buffs matters with your Shion, in fact, he helped it with his ATK and DEF Boost relative to HP which is more profitable than Magress or Elimo. However, the thing with Ilm is that he was an attacker Mitigator which provides riskier gameplay when it comes to damage reflect, it's also applied to Magress, but the thing with Magress is was that he can absorb/drain damage dealt with to HP which you can say it's kinda balancing the whole system thing about damage reflect. Elimo in the other hand has the upper hands for it, being able to be cleansing ailments, negate it for 3 turns by SP, and Water Barrier makes her support sturdier than these 2 on the comparison, but her DEF and REC is clashing with Shion which is kinda sad for someone as her I guess... Well, it's only 10% differences so I think it's not that big deal. Gabriela provides more to the self-applied booster status and negation side buffs like critical, elemental and status debuffs, while we have Holia that can have heal and such, Gabriela is like the nuker version of Holia because she can do Double BB ATK and Negation, unlike Holia that can only do it one turn and it was done. Holia might be a good supporter and there's nothing wrong with it, Holia ES is practically useful too by comparison of Gabriela with Holia, thanks to her +10% Boost to All Parameter that is. Fei and Fang with Rozalia... Actually, both of them are good I mean it a lot, Fei and Fang didn't have any clashed matters with Rozalia in terms of BB Managing, both of them fill BB instantly and have different qualities. For ailments, they were kinda same overall, so you can like arrange it by yourselves to see whether the one that provides more to your liking.

    Note: Elimo's Water Barrier working so wonderfully in Seria's Trial or any Fire Element Enemies because Barrier is working differently. See the link below to see how Barrier really works, and don't you worry because I already asking this with GUMI itself so this isn't a false information.

    WIP (Arena, Raid, FH/FG, and etc)