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  • Recently returned to Brave Frontier, Need help with squad and UoC

    Hello, so I stopped playing Brave Frontier for a while now and I only recently got back into it for a few months because of a friend. I never learned how to build a squad correctly and I usually had help from another more experienced friend of mine (who stopped playing) so I have no idea what to do. I also don't know what unit to pick for my Uoc, but I heard Gabriela and Ilm was popular. For my squad, I am looking for one built for Trials and one for Arena.

    Units (That have Omni):
    Fire: Vargas, Arus, Ciara, Alessa, Lava, Shura
    Water: Holia, Elimo
    Earth: Ragzbyul (AKA Vael), Felice, Quaid, Zelnite
    Thunder: Rize, Shera, Silas, Eze
    Light: Zellha, Krantz, Carrol (getting Omni I believe?), Izuna, Atro
    Dark: Feeva, Kalon, Mifune

    Thanks So Much!

    My old squad was actually Quaid, Darvanshel, Quartz, Yuura, Aurelia. It was made a long time ago...
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