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  • Themed Summon Gate Frustration

    The biggest frustration I have with the Popular Unit Summon Gate promotion is that I do not know exactly which units fit under each category on the Non-Elemental Specific gates.
    THE FIX:
    A sticky post on the Unit topic that lists what units qualify for:
    • Frontier Hunter/Frontier Gate
    • Quest
    • Raid
    • Trial
    • Arena
    • All Star
    This would benefit ALL player, facilitating potentially saving Gems.
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  • #2
    It doesn't matter. Even with the promotion, you're not going to get the unit you want. I was fortunate; I only pulled 12 times. Different forums tell about how people will pull up to a hundred and still not see the unit they want, even if it's on the day where said unit is one of three that is supposed to have increased chance.
    According to the news I read, there was supposed to be an increased chance to pull Avani, Holia, and Krantz so I figured why not. Well, this is why not right...